The wrong one

Well.. Who to choose, who to choose? That is the question.. Read on and find out which of the Styles' triplets steal your heart..


6. Chapter Six

You fell asleep in each others arms but was soon awoken by your parents barging through the front door. You looked at Harry and he was still asleep. "Harry" You whispered as you nudged him. He rubbed his eyes and sat up. "Whats up?" He croaked. "My parents are home.. You've got to go!" You whispered, worried about you're parents only being downstairs. "I'll be right back" You told him as you got up and quickly put on some pyjamas and left the room. You went downstairs and you realised that your parents were both drunk out of their minds. "(y/n)!! You're awake!.." Your mom slurred. You let out a little chuckle at the sight of the pair. "Yes mom.. I'm awake" You answered. "Well.. I want to go back out" Your mom said heading for the door. "But you've only just got back in" You questioned. Your dad interrupted you. "I thought you were moving into your flat?" He mumbled. "I'm leaving tomorrow." You replied. "Well see you later!" Your mom shouted as she dragged your dad out the house with her. You started to laugh at her. You always found her funny when she was drunk. You turned and started walking up the stairs and started chuckling to yourself again. As you opened your door to your room you saw Harry had fallen asleep again. You let out a sigh then sat on the bed, next to him. You grabbed your remote and turned on the telly. There wasn't anything on so you lay down and tried to go to sleep. You turned so you was facing Harry and smiled as your eyes slowly shut. When you woke up the next morning Harry wasn't there. You started to worry. What if he went downstairs and your parents were awake? You thought to yourself. You got up and went downstairs but no one was there. You ran back upstairs and looked in your parents room and they wasn't there. As you went back into your room, Harry was sat flicking through the telly. "Harry.. Where did you go?!" You hissed. "I only went to the toilet." He chuckled. You smiled at him and went to sit next to him. "So what do you want to do today?" Harry asked breaking the silence. "I need to move my stuff into my new flat.." You sighed. "Do you need help?" He asked with a smile. "I don't think I do.." You asked questioning yourself. "Well I'll help you anyway.. I haven't got anything better to do" He said still smiling. "I need to shower and eat before I start doing anything." You laughed as you got up, grabbing a towel out of your cupboard. You got in the shower and hummed along to a few songs playing on your phone. When you got out you quickly dried yourself and got dressed. You wrapped the towel round your head and went back to your room. You sat on your bed then realised Harry wasn't there. You got up and went downstairs where you smelt pancakes. You went into the kitchen to see Harry in your moms apron making you pancakes for breakfast. "Harry.. You didn't have to make pancakes.. I was just going to have some cereal.." You said smiling at him. "Well I fancied pancakes, so that's what we're having" He said as he grabbed a plate of pancakes and sat you at the table. "You didn't have to.. And you don't have to help with my stuff today." You said as you began to eat. "Well I'm not letting you move all your stuff on your own.. Do you know how long that will take?" He chuckled. "We best hurry up and eat so we can get moving then!" you chuckled. You both finished eating, then you washed up whilst Harry got dressed and ready to start moving your stuff. 

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