Trust Me.

Alissa doesn't live in a very good neighbourhood. People fight, hurt each other and do drugs. Alissa's father doesn't want to live here but he doesn't have a choice. There poor and he can't afford a new house. He doesn't want this place to effect Alissa or her future. But that could change when a new bad ass joins the streets.


6. 3 Weeks Later.

Alissa’s P.O.V


Harry and I are pretty close friends now. We walk home together almost everyday. Sometimes Marcel comes along, he’s one of my best friends now too- turns out he is gay! Obviously Harry already knew Marcel just decided to tell everyone else. Luckily everyone was cool about it. Marcel usually hangs out with Alissa and I. He totally thinks Harry and I are into each other and maybe we are. I am trying to figure out my feelings right now. As Harry and I have gradually become closer my feelings have started to change. I don’t know how much I like him and how much he likes me. I guess we’ll still have to wait and see. 


Someone’s voice suddenly interrupted my thoughts. It was Louis. I guess I was pretty good friends with him now too. I was becoming pretty good friends with all Louis, Zayn, Niall and Liam. Which of course Amber is happy about because it’s not as awkward when we hang out with Zayn’s group.
“So you joining us for lunch again?” Louis asked just as the lunch bell rang. I nodded.
“Probably cause Amber wants to,” I said laughing.
“And you don’t?” Louis asked teasingly. I rolled my eyes at him.
“Sure why not,” I joked. Zayn and Amber were already waiting for us in the lunch line. Standing awfully close as they usually did. I wiggled my eyebrows at Amber (which she usually does to me) but she brushes it off by rolling her eyes.
“Sorry,” I whispered in my usual sarcastic tone. She started giggling and I saw the confusion in Zayn’s expression. This made me laugh too. Very soon we were two laughing teenagers standing awkwardly in a smelly lunch line. Suddenly Harry appeared grinning. 


“What’s all the giggling about?” he asked.
“I have absolutely no idea,” I laughed. Amber clutched her stomach and slowed down her breathing.
“I guess we just like laughing!” She exclaimed. Zayn stared at her nervously and she kissed her cheek in return. That made him soften up. Louis however seemed to have gone stiff, he usually did that whenever Harry made an appearance. Marcel and Amber think it’s because he’s jealous, but I mean jealous of what? Harry and I weren’t dating.. yet.
“Anyway anyone know what’s for lunch?” I asked holding my stomach. I had a feeling those dying whale noises were going to start.
“I think it’s chicken. You know the crumbed one,” Louis said. I nodded eagerly. I usually liked crumbed stuff, maybe because most of it is deep fried. 


The line moved fairly quickly after that and soon we were at the chicken. The lunch ladies hovered around us to see if we were taking a fair amount. Nobody usually over ate the cafeteria food so there were rarely any problems. I sat down directly opposite Amber, who was next to Zayn who was next to Liam and beside Harry, who was next to Niall who was next to Louis. Marcel decided to sit with some computer friends he met in the library. All of them are boys and funnily enough all of them have glasses. Everyone dug into their meals and it was unusually silent. It’s seriously awkward because I kept feeling Amber’s leg relax and tense again. I think Zayn was caressing her leg while everyone was trying to eat their meals. So gentleman-like right?
“How was everyone’s weekend?” I asked breaking the silence.
“Good I went to an awesome party with my Irish mates,” Niall said in his thick accent. “I invited Liam who never showed up!” he continued staring directly at Liam.
“Sorry mate I had other business to do,” he said defending himself. “I had fun at home,” Zayn said quietly. I say Amber blush and I felt her shift uncomfortably. Something was definitely not right there.
“Well that sounds lovely for everyone. I have to go to the bathroom,” I winked at Amber. She understood my signal and clumsily got up.
“So do I! See you boys later,” she cooed blowing a goodbye kiss to Zayn. Harry gave me a questioning look but I shook it away. Amber and I put our plates away then ran into the girls bathroom. I checked the stalls (as usual) and no one was there (as usual). 


“Alright what was that about with Zayn’s comment?” I asked genuinely concerned. Amber squirmed like she was keeping something from me. I could see she didn’t want to but maybe she had to.
“I swear on our friendship I won’t tell anyone,” I whispered. She stared into my eyes pleadingly.
“Not a soul,” she said quietly. “Not Marcel. Not Harry. Not Louis. Not anyone in that group. Not anyone in the school. Especially not Zayn. No one is supposed to know.” I voice was shaking and I knew it was soon breaking point. I gave Amber a long hug so she would calm down.
“On the weekend Zayn and I had some fun.. in his bed..” she whispered so quietly I almost missed it.
“Wait like ...?” I asked. Amber looked at me in disgust.
“I may love Zayn but seriously Alissa no not yet,” she said. I stared at her confused.
“It was just really awkward and now he keeps touching me,” she explained. I was right, that was her at lunch, Zayn was caressing her leg.
“Now don’t get me wrong! I love Zayn and I guess it was great.. but I don’t want it to happen that fast. You understand?” she asked worriedly. I nodded sadly, it was pretty sick of Zayn. I mean I knew he liked that stuff but he needs to wait until everyone in his relationship is ready.
“Well I won’t tell a soul,” I promised and we escaped the smell of the bathroom. 


That afternoon Louis came up to me. Harry had to finish a test that he missed last week Friday because he was sick. So I was waiting for him in front of the school building.
“Can I join you?” Louis asked sitting himself down before I could say anything. Wasn’t like I could reject him anyway. We talked about classes and assignments, the usual boring stuff. 

“So why did Alissa and you run off into the bathroom today at lunch?” he asked suddenly while I was explaining my science project.
“Um I can’t say anything. You know girl talk,” I said trying to change the subject.
“You know you can trust me, always. You can always trust me,” he whispered. Leaning closer towards me. I was starting to feel really uncomfortable and wanted to scream at him for air.
He laughed quietly. Louis moved incredibly fast that I didn’t realize what he was doing. Soon he had me trapped, one arm entwined with mine so I couldn’t pull away. He was leaning over my stomach and his eyes were centimeters from mine.

“Please Alissa. I just want your trust!” he said desperately searching my eyes for a sign.
“Yeah well you won’t be getting it any time soon. You and your friends disgust me!” I shrieked. I maneuvered my arm so that I could squirm out of his grip. I nearly slammed into his chin with my elbow but managed to risk the damage. I stood up and left Louis scratching on the ground. He looked genuinely upset but I couldn’t see pity at the moment.  I couldn’t even tell where that had been going! I ran inside the building towards the library. Leaving Louis on the pavement outside. I decided to wait for Harry in the hallways instead. 

I sighed and realized soon the whole school would know about todays interesting event. 


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