Trust Me.

Alissa doesn't live in a very good neighbourhood. People fight, hurt each other and do drugs. Alissa's father doesn't want to live here but he doesn't have a choice. There poor and he can't afford a new house. He doesn't want this place to effect Alissa or her future. But that could change when a new bad ass joins the streets.


4. Walking Home.

Harry's P.O.V


Alissa called her dad and he agreed as long as she always stayed with me. I thought Alissa was really pretty! Prettier than any of the other girls in my other school. Plus she seemed quite sarcastic and funny. (Obviously not as much as I am). 
It took us a while to actually start talking like friends but I everything started to flow as soon as I talked about art. Alissa loved the subject art because she told me she could express all her feelings and apparently she had a lot. 
"Especially after my old boyfriend Josh moved to Austra-" she stopped herself. "Um sorry that's kinda awkward." I laughed as Alissa's face turned pink. 
"I don't mind. I've had a lot of ex's in my time," I admitted. 
"What happened to them?" she asked teasingly. 
"They got scared of me," I growled. Alissa laughed loudly as if she didn't believe me. Maybe it was a good thing that she didn't. 

"So have you dated anyone since this Josh guy?" I asked her slowly making sure she wasn't too uncomfortable with the question. 
"Well no I haven't.. I don't know if I want to," she said honestly. Ouch, that means I am out of the question. Although I haven't known Alissa for more than a week yet I think I am really fond of her, just if I could get to know her better maybe she would change her mind. Then I thought clicked in my mind... 
"What about that Louis guy?" I asked. 


Alissa's P.O.V


Walking home with Harry was actually really fun and I liked talking to him. Though it got a little awkward when we started talking about relationships, especially when Harry decided to mention Harry. I had always just regarded him as one of "Amber's boyfriends best friends." We barely even talked, only at lunch times and even then was our conversation limited. 
"Why would you ask that?" I asked a little surprised. 
"By the way he looked at you," Harry said plainly. By the way he looked at me? I had noticed Louis staring at me, but I had always thought that was because he didn't want Amber or I to be there. 
"I've never really noticed that," I said honestly. 
"Well obviously. Guys can be pretty secretive too you know!" Harry grinned. I shrugged not to convinced over what Harry thought. 
"Fine, but if he tries to hit on you, I won't say I didn't warn you," he said. I laughed while shaking my head. Louis was surrounded by millions of girls all the time, he wouldn't ever choose me. I was just an ordinary girl, with a dull face and out of shape body. 


Soon we were at my house and I said goodbye to Harry. I didn't know whether to give him a hug or not, so we kind of just shook hands? Really awkward I know.  
"Well this was fun. Maybe we should walk together again tomorrow?" Harry asked. 
"That would be great, I like the company," I admitted. I shouted goodbye to Harry as he walked along the street. He waved his hand in return and I stumbled inside. 

Harry was nice, really nice. I mean I didn't like him like that.. yet. I barely knew him! But I had this strange feeling that we would become closer than just friends. 


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