Something About Her (ON HOLD)

~ON HOLD to be re-written~


1. Back at Hogwarts Again

A.N. Hey guys. Yeah I know what actually happens in the books and movies so please, no hate on how I change it up. It's just a story that I made up and it doesn't always correspond with what really happens. 



*Kate's P.O.V.*

I was nervous. More nervous than I'd been in my entire life. I was expected to just walk in there and pretend like the past few years never happened. That The Ministry had taught me thoroughly and perfectly. That I was completely fine, happy. "Now, no one can know. You must remember that. Do you remember the spell?" the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, asked me with a false concern. "Yeah, I remember it." I replied, rolling my eyes. "Repeat it! I must be assured!" Fudge shook my shoulder forcefully. "Nascondere tutto ciò che appare indesiderato." I muttered. "And the counter?" he spoke with a cold calmness. "Mostra i segreti incisi nella carne." I said softly. "Good, now your things have already been delivered. Remember, no one can know. You know what the consequences are." he barked harshly. I nodded meekly as he pushed me towards the over-sized fireplace where I was to use floo power to transport myself to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He smiled sickly sweetly and said "Have fun!" as he slapped me on the back. I fought to contain a wince from the memory the simple gesture brought on as I disappeared into a gust of green flame.


I stumbled as I landed just outside the gate to the ancient school grounds. I fixed my coppery brown hair slightly and smoothed down my dress before I advanced towards the gates, a completely fake smile plastered on my delicate face. I jumped back slightly when a man with dark hair and an unfriendly demeanour appeared in front of the gates as they swung open on silent hinges. "My name is Severus Snape but you will refer to me only as Professor Snape and I am to show you to Dumbledore's office where the necessary arrangements will be made." he muttered. Wow, this guy really is unfriendly, I thought to myself. I decided show my friendly talkative side and asked him loads of questions as we passed through the hallways filled with students. They all stopped their conversations and turned to stare as we passed. I smiled at them and got a few smiles back but mainly just curious stares. I caught sight of three student consisting of two boys, one with dark hair and round glasses and the other with red hair, and a girl with light ash brown hair and a couple of books cradled in her arms. Their faces seemed to trigger something in my memory but as soon as I tried to focus on that thought, it slipped away and, as much as I tried, I couldn't manage to grasp it again. I shook my head slightly and focused on what Professor Snape was grumbling about some potion.


*Harry's P.O.V.*

I was just just chatting with Ron and Hermoine about the new defense against the dark arts teacher, Dolores Umbridge, when a hush fell over the room as Professor Snape and someone else swept into the room. I couldn't quite see who it was because the crowd was obscuring my view but I could tell it was a girl. We pushed to the front of the crowd to get a better look. She looked about our age and was utterly beautiful. There was no denying it. She had flawless skin, her hair was a perfect shade of brown which was slightly coppery, please don't mind me saying this but her body was But what caught my eye the most and was most intriguing, was her eyes. They were a brilliant sea green. Like emeralds underwater with afternoon sunlight filtering through. "She's beautiful." said Hermoine, maybe a little bit jealously. "Yeah, breathtaking." Ron replied, oblivious to Hermoine's distress. Just then, she looked our way and something seemed to pass over her eyes, clouding them slightly, before it passed and she moved on, her dusty purple high-low dress billowing out behind her like an opaque mist.


*Katy's P.O.V.*

Professor Snape left me at the door to Dumbledore's office and I thanked him before proceeding to knock lightly on the heavily carved oak door. It swung open in it's own accord and I stepped inside. The room I was now in was incredible, books everywhere and dozens of strange contraptions. "Do come forth," a warm voice called from a desk further ahead. I navigated my way forward and saw an old man with an impressively long beard leaning against a desk. "Now, you must be Katelyn White. Am I mistaken?" he said. "That's me. But it's Kate, if you don't mind." I replied. He chuckled and reached behind him, producing an old, rumpled hat. "Before I send you to your quarters, we must of course sort you into a house. Please, sit." he gestured to a padded stool where I sat and he placed the hat on my head. I felt an electric buzz of energy pass through my body as if I could sense the energy within it. "Ahh! I see. Hmm. Well there's a bit of everything here," it began to speak. "An abundance of knowledge and sharp wittiness if needed would be finely suited to Ravenclaw. But there is a fairness and loyalty that would also be perfect for Hufflepuff. That fairness outweighs everything I am able to detect. But there is also a daring nerve and a profusion of bravery which is also perfect for Gryffindor. Alas there is ambition and resourcefulness valued in Slytherin. Yes, you would do well there and achieve great things. Yes, I think that I will put you in...."


A.N. Haha slight cliffhanger. Which house do you think Katy will go in?

xx G    


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