He Loved Me... Not Her (He loves me. Not you)

He loves me not you so give him up Angela. There was this girl. Angela. She was ugly. Such a fag. She liked all the guys I like and attacks them with her woe smell of cigarettes mixed with trash! And then there's me Megan. I usually just casually walk and say hey. And there's Patrick! He's so adorbs and I love him! But one problem. Angela is OBSESSED! With him and he doesn't like her... I wonder who he likes?!


1. He Loved Me... Not Her (He loves me. Not you)

Angela's POV.






Hello?! Ahem.


.."oh! Sorry I was listening to music on my iPod. What's up?" 

-oh nothing and it's okay I'm just going to go now.- I nodded. 

I didn't want him to leave. I wanted him to stay but I knew he always had plans. He was my love. The one. Facing that I almost crushed him to death by hugging him and laying on him he doesn't like me anymore... *sigh* Patrick... Do you love me?...


Megan's POV.


I was walking down the stairs and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked and there he was... Patrick. Wow okay awkward. -hey Megan!- -hey patrick! what's up?- -nothing u?- -oh nothing just you know going down the stairs with you lol- -oh right right!- lol I loved this kid, he was funny and sweet. He always made my downs ups and he's like my best friend that I'm in love with! Seriously. He likes someone else.... I think. Well I will need to hear his story before I come up with any conclusions. I already came up with some anyways. We had every class together! We have for 2 years now! But I've known him since childhood. We reunited in 4th grade! It was amazing. We hung out and done everything together he was my boy BFF we have each others number and tell each other everything. We even tell each other if we changed numbers. Personal things. I always spend weekends with him. He even remembers my number and his mom and dads, he doesn't care about his sisters though. We have everything in common, games, books, teacher, clothes, style of person, types, subject. Everything like that Is just so similar we are like brother and sister. He even remembers my birthday and I remember his. We always FaceTime! I don't know when there hasn't been a time like that unless one of our batteries is dying. If we can't FaceTime we can call or text. Sometimes he would just call to hear my voice and see of everything's alright. See! This is living proof that a guy and a girl can be best friends.


Patrick's POV


Wow it's a great day when I'm with Megan haha. She's my bestest friend in the whole wide world. I love her with all my heart! This kind of friendship proves that a girl and a guy can be best friends! I mean c'mon! Angela has been spreading rumors that me and he are dating! Yuck groosssssss uh uh. No. Just no.... I was thinking.... Of asking Megan to the Band Banquet as my date because she's in band too. I just figured we could always go together...

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