Trust Me.

Alissa doesn't live in a very good neighbourhood. People fight, hurt each other and do drugs. Alissa's father doesn't want to live here but he doesn't have a choice. There poor and he can't afford a new house. He doesn't want this place to effect Alissa or her future. But that could change when a new bad ass joins the streets.


2. Help!

 Alissa's P.O.V


I sat on the bus after a long tiring day. I sat at the back again squeezing myself between to chatty woman. Everyone hurried on to the bus. I was shocked to see Marcel and Harry walk in. They were arguing but I couldn't hear what about. I shrunk back, not in the mood for talking. I wonder where they were getting off? Maybe at my street! That awful creepy street, full of drunk men. I sighed miserably and suddenly I caught Harry's eyes. He stared at me quickly, not saying a word and then walking to the front of the bus. I half listened to the two woman speak excitedly until my bus stop. I was dismayed to see Marcel and Harry climb off the bus as I did. We lived on the same street, great. I ran away before either of them could approach me.


I bumped into someone hard. They towered above me with a masculine body. The man had beady black eyes that began looking me up and down. His firm grip tightened around my wrist. Crap. This was really bad. 
"Your coming with me," he growled the scent of liquor on his lips. I began to tug away screaming for help. The man tightened his grip and pulled harder. 
"Stop struggling girl!" he said. Tears began rolling down my cheeks as I shouted and shouted. 
"HELP SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!" I cried out uselessly.


Harry's P.O.V


That girl, Alissa, was on our bus. Meaning she probably lived on our street. Marcel and I sat at the front of the bus, he was rambling on about something only smart asses would care about. The girl got off on our stop but ran away as soon as she saw us coming. What was her problem? We began walking home carefully. Apparently this street is pretty "dangerous." Suddenly I heard someone screaming and crying. Marcel looked scared while I scanned the perimeter. Someone was in trouble. More shouting came from not far away so I followed the noise. Alissa was standing in the grip of a tall sketchy man, she was sobbing while he dragged her away. I ran over and kneed him where it really hurts. Then punched his jaw. I saw Marcel's shocked face whiten and Alissa was completely afraid. As soon as the man let her go, she gave me a questioning but thankful look and then sprinted away. I ran back to Marcel leaving the man cowering in pain. 
"Run," I whispered pulling him behind me. We were finally at our house and Marcel had beads of sweat running down his face. 
"Why did you help her?" he asked suddenly. 
"Because she needed help!" I growled back. Marcel smirked knowingly at me. 
"What ever you say," he said walking to the kitchen. I rolled my eyes and ran upstairs. Locking my bedroom door and retreating to my desk of electronics. 


Alissa's P.O.V


I ran home with a tear stained face. Why had Harry helped me? I walked in to the living room shaking in fear. My father's mouth dropped open and he protected me in a hug. 
"What happened?" he asked shocked. 
"A drunk man tried to take me away," my voice wobbled as I spoke. "A boy from school helped me," I explained. 
My father made me some hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. Wrapping myself in a blanket, I powered up my computer. Sitting quietly on the couch I watched Pretty Little Liars. Which calmed me down but I was still scared and confused. 
"Should I call the police?" My father asked before I made my way to bed. 
"It's your choice but I don't know how you'll find that disgusting man," I said honestly. He nodded sadly as I climbed up the wooden stairs. 

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