What You Didn't Know

Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding and Demi Lovato backstage.

The lives of these stars may be normal, but filled with various Drama between paparazzi to blogs and magazines, Rumors and photo-shopped pictures spread across the world. Nothing. is normal for these stars.

For the contest! i don't really know if this is true!


1. Selena Gomez

"SELENA! SELENA! SELENA!" the crowd cheered, She waved and walked backstage. No one knew what happens backstage, nor do they know what happens at their home. Well this, will give you all the information you need.


-THIRD PERSON VIEW- As Selena walked off of the stage the crowd got louder and chanted more. "That was awesome!" Selena said and smiled "The crowd was amazing but you need to change miss" The stage manager pointed at her and crossed something off on his list, She huffed and walked off to change back to the normal t-shirt and jeans. "Selena! Selena I love you!" A fan shouted with a camera in their hand trying to touch Selena's arm "Aw, I love you too!" She took the camera and took a picture with the young girl even though her security guard had been pushing her away "You have to let me talk with fans okay?" She told the rude security guard "Get moving!" He spat at her.


-SELENA'S POINT OF VIEW- 'Hm, Rude much' I thought as i walked past many screaming fans. "Selena Beiber! Selena Beiber!" They teased me, I put my hood up and sunglasses on "i can make the stars dance!" A coupe of fans were singing, I smiled to myself. "Selena! Is it true Love Will Remember is about Justin?" Paparazzi kept asking me as i got pushed into the limo "Hey! Leave my fans alone!" I screamed through the window at a security guard pushing away tons and tons of boys and girls.  I waved to them and the limo drove back to my lovely home. 

-THIRD PERSON VIEW- Selena had changed into a comfier type of clothing and ate some oreo's. Selena went onto the internet and watched TEEN on YouTube. It was about her, Kstew and R5. She shook her head remembering the fact that she almost didn't finish the song "I don't know why i started crying" She stated looking at the video on pause, She shrugged and kept watching. "This is getting boring!" She turned off her laptop and got comfortable on the couch. She had pulled her phone out of her pocket and gone on twitter "Aw, my fans are so sweet!" she smiled at all of the tweets that had been sent to her. 



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