Moments: The Sequel to 'I Should Have Kissed You'..

When Jas got off that plane in London 4 years ago she had no idea what she was getting herself into. After meeting Harry, it was love at first sight... well almost. Despite the many challenges put to them Harry and Jas got through it all. Nothing could tear them apart. However will the ultimate scandal change things between the couple years later? With an unexpected twist, Harry and Jas' relationship will be tested further than ever before.

See how the couple cope in the sequel, 'Moments'

-- If we could only have this life for one more day...if only we could turn back time --


5. The Delivery

*Jas’ POV*

I walked as fast as I could to Niall’s apartment and banged on the door.

“It’s open!” Niall shouted from the other side of the door.

I swung the door open and saw Louis and Niall sitting on the floor in front of the tv playing on the xbox.

“Hey Jas” Niall said calmly, his eyes not even moving from the screen.

“Uhhh guys”

Louis paused the game and turned his head, as did Niall.

“Wow Jas did you just pee your pants” Niall laughed. I gave him the most evil glare I could muster. The pain was intense, my first contraction was short but it really hurt.

“Shit Niall, she’s having the baby” Louis jumped up and grabbed his phone.

Niall’s face turned into panic. He also looked embarrassed after his little comment but I knew it would be one of those moments where we look back and just laugh.

“Uhhh Niall grab the hospital bag from their apartment and get her down to the car. I’ll call Harry.”

“Don’t worry about that, Eleanor already called him”

Louis looked confused.

“I was on the phone to El when my water broke”

Before I knew it we were around the corner from the hospital. My phone was buzzing from the heap of messages I got.

From: Zayn

“How exciting babe! See you soon. Zayn x”

From: Dani

“OMG this is it! Can’t wait to see you and Olly soon. Danielle xx”

From: The Leprechaun

“I’m gonna be an uncle WOOOOOO! Niall Xx”

I looked back at Niall who was smiling in the back seat at his phone; I couldn’t help but laugh.

From: Harry <3 <3 <3 <3

“You’re doing so well. I’m on my way, El told me everything. Only a little bit longer babe. I love you like you wouldn’t believe xo”

We Louis pulled up into the driveway and Niall helped me out and brought me inside as Louis tried to find a parking space. I had another contraction as I was getting out of the car. That part is so not fun.

As we approached the desk I heard familiar voices.

“I’m looking for a Miss Jasmine Harper. She’s my girlfriend, she’s gone into labour” Harry asked, he sounded a bit frustrated that the woman behind the counter was working so slow and a bit disinterested.

“Sorry but we have no record of anyone by that name that has just came in. I’m sorry sir.”

“Harry!” Niall shouted as he sat me in a wheelchair.

I was honestly relieved to see Harry, not that I wasn’t completely grateful that all the others were here but after all Harry was the father of my child. I needed him there with me. Harry ran towards me and kissed me straight away.

“How are you feeling?”

“It’s so painful Harry.” I crouched and held my stomach as another contraction was coming.

*Harry’s POV*

The nurses had now put Jas in her hospital bed, the others surrounding her. Jas gripped my hand tight as another contraction ripped through her stomach.

“It’s completely normal for contractions to be coming this often. It just means you’re further along in the process. You’ll have your little boy in your arms in no time. You’re doing so well Jas.” Dr Carrie said.

“Thanks Carrie.” I said.

“No worries Haz. I’m so happy for you guys.” She smiled.


Seeing Jas in pain made us feel anxious. We had no idea what was going through her head, but we knew for sure that she was doing so well. A few hours passed and as soon as we knew it Jas was almost ready to start pushing. Everyone else had to wait outside, the room was getting a bit crowded as the doctors and nurses piled in. I stayed with Jas every single second of the way holding onto her hand.

“Alright Jas this is it. Start pushing now”

Before we knew it, the doctor was handing over our little boy to Jas to hold. His loud cries filled the room, as well as Jas’ proud sobs. I couldn’t help but tear up as well. He was so small. I looked at him is his little green eyes and I couldn’t believe that he was my son. We made him. It was a very surreal moment for both of us.

“He has your eyes babe” She smiled before she kissed me.

“Can we come in now!?” Eleanor shouted from the other side of the door. The blinds on the window were slightly open and I could see them piled in front of the window trying to peer in.

By now, the doctors had left and the nurses had cleaned up Oliver. He was now wrapped in a baby blue blanket. I walked over to the door and let everyone in.

“Congratulations!” Eleanor shouted.

“Congrats man!” Liam smiled as he shook my hand.

“You’re a daddy now Styles” Zayn said whilst he hugged me.

When I got back to Jas’ bedside she looked exhausted. The girls were laughing, crying and hugging all at the same time.

“Babe do you want to hold him?” Jas held up Oliver towards me.

Oliver wriggled as I took him from Jas’ arms. His little hands were poking out from the blanket and I reached out for one of his hands. Oliver wrapped his tiny hand around my pinky finger and just held it.

“That’s right Olly, I’m your daddy” A tear fell from my eye. I had never seen anything so beautiful than Oliver.

Granted our relationships and friendships were all tested at one point or another, but the best part was that we could all just forget about the silly arguments and just be there for each other in times of need. I was glad that they could all make it for the birth. There’s no one else I would rather have here then my best friends.

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