What Happened Next Frankenstein?

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  • Published: 14 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 14 Sep 2013
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An extra scene I created inspired by the play 'Frankenstein,' in which the bargain of The Monster's wife is done...


1. What Happened Next Frankenstein?

What Happened Next Frankenstein?




FRANKENSTEIN: I am cursed, leave me-


MONSTER: Why do you hate me?


FRANKENSTEIN: It is because you chose this fate! You chose to kill, and to wound! And now William lies dead downstairs! You wonder why you are hated! Your answer is the boy downstairs!


MONSTER: Humanity brought me upon them! They chose me to be like this! It is not my fault, it is theirs!


FRANKENSTEIN: You accepted to obey the choice humanity created for you. You are no better then they are!


MONSTER: This, this is all your fault, you rejected me without knowing me, and turned me into a sort of weapon-


FRANKENSTEIN: That is not what I-


MONSTER: It is what I have become! Because you, rejected me! Because you betrayed me! I didn’t betray you! You made my created life a misery!


FRANKENSTEIN: You killed a boy, you killed William, how is that not betrayal? How?


MONSTER: From what I understand, betrayal means, when you are a friend or you are loyal to someone, and that person, gives you away, they spread your secret, they go against you! I went for that boy because it meant you! You brought me upon yourself, you created me, you are my God and you killed William by your actions toward me!


There is a long awkward silence, Frankenstein runs forward to try and fight the monster, but the monster throws him back onto a table, glasses of chemicals and equipment fly backward with Frankenstein.


MONSTER; You created something even you couldn’t control!


Frankenstein slowly sits up with his hand clutching his head, his eyes widen and he runs to the door and quickly locks it as Elizabeth runs up the stairs.


ELIZABETH: Victor? Let me in! Why won’t you come downstairs? William is dead! Why don’t you care? Who are you Victor Frankenstein?! You are just a stranger to the people who love you most!


She runs down the stairs sobbing. Frankenstein reaches a hand to the door handle but then stops, he turns and glares at the monster.


MONSTER: What sort of a man are you? Even people who look the same as you, who love you hate you. Are we the same? That is what you did to me. Make me someone I can love, so your mind will be at rest, otherwise it will eat at your mind at how cruel you’ve been.


FRANKENSTEIN; How dare you, I am nothing like you, I am not a murderer! I do not go killing and wounding the innocent! I created you for love! To show the human race how beautiful life can be even in death! But that is all you perform. Death! Even one of your kind shall turn and scream!


MONSTER: Your sins are the equivalent of mine! You are lucky still! You rejected me! But as bad a man as you are, you are not rejected by your family. So why am I rejected from everyone else? You know the answer to that because you created this body, for me. And it has been the key to my hatred. The only person, who will not hate it, is one of my own!


FRANKENSTEIN: You only use this body for killing. You could change the way people see you. But like I said, you chose this fate. For the worst!


Flash downstairs where Clerval is trying to comfort Elizabeth, she is sobbing over William’s body.


ELIZABETH: You are Victor’s friend. You must know what he is doing up there, what is much more important, than his little brother. Clerval, I know you have a musket somewhere.


CLERVAL: Elizabeth? Why would you need that? I, I don’t like weapon-


ELIZABETH: Don’t pretend you don’t, every man in this town does, if not for general protection, they will have bought one of the flaming things because there is a murderer on the loose! Get me your musket! I will take matters into my own hands!






Go back to Frankenstein and the monster.


FRANKENSTEIN: And now, you want me to make a woman like you for you to marry? For a companion?


MONSTER: Only one of my kind will accept me, because you undeveloped species will not! I wanted to make friends and be happy! And even in my despair that is still what I want, deep down. A friend. Will you make me a friend?


FRANKENSTEIN: It will take a long time, but you can make friends here, you just need to be the right person. The right monster.


Go back to Clerval and Elizabeth. Clerval walks in with his musket; Elizabeth jumps up and grabs it.


CLERVAL: Do you know how to use one of those?


ELIZABETH: It can’t be that hard. Men fire it about the place all the time.


Elizabeth begins to walk up the stairs but Clerval grabs her arm.


CLERVAL: Elizabeth, think.


ELIZABETH: If anyone should think, it’s Victor.


She pulls her arm away and walks up the stairs; she points the musket at the lock on the door and pulls the trigger, the door runs of its hinges, Frankenstein and the monster turn. Before the smoke clears, Frankenstein pushes the monster into a nearby store cupboard and turns to Elizabeth.




ELIZABETH: Victor, I am sick and tired of being treated like I don’t matter, you are my cousin, your father is ill, and your brother is dead. What is more important? That is why I had to use this weapon! And I hate it! It was the only way I was going to get answers, to the secrets you have been keeping. Like whom that abomination of a man was earlier. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the murderer the size of him! He looked like a right devil of a man! Come to think of it, he, he didn’t even look like a man.


The Monster runs out of the cupboard in rage at Elizabeth, Frankenstein runs forward to try and stop the monster, but the monster throws him onto the floor, Elizabeth screams and begins to shoot at the monster, the monster screams.


FRANKENSTEIN: No! Elizabeth! Don’t!


ELIZABETH: Victor what in God’s name have you done?! Get down!


MONSTER: Hate! Hate! You all hate me! You all hate me without knowing me!


Clerval runs forwards and tries to grab the gun from Elizabeth, she holds it tight and shoots the ceiling and the tables, Frankenstein gets behind a tipped over table, and the monster pushes Clerval out of the way. When the monster is standing before her, Elizabeth stops shooting, and stares. Frankenstein gets up and runs over.


FRANKENSTEIN: No! Don’t touch her!


ELIZABETH: Victor? What have you done?


Elizabeth still holding the musket walks backwards slowly to the tip of the stairs, waving her arms for balance. The Monster takes one step forward and pushes her. Frankenstein runs forwards. Elizabeth (screaming) rolls down the stairs and falls on her front unconscious, with the musket still in hand.




The Monster runs down after her, and grabs the musket; he points the end at her head, breathing heavily. Frankenstein reaches a hand out and holds still.


FRANKENSTEIN: You may have been told you are hideous, and ugly. But we choose who we want to be. We choose, deep down who we are, you can choose your fate, and the one you want to take to cause another discomfort, will cause you discomfort too.


After a few silent seconds, the Monster drops the musket and walks to the door and opens it. Clerval runs out of the laboratory and gasps.


MONSTER: You will see me again.


FRANKENSTEIN: When your bride is ready.


The Monster gives a happy yet angry look, and walks out, shutting the door behind him. Frankenstein and Clerval run to Elizabeth and put there hand on her head. After a minute or too, Frankenstein stands up.


FRANKENSTEIN: To make our lives safe, by Gods name, it will be done. It will be done.





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