The Loneliness In The World

I know I'm probably become a loner because I've moved to Sedona. It's been hard on me these past few days. That shit head won't help because all that shits in his head. I'm Alyssa. And this is just a boring story about my life.


1. The Loneliness In The World

Chap 1


Hey I'm just a suck up named Alyssa. You can call me Lissa. Here's my life story....


I just moved here to Sedona because of my moms new boyfriends job. They've been together for like what? 17 years? I'm 18 yeah hi. Don't come popping into my life when I'm 2 you haven't been there for me that one year. I'm seriously tired of packing. I even lost some of my shit while the move. That sucks. Now here I am moving boxes into our new house wile the boyfriend is checking out the house. I just want to go up to him be like " nigga whatcha doin? Stop stoping and get your sissy ass up and help you hoe!" but yea that's not going to happen because if I say something like that I'll get kicked out of the house of sho. Ugh that's what I hate about these people. I'm a junior in high school. Yep I just turned 18 2 weeks ago. I had to repeat junior year... FML. I can't really relate to any of the normal kids. I'm in a band, I used to cut myself, I have long hair, I have the model type of body, I love my baby guitar... I have an excellent voice no one else can match. What else? I don't know... I've lost count since I was 7. It doesn't matter.. I might end up as spiderman someday. So looks like there's a bunch of big mansion type houses around my neighborhood... I live in one of those actually. I met some new neighbors. Really hot guy yep. He's hot. The house on my left... I don't really know... It seems mysterious. I like it. I saw the house turn on at night and I thought it was weird cause I heard that no one lived there... Oh! Evil spirits? My favorite! Then my mom came into my room " honey, our neighbors want to invite us over for lunch." I nodded and k'd her. She went back to the front door and fold them that we'd love to eat lunch with them. The hot guy was leaning on the doorframe near my mom... Awkward. If he wants to hit on an mid 30's woman than that's gross. He's like 18 like I am. Then before my mom and them said goodbye he asked if he could come in and see me...!? What?! See me? Shit! I quickly started unpacking the heavy things first. I heard my mom say " sure! Come in sweetie! She'll be on the 2nd floor on the door to your left." he thanked her and up he came. I closed my door silently... I wonder if he's going to knock.... Or.! Oh he knocked! I carried a heavy box and said "come in" he came in. Standing tall, wearing a summer tank that was blue, looked extremely good on him... Wearing ripped jeans.! How does he know my taste? Wow. I groaned as the box was getting really heavy. I almost dropped it but he caught it for me. Him: ,you okay?" me:" yeah, thanks for the save" him:"no problem". "hi my names Cody. You must be Alyssa?"-----" oh! Yes I am hi nice to meet you Cody"-------" need help moving these boxes?"-----"nah I'm good, that's enough unpacking and moving for one day!".---- "well my house is going to have a BBQ... Wanna come?"------"sure id love to. Thanks" " no problem." " see you later then?" "yea totally!" "bye" well that went well. I thought I would die breathing his air. Phew. I thought I would die. Dang now I need to look for a good outfit! Wear a bathing suit underneath just in case. I went downstairs and saw that mom was still getting ready. I left first and tried to catch up with Cody. I saw him. I ran as fast as I could and caught up. We were at his house. He took off his shirt and jumped into the pool. I just sat and watched him as he was alone in the pool. He said "c'mon! What are you waiting for!" and I just took off my shirt and shorts and revealed my bikini and hopped in. He said "well well well look at whose dressing fancy today" and I just laughed and splashed water in his face. He did the same to me and started getting closer each time. I started backing up but my back slowly hit the wall crap. "nowhere to go city girl" he closed up the space between us...

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