Something About Her (ON HOLD)

~ON HOLD to be re-written~


4. Announcement

After I knocked on Umbridge’s door, I opened it to find Malfoy already seated in one of the pink, overstuffed armchairs in front of the desk. He turned around to face me with a nervous look on his face. God, why is everyone acting so strange? I thought to myself. It’s only a detention. I gingerly sat down in the other chair as Professor Umbridge stood up and walked behind us. “You’ll be writing some lines today,” she began. I reached to take out my quill but she stopped me, “No, you will be using a… rather special one of mine today.” She said. She handed us each a quill. “Ms White you will be writing ‘I must pay attention in class’ and Mr Malfoy, you will be writing 'I must not disrupt the class'” she said. Draco had already begun writing, his forehead scrunched up. I looked at his page then back up at Umbridge. “How many times?” I asked. “Well, as long as it takes for the message to sink in.” she said sweetly. I pursed my lips as I quickly wrote down one line. I was just starting the next when I grimaced. My hand was starting to sting. It twitched and contracted in pain and felt like it was on fire! I glanced over at it and recoiled in horror. ‘I must not speak unless spoken to’ was being etched into it. A single drop of blood slipped down from the ‘l’ in unless. “Yes. Do you understand now?” she probed. Tears pricked my eyes but I refused to let them fall as I nodded. “Good, you may both go now.” I stood up and quickly headed out into the corridor but was stopped by Malfoy grabbing my wrist. I spun around to face him. “Look, I’m sorry about the other day.” He said guiltily. “I shouldn’t have been so nasty. Can we just forget it ever happened?” I stared at him in surprise. I certainly hadn’t expected him to apologize. “Y-yeah sure.” I stammered. He smiled and stuck his hand out. “Friends?” he asked. “Friends.” I confirmed as I beamed back and proceeded to shake his hand. I winced and snatched my hand back, scrutinizing miserably at my mutilated hand. “It’s terrible, isn’t it?” he said softly. He picked up my injured hand gently and examined it. “Don’t worry, it’ll be gone in a week or two.” He assured me softly. I nodded, tears pricking my eyes again. It wasn’t that it hurt, because it didn’t really, it was that it brought on bad memories from the past which I had been longing to forget. But I let him think it was from the pain. “What about your hand?” I directed the conversation back to him as we walked through the hallways. “Nah, I’m used to it. I’ve been in a few detentions with her over time.” He clarified. “Oh,” I said. “She’s awful, isn’t she?” He nodded sharply and laughed bitterly. “Yeah, she’s a real piece of work, a dog from The Ministry. Oh, sorry. I forgot.” I shook my head remorsefully. “It’s fine, don’t worry about it.” I said. “Well, I should probably go now. I’ll see you at dinner.” He waved goodbye before splitting off into another passageway.


As soon as I sat down at dinner, Harry grabbed my maimed hand roughly and examined it with an angry look in his eye. “Look what you’ve done now! You need to be more careful Kate.” He said. I snatched my hand back, cradling it, and looked at him incredulously. “Harry!” Hermione warned. She turned to me. “Don’t worry, he’s just concerned for you. He cares about you.” I was mildly confused. “But why?” I asked. She looked at me strangely and Ron answered for her. “Because we’re your friends of course.” He said with a mouth full of chicken. With that, everyone went back to normal while I pondered. Friends? I’ve never actually had a friend before. I haden't really met so many people my age before Hogwarts. I glanced up to engage in the conversation so that I looked normal, when I saw Malfoy staring at me from across the hall. As soon as he met my gaze he smoothly looked away and engaged in a conversation I couldn’t hear while I looked down at my food, blushing, and began to eat. Why was I blushing? Pull yourself together Kate! I was telling myself all these thing when I was interrupted by an announcement up at the front of the hall. “Ahem, attention students,” Professor McGonagall said. “All students will be given a time at which they will report to one of us Professors to have legillimancy cast upon them for… security reasons. Your schedules will be on you doors by nine o’clock tonight. That is all.” I froze in panic as all colour fled from my face. Oh dear god help me. “Oi Kate, you alright.” Asked Ron. I was still paralysed in fear except for my hands which were clutched tight around my goblet and trembling with dread. I felt sick. “No,” I muttered as I fled the great hall and bolted outside. I burst out into the courtyard and didn’t stop running until I reached Black Lake. I keeled over, clutching my stomach. I straightened up and quickly cast the spell so I could contact The Minister. “Yes what is it.” He grumbled sullenly. “Th-they’re going to invade my mind.” I panted. “What? What are you going on about silly child.” I stuttered out on word. “Legilimens.” He looked slightly taken aback at the spell but recovered quickly. “And? You know what to do, we practiced occlumency. Just make sure they don’t find out. You know what will happen.” And with that he was gone and I was alone once again. I felt sick with worry. Literally. I leaned over and heaved up the small amount of food I had eaten at dinner. Ugh, I just felt awful. And the spell I had been holding up all day was making me weary. Unexpectedly, a hand was rubbing my back, helping with the sickness I was feeling. However, I had to see who it was and if they had heard anything. It was probably Harry, he seemed kinda protective. I slowly stood up and turned around and was stunned. “Malfoy?”

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