Being The Baby Sister

My name is Skyeler Horan. I'm Niall Horan's little sister. I'm 17 years old. I have long blonde hair with lime green highlights. I also have these icy blue eyes. I look nothing like Niall though. So this is my life.


3. Surprise Pregnancy

Well it turns out I'm pregnant. It turns after I had sex with Harry ( about 8 times), I became pregnant. I'm so exicted!!!! I'm like 5 months along and I'm having a boy. Me and Harry are still together so we are going to choose a name tonight.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 hours later   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We decided to name him Marcel! Abrielle's pregnant too. Niall and Abrielle are married and they only had sex 4 times after they're marriage. After those 4 times she found out she was pregnant. Niall must be good at fucking people. 

This was their baby shower invitation pic.

This was the pic inside of the card. She was huge in that pic!!!! 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 months later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well little baby Danica Mae Horan was born. This is her baby pic:

She was a tiny baby! But you do have to admit she is a cutie! 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 months later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well baby boy Marcel Leeroy Styles is here. He was a little cutie! 

He sure does have my nose. Niall didn't talk to Harry for like 10 months. Niall was pissed that Harry got me pregnant. If that ever happened to Caelyn, I wouldn't talk to her for like 5 minutes. I can not stand people not talking!!Niall didn't talk to me for 9 months. Marcel is the shy, quiet baby. He gets that from both me and Harry. Harry says his little sister, Gennifer, was a talkitive baby. His family goes: his dad, his mom, Gemma, Harry, and Gennifer. Mine goes: daddy, mummy, Greg, Niall, me.

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