The wrong one

Well.. Who to choose, who to choose? That is the question.. Read on and find out which of the Styles' triplets steal your heart..


7. Chapter Seven

You grabbed a load of boxes and took them to your room. You both sat and labelled all the boxes before putting anything in them. Whilst you started packing your clothes, Harry started packing up your shelves. You loaded the boxes into Harry's car as you went along so they didn't clutter up your room. All of your room was packed up within a few hours. All that was left was your bed. You both took it apart and only just managed to fit it in the car. You both got in and you told Harry the directions to get there. You finally arrived and you both started to unpack your things in your room. "Where's all your other stuff? Like your sofa and kitchen stuff?" Harry asked. "I ordered it online yesterday. It should be here soon." You smiled at him. "Alright. Do we need to pick anything up?" He smiled back. "Nope.. I think that's it" You answered. "As long as you're happy with everything.. That's all that matters." He smirked as he walked over and hugged you then gave you a kiss. Just to ruin the moment, the buzzer rang. You pulled out of the kiss and let out a sigh then went to answer it and it was the rest of the furniture that was being delivered. An hour later you were all set and the flat was looking more like a home. "And I think that's it!" You chuckled collapsing into the sofa. You tapped the space next to you for Harry to sit down with you but instead he grabbed your hand and pulled you up. "We still have food shopping to do.. Then you're done!" He chuckled. You rolled your eyes but then went to get your shoes and a jacket to put on. You were tired so you wanted to get around the shop quickly. You got to the tills and the ques were massive. You stood with Harry as he helped unpack the shopping from the trolley onto the till. It was finally time to pay and you let out a sigh of relief. You were walking back to the car when you realised Harry hasn't been home since yesterday. "Harry?" You asked. "Yes (y/n)?" He answered revealing his dimple and giving you a smile as he put the shopping in the car. "Umm.. Well you haven't been home all day.. Won't your parents be worried?" you asked. "I've text them.. It's fine" He said pecking you on the cheek  as he closed the boot of the car and walked to take the trolley back. You got in the car and waited for Harry to get back. You looked out the window, daydreaming, when you saw Marcel waving at you. You snapped out of your daydream and noticed you were staring at him. You gave him an awkward smile and wave back then looked to see where Harry was. You saw him walking back over to the car and sighed with relief. "Its getting late, so I'm gonna have to drop you to your flat then go.. Is that ok?" He asked as your face dropped. You nodded with a weak smile and gave him a kiss. "That's fine" You smiled. He helped you take the shopping into your flat then left. You unpacked it all then went and sat in the living room. It was empty and quiet and you didn't really like it. It starting to get late so you decide to get into the shower as all the moving got you all sweaty. You got out the shower for the second time today and got into your pyjamas. You went and made a hot chocolate then went to sit on the sofa. you began to fall asleep when your phone began to ring. You jumped and scared yourself then sat up and and looked to see who it was. It read "Unknown" You wasn't sure whether to answer it or not. You left it to see if they would ring again and they did. You answered it this time. "Hello?" You asked. "Hello, (y/n).. It's Marcel.. Sorry if its late" You heard a little voice say. You smiled as he talked and forgot you had to talk back. "(y/n), are you there?" He asked sounding a little worried. "Yeah, sorry" You managed to say. "Did I call at a bad time?" He asked. "No, not at all.." You replied. "Remember in the shop you said you'd like to meet up sometime?" Marcel questioned. "Yeah.. Vaguely.." You said unsure. "Well I was wondering if you'd like to do something with me tomorrow?" He said shakily. "That would be nice." You said letting out a little chuckle. "So is that a yes?" He asked again. "Yes Marcel.." You said still chuckling. You heard him let out a relieved sigh. You laughed a little then told him to call you tomorrow to arrange a place to meet and that you had to go so you could sleep. You said goodbye and hung up before Marcel said goodbye back to you. Then went to get into bed. Just as you slowly closed your eyes your phone started going off. You jumped and answered it in a sleepy voice. "Hello?" You mumbled. "Sorry for waking you again" You heard the familiar nerdy voice. "What do you want Marcel?" You chuckled. "Umm.. Well.. I didn't get the chance to say goodnight or goodbye" He started to say. "Well hurry up then.. Or I won't be able to meet you tomorrow because I'll  be too tired!" You joked. You heard him chuckle slightly. "Goodnight and goodbye, (y/n)" He chuckled nervously. "Goodnight Marcel.. Don't forget to ring me tomorrow and we'll sort out what time and where we're meeting" You quickly said. "How can I forget?" He joked then hung up. You then got into bed and soon fell asleep.

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