He Loved Me... Not Her (He loves me. Not you)

He loves me not you so give him up Angela. There was this girl. Angela. She was ugly. Such a fag. She liked all the guys I like and attacks them with her woe smell of cigarettes mixed with trash! And then there's me Megan. I usually just casually walk and say hey. And there's Patrick! He's so adorbs and I love him! But one problem. Angela is OBSESSED! With him and he doesn't like her... I wonder who he likes?!


2. Is It Real?

I.... Should I ask her...? I..., I'm just afraid. She might say no... There's Angela let messy her.... "hey, if I want to ask this girl to the dance what if she says no?" "oh Patrick, I would never say no..." "unm what?" "o---ooh never mind just be confident." "okay,,,,, I'm going to go ask the girl now!" "okay bye" "bye"

Angela's POV

I just got asked out! Oh wait... Never mind.... Awkward..... Man! I wonder who this girl is! This bitch. I'm going to follow him to see who it is... But. She's..... Megan! Ew.

Patrick's POV

I caught up with Megan and we talked about some things. I finally asked her... She said "course I'd go with you!" "thanks Megan" "no problem" I hugged her and waved bye as we parted ways to classes. Megan may live next door to me but she still seems far...

Megan's POV

Wow! I just got asked out by my best friend that I like! Ahn! I could go with him as a date but to him I'll probably be a friend.... Oh well at least I'm going...

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