Something About Her (ON HOLD)

~ON HOLD to be re-written~


7. Draught of Peace

*A.N. Sorry I haven't updated in ages. And also sorry that this is a long, crappy chapter but I promise it does get better!*

I fell into bed at one o’clock in the morning, exhausted and angry. I tossed and turned for a few hours but eventually gave up and went for a walk. After getting dressed and pulling my hair up into a ponytail, I walked out of the castle and down to the Quidditch pitch. I climbed up the bleachers and sat at the very top, enjoying the feeling of the sharp wind whipping my hair around my neck. I watched the sun rise and gazed languorously at the pink, lavender and peach coloured clouds which streaked wispily across the vulnerable looking sky.

 A single tear fell down my face as I remembered watching the sun rise with my father on a camping trip. The sky was a perfect example of me. Underneath all the pretty colours and happiness was a vulnerable and defenceless being who just needed someone to love her whom she could confide in.

 I heard footsteps behind me and quickly wiped the tear away. I felt a body sit down next to me and turned to face them. “Oh, hey Neville.” I smiled. “Hey Kate.” He replied. “What are you doing up so early?” I asked him. “Couldn’t sleep. You?” he said. “I couldn’t sleep either.” I mumbled. He nodded and we sat in comfortable silence for a while. “I’m going down to the lake with Luna this afternoon. Would you like to come too? I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.” I broke the silence. “His face lifted. “But won’t it be too cold to swim?” he asked even though he was beaming. “Luna said that she’s been working on some spell so it won’t be cold.” I responded. “Ok. That’d be great. But we should probably head back for breakfast now.”


*Hermione’s P.O.V.*

I’m worried about Kate. She didn’t come back to the dorm until really late and I could tell something was bothering her. I pretended to be asleep of course. But lately I’ve heard her muttering strange things in the morning and at night. It sounds like some sort of incantation. I decided to jot down whatever scraps I manage to pick up and once I’ve got the whole thing I will research it and tell the others. I sat up in bed and looked around. Kate was gone. I frowned and rolled off my bed to get dressed. As soon as I stepped into the common room, Fred and George, the resident pranksters of Hogwarts, popped up in front of me and hurriedly told me of Kate’s detention with Umbridge. I grimaced. “You’re a bit late, boys.” I said, slightly peeved. They looked at eachother and chorused “What do you mean?” I push past them, saying “Harry somehow found out, seeing as it has been like two days already.” They made ‘oops’ faces and let me continue on my way to breakfast.


*Kate’s P.O.V.*

At breakfast, only a scant few were present. I checked the time and saw that it was still only six o’clock. I sat down and piled by plate high with an assortment of bacon, hash browns, sausages and pancakes with jasmine green tea on the side, still starving from last night. I thought about all that had happened in my first week at Hogwarts. I made some friends, experienced the wonders of the Room of Requirement, and there was still more coming. I was going swimming in the Black Lake this afternoon and had a date the next. I got little butterflies in my tummy whenever I thought about him. Malfoy. I mean Draco. Why does everyone call him by his last name? And why do Harry, Ron, Hermione and practically everyone else except Slytherins hate him or fear him?

