Look Behind You-1D HORROR-

Louis Tomlinson,One Direction pretty boy,recently lost his sister,Lottie,to murder.Louis is trying to find out who the killer is,but his bandmates urge him not to get involved as he might get hurt.Det. Cade Adams,Louis' step father,is the detective working on the case.Louis has always been very cautious about Cade,he seems to be holding alot of secrets.


1. The Fatality

Louis looked in awe at the 16inch pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut.He reached his arm down to grab a slice and his hand was centimetres,no milimetres from the fresh,cheesy pizza he just ordered,then BAM,his mother,Johannah whacked his hand away and told him to go wash his hands before taking a slice."But mum,I just wanted one sli-" "Louis,you march right into that bathroom and you wash your hands young man".Louis' sister Lottie couldn't help but chuckle as Louis reluctantly walked out of the dining room.Louis could hear her girly giggle,as he strolled down the hall,and knew he needed to make her eat her words..or giggles....After Louis had washed his hands he filled up the mop bucket he found in the utility room with water.Louis almost skipped down the hall with exciment,a devious smile spread across his face.Louis crept behind his sister,like a leopard,ready to pounce,and in a matter of seconds Louis jumped up and poured the freezing water on his sisters head,leaving her cold,drenched and wanting revenge.Louis ran over to his chair laughing like there was no tomorrow,trying to avoid her kicks an punches.Water splat all over the dining area as Lottie flicked her hair in all directions,trying endlessy to whip Louis with her hair.All Louis could do was sit down eat pizza and laugh,whilst his sister was standing right beside him,trying to hurt him with her wet hair,but all it did was tickle Louis.Johannah knew it was wrong to laugh at her daughter's misfortune but she did so anyway."Alright Lottie,lets calm down now,just sit down and eat your pizza" chuckled Johannah."MUM I COULD GET PNEUMONIA" cried Lottie.Louis chuckled "You wont get pneumonia you twat"."OH SHUT UP LOUIS!".After a few more minutes of Lottie's rant,everyone became silent,and just ate the food they were given.There was one slice of pizza left,and Louis wanted it,Lottie knew Louis wanted it so she picked the slice up,took a bite then licked it all over and put it back out of spite.Louis ate it anyway just to piss off his little sister.Lottie just glared at him,thinking of a way to get him back.Johannah and Cade got bored sitting around,waiting for Lottie and Louis to get up so they just strolled into the sitting room to watch East Enders.Lottie just would not stop glaring at Louis.Louis was just about to get up and put his plate away,because his sister was really creeping him out at this point,when everything went black.Louis tried to ask Lottie if she was okay but he couldn't open his mouth,no matter how hard he tried.He tried to get up and turn on the lights but he couldn't move,he felt paralysed.Louis tried desperately to move,and get to Lottie,but he just wouldn't budge.He heard Lottie scream,at first he thought this was all just a prank,but the scream was so loud and deafening it made his stomach churn.When the lights when back on,Lottie was still there,only hanging from the ceiling,eyes open but terrifying.Her right ear was missing,her still warm blood dripping down the side of her face.Louis sat there in shock,speechless,motionless.Louis hadn't felt this kind of horror and emptiness before.Louis' eyes started to tear up right before he burst into a fit of tears.Johannah came running in and then she just paused at the door,unable to speak.Louis started to scream at her "WHY DIDN'T YOU COME IN? HOW COULD YOU JUST LET HER DIE! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! I HATE YOU!".


Ik its short but i had to cut it short because dinner was ready,I'll try to upload another chapter later today,and if I can't then SORRYYYYYYY:(

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