The wrong one

Well.. Who to choose, who to choose? That is the question.. Read on and find out which of the Styles' triplets steal your heart..


3. Chapter Three

You waited for what seemed like forever and your phone finally went off signalling that you had a text. You didn't want to read it so you just left it, but it soon ate away at your brain so you grabbed your phone and opened the message. It read "Hey, you found my note then? It's Harry x". As you read it, you let out a sigh of relief. You were happy it wasn't Ed. But at the same time you were a little disappointed. He then text you again and asked if he could see you. You felt bad but you wanted to stay away from it all so you said no. He didn't text back and this made you feel really bad. You changed your mind and text him saying you would meet him. You walked to the shop you worked at to meet him there. He wasn't there yet and you began to get worried. As you went to walk away, you heard a voice call out your name. You turned around to see Harry stood there. You found yourself smiling as you walked closer. As he turned around you saw how bad hurt him and hugged him. You quickly let go and looked at the ground when you realised what you were doing. He chuckled and pulled you in for another hug. "I don't mind" He whispered making you blush and giggle. You pulled away from the hug and gave him a smile. "So why did you want to see me?" You asked. "Who wouldn't?" He said trying to hide his smile. This too made you blush. You both walked along side by side. There was no awkward moments as you both kept talking and telling stories. He'd hug you now and then, messing around. When you were in his arms you felt safe. It began to lightly rain but neither of you minded. You just carried on. Hours passed and it began to get late. "Well.. Thank you for a great day.. I've really enjoyed it" you smiled as you got up off the grass and held out your hand to help Harry up. "I'll walk you home." He smiled back. You didn't want it to end but you had to go. You let out a sigh as you and Harry walked back home. He put his arm around your shoulder pulling you in under his arm. You looked up at him then he pulled away. "Sorry" He said. You grabbed his arm and went back into the position the two of you were walking in and you whispered back "I don't mind" with a little grin making him reveal his dimple as he smiled at you. It started pouring down with rain so Harry gave you his jacket. "We don't want to catching a cold now do we" He said wrapping it round you. "And what about you?" You asked. "Well just as long as I know you'll be there to bring me tissues and soup I really don't mind" He said making you giggle.As you turned the corner to your road, you saw Ed at your door, looking through the window and calling out your name. He turned around and went to walk away in your direction "Harry, quick.. Pretend to kiss me" You said quickly pulling in Harry to kiss you. Before he could do anything he was pressing you up against the wall. You put your hand in the way separating yours and Harry's lips until Ed had walked past. he didn't even notice it was you and Harry. "What was he doing here?" Harry asked. "Well I don't know.." You replied. Both, you and Harry, quickly walked over to your house and you unlocked the door slamming it behind you. "You know, your hands don't taste too bad" Harry winked at you. You just giggled back to his remark. "Would you like me to dry your shirt?" You asked as you was putting your top and jeans in after getting changed into your pyjamas. "Sure" He smirked as he took it off revealing his tattoo's and well structured torso. You stood there with your mouth open not realising. He chuckled at you and you laughed nervously back to him. You grabbed his shirt and shoved in the dryer. As you got up from closing the dryer door, Harry was stood behind you smiling. "What?" You asked smiling back. "Oh nothing.. Just.. I love girls in pyjamas" He smirked, making you blush and giggle at his comment. He lifted you onto the side and as he did you let out a little scream as it was unexpected. He chuckled and pressed his forehead against yours. You giggled, but he quietened you with a kiss. You smiled as you pulled away. You giggled again and jumped down off the side. You walked into your living room and Harry followed. You sat down and turned the telly on. He walked and sat on the chair on the other side of the living room. "Why have you sat over there?" You asked still smiling. "Well.. I'll come a little closer then" He smirked as he ran and jumped onto the sofa, making you laugh hysterically as he tickled you. You pleaded him to stop and he finally did. He was hovering over you and you looked into his emerald green eyes smiling and letting out a little laugh. He got closer and went to kiss you but before he could you put your finger up to his lip pushing him away and you jumped up and went to run away but he caught you as you tripped up the stairs. You were both laughing at each other. He put his arm out leaning on the wall with both hands either side of your head. "Thought you could get away?" He smirked. You giggled in reply to him. "You thought wrong" He chuckled and leaned in to kiss you. You loved the feel of his soft lips connecting to yours but you tried not to kiss him back, teasing him a little. You soon gave in and kissed him back.

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