Trust Me.

Alissa doesn't live in a very good neighbourhood. People fight, hurt each other and do drugs. Alissa's father doesn't want to live here but he doesn't have a choice. There poor and he can't afford a new house. He doesn't want this place to effect Alissa or her future. But that could change when a new bad ass joins the streets.


7. Friends? Or more than that?

Harry’s P.O.V


I finished my Spanish test surprisingly early and walked out of the library in triumph. I was supposed to meet Alissa at the front of the school, instead I found her squirmed into the corner behind the library door. She looked really confused.
“What the hell happened?” I asked helping her up. Then there was just a waterfall of words as she explained what happened with Louis. I had been warned that he was jealous but not absolutely desperate. Plus there was nothing interesting between Alissa and I. As much as I wished there was I knew I couldn’t do that yet. Every time I thought about that I just remembered that Josh boy that she once mentioned. How was I supposed to know if Alissa was fully over him or not if we never brought it up again. 

It’s just really hard. Every time Alissa smiles or laughs or gives me those strange expressions I feel warm inside. She’s just so amazing. 


“Can we walk around the school? Imagine if Louis is still there, now that would be awkward,” she said. She was trying to make a joke out of it but I knew she was worried about what might happen. Even though I could beat him in any fight, I’ve won many before. We walked in silence for a while.
“I knew- “ we both began and then started laughing. “You first,” I said.
“Well I knew that Louis was jealous. But I mean of what? It’s not like we’re an item or something. He could’ve just played along and acted nicely. Maybe it would’ve turned out differently,” she explained. As soon as she finished saying the last letter my stomach twisted itself into a knot. Was she saying that we had nothing? Not even a single feeling. Was she saying that she would’ve dated Louis. I was utterly confused but I had to help Alissa f
eel better not create more problems. That’s what a good friend would’ve done. Meaning I wouldn’t say my previous opinion only something completely different.
“Maybe you should talk to Amber or Marcel about this, they seem to be the experts with dramatic situations,” I suggested. Which compared to me, was true. Alissa nodded slowly. 

“I was already planning on doing that. Unless word hasn’t already spread around,” she said glumly. I shook my head at her worry.
“You think Louis will tell people what happened? He wouldn’t dare try and embarrass himself like that!” I spat out through my laughter.
“But he could twist the truth,” she whispered.
“Like he has brain enough to do that. Plus I think more people would believe you,” I said trying to make her feel better.
“That’s completely not true but thanks anyway,” she pulled a weak smile. 


I ruffled up Alissa’s hair before I left her house.
“Don’t worry. The sun will come out tomorroww,” I said in a sing-song voice. Trying my best to make her an inch happier. She began laughing and rolled her eyes.
“You are a horrible singer,” she admitted. I bowed my head acting like I actually cared about the insult. As I stood up again grinning and Alissa gave me a surprise. She kissed my cheek.
“Nearly X Factor quality. Just keep practicing,” she shouted before shutting the door. I waved through the window and she poked her tongue at me in return. I then sprinted happily down the rubbish covered streets towards my home. 



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