I sat with Neville and half-listened to him ramble on about Devils Snare until I caught the headmaster’s eye. He gestured for me to come with him as he stood up from the teachers’ table and left the hall. I excused myself from Neville who didn’t seem to notice as Luna had come and sat down and was telling Neville about the new edition of the Quibbler, a magazine her dad edited. I caught up with Professor Dumbledore at the gargoyle which led to his office, following him like a lost puppy up the winding stone steps. Dumbledore was already on the other side of the room when I stepped into it, his back to me apparently reading something from a piece of parchment. He sighed and turned to face me, setting it down on the desk so that I could see it was a letter. From Professor Snape. All at once I understood. The greasy, dungeon-dwelling git had told the headmaster about my Occlumency. “Katelyn,” he began before catching my eye at the use of my full name. “Kate. What are we going to do with you? You understand what this is, don’t you?” he picked up the letter and waved it slightly before letting go and allowing it to slowly drift back down to the desk. I nodded. “Professor Snape tells me you’re hiding something, Kate. What is it? You must understand why we are doing this. There have been rumours. Terrible rumours from Death Eaters and supporters alike that Lord Voldemort is rising. That there is a plan. That he will be back. And soon. All the other students succumbed to the spell, showing us that they knew nothing about it. All, except you.” He stood up from the desk, walked around the room once before coming to stand right before me, crouching to my height. I hung my head and looked at my twiddling thumbs so as to not meet his piercing blue eyes. “You must also understand that any reason you have for putting up these barriers to Legillimancy will not be acknowledged. I realize if you have broken some rules of sort or if there are private moments you do not wish anyone else to witness, but please appreciate the fact that this is for the wizarding world, and the Muggle worlds, safety. It is imperative that we gain as much information about the Dark Lord’s revival as possible. Are you absolutely sure that there is nothing you want to tell me.” I kept my eyes down, now on my white knuckles, as I shook my head, too choked with tears to trust myself to speak aloud. The headmaster stood up with a sigh and gestured to the door. “Very well then. You may go. But remember that you will still be seeing Professor Snape for Legillimancy.” I hurried out of the room and ran along the corridors until I reached my first lesson.


“She’s mad!” exclaimed Ron as made our way to the last lesson of the day. Potions. “Stark raving mad!” Harry and Ron were in a heated discussion about the Divinations teacher who we had just escaped from, Professor Trelawney.  Hermione sped up and I increased my stride to catch up with her. She didn’t do Divination but absolutely hated Trelawney and she obviously didn’t want to hear anything about her. Instead, we decided to gossip about how hot one of the Ravenclaw sixth years was. When we reached the dingy dungeon that was the potions classroom, Harry and Ron sat together while Hermione and I sat in front of them. We continued our incessant girly chatter about guys and clothes until Snape swept into the room and we all fell silent. I think Hermione really liked having another girl to chat with, guys just aren’t the same. Mostly, all they talk about is Quidditch.

“Today you will be attempting to brew the Draught of Peace,” he began. “Instructions on page 87 of your books, ingredients in the cupboard, you may begin.” He flicked his wand and the cupboard doors flung open. The voices in the room rose to a quiet buzz of people asking their neighbours to pass an ingredient. I set to work immediately. I liked potions. Just not the potions master. My potions turned the correct shade of green after I added the powdered moonstone. As I stirred it until it turned blue I surveyed the room, noting that most of the other students in the room were failing at this advanced potions except for Hermione, myself, two Slytherins’ I didn’t know the name of and Draco. Draco! I looked down quickly; I had completely forgotten that he was even in any of my classes. Deciding to concentrate more closely on my potion, I surveyed the instructions closely.

1.     Add powdered moonstone until the potion turns green.

2.     Stir until the potion turns blue.

3.     Add powdered moonstone until the potion turns purple.

4.     Allow to simmer until the potion turns pink.

5.     Add syrup of hellebore until the potion turns turquoise.

6.     Allow to simmer until the potion turns purple.

7.     Shake powdered porcupine quills vigorously until they are ready and then add until the potion turns red.

8.     Stir until the potion turns orange.

9.     Add more porcupine quills until the potion turns turquoise.

10.    Allow to simmer till the potion turns purple.

11.    Add powdered unicorn horn until the potion turns pink.

12.    Stir until the potion turns red.

13.    Allow to simmer until the potion turns purple.

14.    Add more powdered moonstone until the potion turns grey.

15.    Allow the potion to simmer until it turns orange.

16.    Add more powdered porcupine quills until the potion turns white.


Confident that I had completed it properly, I bottled a sample in a flask and lined up to give it to Snape for testing. Poor Neville was in front of me, he hadn’t put any in a flask because the thick, black gloop was stuck to the bottom of his cauldron. As I stepped up to the desk after Neville’s potion had been sent away in disgrace, the Professor surveyed my potion in silence for a moment or two. I knew it was perfect, it wasn’t hard to tell, but Snape merely nodded curtly and uttered “Adequate.” before waving me away as Harry stepped up to fill my place.

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