The wrong one

Well.. Who to choose, who to choose? That is the question.. Read on and find out which of the Styles' triplets steal your heart..


2. Chapter Two

You both stood at your door, not breaking eye contact. "Ed.. What's happened? What have you done?" You asked worried. "Well, I saw Harry making himself at home earlier." he snarled. "how do you know?" You snapped. "Well I did follow you to see if you was alright after the little accident with my friends.. But it seems like you already had company" He said nastily. "What do you care anyway!?" You said raising your voice. "DID THAT KISS MEAN NOTHING?!.. YOU ARE MINE NOW, NOBODY ELSE'S!" He shouted. "NO! IT MEANT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I'M NOT YOURS, YOU CAN'T CLAIM ME AFTER ONE LITTLE THING! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! AND LIKE YOU CARE ABOUT ME ANYWAY, IF YOU DID YOU WOULD OF STOPPED YOUR SO CALLED 'FRIENDS' AND HELPED ME" You began to shout as the sight of Ed became sickening for you. You could see Ed's eyes fill with anger but he contained himself and looked to the ground. "Now, you tell me what you have done!" you demanded. He just looked up at you and looked into your eyes. "I'm sorry" He said. You, at this point, was really confused. It was like someone flicked a switch and his mood changed just like that. He went from angry to apologetic. "Ed? What do you mean you're sorry?" you asked in a calm tone. "I saw him leaving here.. I was jealous.. I was mad.. He started mouthing off at me. I wanted to get back at him from when he punched me earlier. I'm so sorry" he said to you hanging his head in shame. You didn't know how to react. "Ed, what have you done to him?" You said becoming worried. "I've hurt him bad." He said as tears started brimming in his eyes. "I suggest you get inside and tell me everything." You said sharply as you moved to allow Ed into your home. "Now you don't have long before my parents get home, so you better start explaining." You said again but more bitter this time."Well, as you can see, he has quite a good swing on him. And I just gave him back what he was giving out." He answered sounding calm. You got angry, but it was both of their faults. Not just Ed's. All the time that you were sat with him, you couldn't stop thinking about Harry. You just wanted to leave Ed and run to Harry to comfort him and kiss him better. Let him know you'll be there for him. Sitting with Ed just made you angry and annoyed, but just thinking about Harry made you happier. You found yourself smiling, but soon straightened your face when you realised Ed had stopped talking and was sat glaring at you. "Sorry.. I uhh.. I was.. Umm.. Yeah" You said nervously. He shook his head and continued talking as you continued daydreaming about you and Harry. "Ed look I'm sorry, but you're going to have to go now.." You said interrupting him. You could see he looked a bit annoyed. As he left he went to peck you on the cheek but you moved away. "Well I guess I'll see you soon?" he asked. "Whatever" you sighed as you shut the door. You didn't know how you felt about Ed, or Harry for that matter. You felt bad on both of them. You decided to finally get into the shower and go to bed. But you couldn't sleep. The two brothers were on your mind. "I did like Ed first" you thought "but if I really did like Ed, then why have I started liking Harry.. Harry is so easy to talk to" You thought again. Finally you fell asleep still unsure. When you woke up in the morning you realised you didn't have work, which was a relief as that way, you could avoid both Harry and Edward. Your parents had both left for work and as you entered the kitchen you saw a note. You thought it was your mom, but as you picked up to throw it away, you saw that it wasn't her writing. You uncrumpled the paper and read what was inside. it was a number but with no name. You instantly text the number asking who it was. It was only until you had sent it, that you realised it would be one of two people.

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