The wrong one

Well.. Who to choose, who to choose? That is the question.. Read on and find out which of the Styles' triplets steal your heart..


5. Chapter Five



He lifted you, not breaking the kiss, and took you upstairs as you guided him to your room. He lay you on the bed hovering over you. You wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him in as close as possible as he moved his hands up and down the sides of your body. He moved his mouth away from your lips and started kissing along your jawline. You bit your lip holding in a little moan. He slowly made his way down your neck and began lifting your top off. You allowed him to do so as you lifted his off too lightly stroking his stomach, not being able to resist. He smiled, still kissing your neck, then slowly moved his hand to the top of your jeans. He slowly unbuttoned them, kissing his way down your body. You giggled slightly, then pulled him back up so he was kissing your mouth again. "You sure?" Harry asked pulling away. He looked into your eyes and you looked back. You gave him a nod then he crashed his lips into yours not giving you a chance to catch your breath. He slid off his trousers and began to lower your underwear. You tapped his hand and pulled them back. 'Nuh-uh uh' You said flipping him so you were on top. He looked at you confused then smiled. You smiled back and then began to kiss hiss neck and made your way kissing down his body leaving wet marks from where your lips made contact with his skin. As you got to the top of his boxers he let out a little moan. You smiled and lightly sucked on the spot where you were kissing and Harry started to moan as you did so. You started kissing along the top of his boxers and then felt his member harden. You giggled and then went back to the spot you sucked on before and began sucking again. He moaned even louder this time and you teased and rubbed his bulge in his boxers. "Don't tease (y/n)!" He moaned. you smiled to yourself then pulled down his Calvin Klein's. You gently stroked his member and kissed the tip. Each moan of his got louder and louder. "(y/n) I said don't tease!" He said raising his voice and trying to push your head down. You looked at him and crawled up the bed. "I'll show you tease" You whispered. You went to get up off the bed but Harry grabbed your arm and pulled you on top of him. "And where do you think you're going" He smirked. "Well I might go for a nice walk" You joked. "Well, when I'm done with you, you won't be able to walk" He said still smirking. "That sounds a bit painful so I might just go out." You said laughing at yourself. "You don't really want to go.. You want this as much as I do.." He said kissing your neck again. "Well.. I guess I could carry on.. But you need to be patient." You smirked at him. "I think I could try that" He smirked back. You kissed back down is body to his member and held it in your hands. He moaned and gripped the sheets of your bed. You smiled then put your mouth around it, bobbing your head up and down, his moans getting louder. You giggled as you deep throated him, sending vibrations through him. "AHH FUCK (Y/N)!!!" He screamed as his dick twitched in your mouth and released the liquid which you swallowed. You kissed back up his body, he panted as you kissed his mouth. "Satisfied?" You smiled biting his lip. "Not yet" He smirked flipping you on your back and undoing your bra. He kissed his was from your jaw to your breasts. You let out a moan and his mouth curved into a smile. He massaged one with his hand whilst sucking on the other then swapped doing the same to the other one. "Harry" You moaned. He hushed you then moved his mouth and hands down to your pants. He took them off with his teeth then spread your legs and began kissing the inside of your thighs. He circled your clit with his tongue. "Harry!" You moaned but louder this time. You gripped his hair and threw your head back in pleasure. His tongue shot up inside you and you let out a loud moan. His tongue would move in and out of you making your moans louder. "Harry I'm close" You screamed. "Shout my name baby". You screamed his name then licked up your cum. "You taste so good" He smirked as he kissed his way up your body. He kissed your neck and sucked on your sweet spot making you moan. "You ready?" He whispered between kisses. You didn't say anything, you just nodded and bit your lip as he sucked harder and harder. Without warning, he slammed himself into you holding onto your hips and slid in and out not giving you time to adjust. It was painful but soon became pleasurable. You moved your hips up and down hitting Harry's each time. You both moaned in sync both moving your bodies rhythmically. "You feel so good" Harry moaned. "You're not too bad yourself" You managed to blurt out. Harry smirked and began kissing your neck again you moaned more and more, his curls brushing against you. "Harry" You moaned. "Yes baby" He mumbled. "I'm close now.. I'm almost there" You moaned louder. "That's good baby keep going.. Say my name baby" He grunted. "Harry" You panted as he picked up the pace of his thrusts making you dig your nails into his back. "On the count of three.. Yeah baby?" He moaned as he began to suck on your neck. You nodded and moved your hips faster to get more of his length inside you. "1.. 2.. 3!! AAHH FUCCKK (y/n)!!" He screamed out. "OH HARRYY FUCCCKK HARRYY!!" You screamed. You felt him twitch inside you and release as your walls tightened and released around him. He collapsed next to you panting as you both tried catching your breath. "That... Was amazing.." He panted. You turned to look at him. You didn't say anything. You just kissed him and felt his muscles again, tracing his tattoo's as he lightly stroked the sides of your body.

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