Trust Me.

Alissa doesn't live in a very good neighbourhood. People fight, hurt each other and do drugs. Alissa's father doesn't want to live here but he doesn't have a choice. There poor and he can't afford a new house. He doesn't want this place to effect Alissa or her future. But that could change when a new bad ass joins the streets.


3. An interesting Art Class

Alissa's P.O.V


In the morning dad didn't mention anything about yesterday. I was hoping Harry and Marcel wouldn't either. I just wanted to forget it but my dad insisted on driving me too school. He claimed it was now far too dangerous, which I couldn't argue too.
I ran quickly to my homeroom- taking the car was always much quicker and I was surprised to find that I was the first here. I fiddled around on my computer for a while until someone walked in the door. Great, just great. It was Harry. He sat quietly beside me. 
"So how are you?" he asked. 
"Fine." I stated bluntly. 
"Are you alright...after you know yesterday?" he said cautiously. I glared at him. 
"This conversation ends here!" I said angrily. I felt like a bitch but I didn't want to talk to him about this. 
"Thanks for helping me though," I whispered before people rushed through the doors. Amber sat beside me and nudged my ribs, wiggling her eye brows. I rolled my eyes scowling. Harry moved to the back of the classroom slightly embarrassed. His seat was then taken by Marcel. 
"Hows things going?" he asked staring directly at me. 
"Pretty good," I said frowning, telling him to cut it out. 


Mr. Bradley began droned on and on about algebra. All the information passed through my head, I couldn't be bothered to listen. Math had always been my worst subject. Marcel was speeding through the sheet and completed it before anyone else. If Amber applied herself she could be pretty good at math but she couldn't care less. She sat there filing her nails asking Marcel for help. When the lesson ended we went to lunch. We sat with Zayn, Niall, Louis and Liam again. Marcel joined us- I was quite fond of him, he was really nice. Surprisingly Harry decided to sit next too me on the end of the table. Zayn, Niall and Liam gave him a strange glance but then shrugged it off. Louis however was looking at him like he had just killed an innocent puppy! It was quite an awkward lunch, it's really weird how I have never noticed how much Louis stares at me. Harry didn't talk the whole time but he kept giving me these cute half smiles. 


"Your falling for Harry aren't you?" Marcel asked curiously as we walked to our next class. 
"What? No!" I said. "I barely know him." 
"Well maybe you two should get to know each other then!" Marcel said with a cheeky grin on his face. I hit his arm lightly as he began laughing. Though as we walked into the Art classroom a look of dread crossed Marcel's face. 
"This is the only subject I fail miserably at," he whispered. I giggled at his comment. 
"This is the only subject I epically rule at," I whispered back. Which earned me an annoyed look by Marcel. Through out the whole lesson I watched Marcel grumble at his work. While my paint brush stroked easily over the paper, making extreme patterns. 
"This is so unfair!" Marcel said looking disgusted by his work. I looked around the classroom to see Harry looking extremely pleased with himself. I walked up behind him to take a look at his art work. 
"Wow," I breathed. It was a painting of a boy and a girl, sitting on a hill in the sunset. It looked so professional. 
"Not as good as yours but I am pretty happy," he said complimenting my work. Excitement bubbled with in me, he liked my art work. We stood there awkwardly staring at his painting. 
"Do you want to walk home with me today?" Harry asked suddenly. I looked puzzled at him as his face began to blush a slight pink. 
"Sure. But I'll have to ask my dad first," I answered with a wink. 

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