Something About Her (ON HOLD)

~ON HOLD to be re-written~


9. Author Note (sorry again)

Hi all,


I am so sorry. Like you have no idea how sorry I am. I am actually crying right now (when I typed this). I have been working super hard on the new and improved version of this story because I always like to have at least five chapters already written before I post anything. Anyways it was super fun and it was probably the one thing I love doing, the one thing I actually want to do. One. Thing. Gone. That's right, gone. My laptop has been wiped and with it all of my assignments, TV shows, images, and all of my stories. I had been writing lots of different ones as well and now I have to start from scratch because I wiped all of my backups recently to fit some other things on it. There were so many stories I had planned on posting really soon and now I can't. I will though, I promise you. It will just take a very long time. I have to start completely from scratch all over again and I hope you all don't hate be too much. :(


Lots of love and kisses,


xx Moptop xx 

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