The wrong one

Well.. Who to choose, who to choose? That is the question.. Read on and find out which of the Styles' triplets steal your heart..


4. Chapter Four

You heard your moms car pull up so you quickly ran to get Harry's top and he quickly put it on just as your mom walked in. You laughed a little then seen him out. As you walked back into your living room, your mom was looking and smiling at you. You couldn't stop smiling even if you tried. 'What you grinning about?' Your mom asked. You just let out a sigh and wandered off up to your room. Your phone went off and it was Harry. You smiled at the name and you both talked for hours. You arranged to meet up the next day after you had finished work. You told him you was going to bed and he said good night. Just as you went to fall asleep you began to think. Even though you have kissed Harry, it doesn't mean you go out. You was debating whether to ask him or not, but you didn't want to sound desperate so you just left it. You soon fell asleep and you opened your eyes in the morning to the sound of your alarm. You let out a sigh then finally dragged yourself out of bed. As you got out the shower, you saw you had a text. You smiled instantly seeing it was Harry. It read 'Good morning beautiful, I'll pick you up after work.. Can't wait to see you:) x'. You still didn't know whether to ask him if you were together or not, so you just left it again and decided to ask him after work. You grabbed your shoes then left, putting your headphones in. On the way to work you saw an ad about a two bedroom flat in town. You began thinking about moving out. You had been thinking about it for a while. maybe it's what you needed. You were 19 now.. You put the number in your phone and continued to work. Just as you got there it began to rain, you cursed at the weather hoping it wouldn't change your plans with Harry. It was 8 and you still had another 5 hours of work ahead of you as you picked up an extra shift. The only thing keeping you going through the day was seeing Harry at the end of your shift. 3 hours had gone by and you was finally allowed on your break. You rang the estate agent about the flat and said you could view it today after work and you agreed, forgetting that you were seeing Harry. You got back to work and felt your phone go off in your pocket. It was Harry and it was only then you remembered that he was meeting you from work. You didn't want him to go with you to view the flat as he might get the wrong idea so you told him you had things to do and you would meet him somewhere after. The next two hours went really slow and lasted for what felt like a lifetime but you were allowed to go. You walked straight to the estate agents and went to view the flat. You were so excited. When you pulled up to the flat you couldn't stay still, you were itching to go inside. The man gave you a little tour as to where everything was. You loved it. You told the man you would bring in the deposit tomorrow then the rest the following week. Then you could call it yours. You were so happy. When you got home you explained everything to your parents. They were both happy but sad but they wanted whats best for you. You quickly ran upstairs to get changed to go meet Harry. When you came downstairs, your parents were holding a tin full of bank notes. 'Go get your flat.' Your mom said with tears in her eyes. 'Before anyone else does' Your dad added. you were confused and happy at what they were doing for you. 'Where did you get all of this from?' You said shocked. 'Well we've been saving up since you were born for this day..' Your mom explained. You were so happy that you hugged them both then emptied the tin into your purse and drove to the estate agents to pay for the flat. 'Right you can move in when you're ready!' the man said with a smile. You smiled back then you looked at the time and you had to go and meet Harry. You took the keys and thanked the man. When you pulled up in the car park, you saw Harry's curly hair and ran up behind him. He jumped a little and you let out a slight giggle. 'Boo' you whispered as he turned around hugging you. You hugged him back but then pulled away. 'What's up?' He asked. 'Harry?..' You asked. 'yes (y/n)' He answered. 'What's going on with us?' You asked again. 'What do you mean?' Harry questioned looking confused. 'Well.. Are we together? Are we just friends?.. What are we? What's going on? Is this just a waste of time?' You asked locking your eyes onto his. He looked back. He didn't say anything he just leaned in and kissed you. You fought back and pulled away. 'Harry!.. Can you just answer me!?' You said a little annoyed. Harry let out a sigh. 'Well?' You demanded. 'Look.. (y/n).. You know I can't be tied down.. You're amazing.. Really you are..' He began. You didn't give him time to finish and you walked to your car. Harry tried stopping you but you wasn't going to listen to him. You got in and started the car, he went to open the door but you slammed it shut then locked them and drove off. It wasn't long before you began to cry. You didn't want to go home and you had no where else to go. There was your flat, but that would be empty. You decided to head back to work as you had a few friends that worked there. whether they was in or not, you didn't know. You went and sat out the back looking at your shifts. 'Hello?' you jumped as someone came in behind you. It was a nerdy looking boy with a quiff over to one side and big glasses. You had never seen this boy before and he smiled as you jumped showing you that he had a dimple. You smiled at him not realising. 'Sorry.. I didn't mean to scare you' He said. 'Its alright' you said still smiling. 'I'm Marcel by the way.. I work here.. And you are?..' He asked. 'Really? You work here?' you asked back. 'Well.. I.. Umm.. I started today..' He said 'I'm (y/n)' You replied. 'I work here too.. I finished my shift two hours ago but looks like I'm back again!' You added. 'Oh.. Well it.. Uhh.. It should be nice working with you..' He said standing still and stuttering a little. 'I'm not going to bite you know?' You laughed, making his smile bigger and his cheeks flush a little red with embarrassment. You patted the space next to you and he came and sat down next to you. You both talked and joked around for a little while. 'As much as I would really love you stay, I've got to get back to work' Marcel said pouting and pretending to cry. You laughed and copied his facial expressions making you both end up laughing. 'I'd love to see you again sometime.. Out of work..' Marcel said quietly. You blushed and giggled a little. 'I'd like that too.' You smiled. As you went to walk away, you heard him call out your name. 'Yes?' you answered walking back to him. 'Could I have your number' He asked shyly. You grabbed a pen from the desk and wrote it on his hand. He smiled as he turned a light pink colour. 'Now go get back to work.. I'll see you later.' You smiled. He turned and walked away giving you a little wave. As you got back to your car you were still smiling. You couldn't believe how much you had in common with Marcel. As you pulled up to your house you saw a car that looked familiar but you wasn't sure. As you walked inside you shouted out to your parents but there was no reply. You saw a note on the table. It read: 'Me and your father have gone out.. We're not sure when we'll be back but your friend is here, we let him stay and wait for  you -mom x' You were confused as you read the note. But then someones arms wrapped round your waist 'Are you going to let me finish?' a deep voice whispered. You knew it was Harry by the tattoo's on his arms. You turned around to look at him. 'You have 5 minutes' You said removing his hands. You lead him to the sofa and he sat next to you. 'Well?' you asked sternly. 'I can't be tied down..' he began again. You felt tears. There was a pause and silence. 'but.. for you.. I can and I will.. You're everything I need (y/n)..' you turned your head to look at him. 'Really?.. Do you mean that?' You asked looking deep into his eyes. He moved forward and closed his eyes, pressing his lips onto yours. He grabbed you by your waist with one hand and the back of your neck with the other pulling you in as close as possible. He lifted you onto his lap so you were straddling him. Each kiss getting more harder and more passionate. He was stroking up and down your thigh. You moaned into the kiss making him smile. You longed for his touch. 

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