this is my 6 story. this one s about a dog who gets lost and cant find his way home!!!!!!!!!!


6. alive at will

                                                                   i wander how my family is  going. a couple days later i found out.   someone shouted that FBI was coming and there Agent Booth was with Dr. Brennen. i didnt recall there first names though Booth was kinda cute.  to bad Cam was the one scraping me off the road, not Booth. im not sure if Brennen and Booth are together but i know they like eachother. i know because Booth gave Brennen the twinkle eye. agin, to bad i was dead.

                                                                   i loved Booth, alot. mabey if i posses Brennen so mabey i can kiss him. ah just thinking of it stirs me up and turns me on. whew, its  getting hot out here.  only because Booth is hot.  okay getting ready to posses then i blinked then my slick white glow ghosty spirit entered. i was now Brennen. just to check i yelled for Cam.  she looked at me. i told her never mind but then she gave me the (your being very ackward) look. i have to act like Brennen not the !6 year  old i am.  i was examining my bones with Honchens who was also cute.  since i knew what had happened i gave it away so they can put that crazy man in jail.  " the bones near the colar massive look like female" i said.  " yep its a female ". Honchens replied. " and the sposacamala  looks as if she were ran over. " i tried to be specific.i found maggots and told him to check them out. he told Cam i was acting wierd. she agreed. i hope not in a supernatural way. then they would find out possesion was in mind. i knew Booth liked it when Brennen finds the muder weapon and i went to the parking lot and a bomb was in a back seat i turned around and there was Booth.  i fainted.then Booth saw the bomb that was set to 20 MINUTES.  he evacuated everyone. the bomb went off. i woke up turns out it was all a dream                     


                                      or was it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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