The wrong one

Well.. Who to choose, who to choose? That is the question.. Read on and find out which of the Styles' triplets steal your heart..


8. Chapter Eight

You woke up to Marcel ringing you the next morning. You only just missed the call. You let out a sigh then looked at the time on the screen of your phone. You gasped in shock. It was already half past eleven and you had only just woke up. Marcel rang you again and this time you answered it. "Sorry Marcel, I slept in." You said guiltily. "Its fine!" He chuckled. There was an awkward silence until you finally spoke. "So what time do you want me to meet you?" "If you text me your address when you're ready, I'll come pick you up and we can go into town or something?" Marcel suggested. "That would be nice, I need to shower first" You told him. "That's cool, I need to finish getting ready too" He chuckled nervously. There was another silence. "Well I'll let you get ready now then! Don't forget to text me your address, I'll see you soon!" "Bye Marcel" You said hanging up the phone. You quickly jumped into the shower and picked out some skinny jeans and a nicely fitted t-shirt with a hoodie over the top with a pair of Converse. You text Marcel that you were ready along with your address. Just as you sent the message Harry text you, asking if you wanted to meet up. You told him you had other plans but you didn't mention Marcel. He didn't reply after you told him you couldn't. You knew he would be in a mood with you, but you'll make up for it later. You were going out with Marcel as a friend. Nothing more. But you still didn't want to risk it with Harry. You went and sat on your sofa waiting for Marcel. Just as you went to grab your phone to text him, there was a knock at the door. You got up and answered it to see Marcel. Your mouth dropped open as you saw the unexpected. He wasn't the nerdy boy you saw in the shop, he was stood in skinny jeans hugging his legs with a white tee and his hair all messy. "Woah." You chuckled. He stood looking nervous and gave you a weak smile. "Is that a good 'Woah' or a bad 'Woah'?" He chuckled, scratching the back of his head. "It was a good type of 'Woah'" You laughed. You both stood awkwardly until Marcel spoke. "So you ready to go?" "Yeah, I just need to grab my bag" You said as you turned around. As you grabbed your bag and went to walk back out you couldn't help but notice how much he looked like Harry. You shook the thought off and walked out the door. "So where are we going then?" You smiled. "I have no idea.. I thought you had somewhere in mind" He said forcing a smile out. "We'll have to get thinking then!" You chuckled. You both got into his car and sat thinking of what you could do. A few minutes later Marcel came up with an idea. "What about bowling?" He asked. "I haven't been in a while, so why not!" You smiled. He started the car and began to drive. 

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