Moments: The Sequel to 'I Should Have Kissed You'..

When Jas got off that plane in London 4 years ago she had no idea what she was getting herself into. After meeting Harry, it was love at first sight... well almost. Despite the many challenges put to them Harry and Jas got through it all. Nothing could tear them apart. However will the ultimate scandal change things between the couple years later? With an unexpected twist, Harry and Jas' relationship will be tested further than ever before.

See how the couple cope in the sequel, 'Moments'

-- If we could only have this life for one more day...if only we could turn back time --


6. Parenting 101

3 weeks later.

*Harry’s POV*

His screams filled the whole room. He had been crying for the past 20 minutes and Jas and I were beyond tired.

I reached over and turned on the lamp on the bedside table.

“Babe I think it’s your turn” Jas nudged me.

“Paper, scissors, rock?”

“Fine… Ha! Scissors beats paper. Your turn Styles.” Jas said as she rolled over to her side of the bed.

I stumbled out of bed to the crib that was in the next room. Funnily enough the nursery was closest to Louis’ room through the wall. I picked up Oliver and bounced him gently in my arms as I tried to get him back to sleep. Nothing was working and his screams were getting even louder. Man this kid had a set of lungs on him! I walked to the kitchen to make up a bottle of formula for Oliver. There was a quiet tapping noise on the door. With the bottle of formula in one hand and Oliver cradled in the other I walked closer to the door and unlocked it. Louis was in his pyjama trousers and didn’t look very happy.

“Little one not resting easy?”

“Can’t you tell?” I said sarcastically.

I left the door open and walked to the couch. I sat down and started to feed Oliver, Louis followed.

“Here let me” Louis said picking up Oliver from my arms. The screams quickly faded away as Oliver’s eyes started to close.

Louis was so natural with children, it was almost a gift that he would step in.

“How’s Jas coping?” Louis whispered.

“Uhh... she’s ok. Lou I can’t tell you how exhausted we are. He won’t stop crying during the night, I don’t know what to do. I literally can’t function.”

“Why don’t you take Jas out one night, just you two. El and I will look after Olly for the day. Take Jas somewhere nice, have fun and relax”

“I don’t know if I can Lou”

“Sure you can. I always helped mum with the girls when they were babies, trust me it’ll be fine”

Louis kept giving me tips on how to keep Olly asleep throughout the night but before I knew it I was slowly drifting off to sleep on the couch beside him. The next morning I woke up on the couch with a blanket over me. Eleanor and Jas were walking from the bedroom towards me.

“Eleanor are you sure?”

“Sweetie I’m positive”

“What’s going on?” I mumbled tiredly.

“Babe, El and Louis want to take care of Oliver while we go out.”

“Lou was talking about that to me last night.”

“The little one is now back asleep. ” Louis said coming from the bedroom.

“You’ve been so good Lou, we can’t thank you enough” jas said going over to Louis to hug him.

I tell you, being a parent to a newborn was NOT easy! Oliver would always cry and Jas and I would spend what seemed hours trying to figure out what he wanted. Bath time was always interesting. Jas and I worked as a team pretty well, she would bathe him and I’d be standing behind her trying to get Oliver’s attention pulling funny faces and singing songs. Granted it’s been 3 weeks since he was born, but for two people who had never been a parent before, we tried to do our best.

“We’ll come by later tonight to check up on you guys” Eleanor said as her and Louis walked hand in hand towards the door.

*Jas’s POV*

As much as a blessing Oliver was to us, I had my doubts about whether I was cut out for the whole parenting situation. I love Olly with all my heart, don’t get me wrong, I’m just not sure if I’m the best thing for him. I mean, I’ve stuffed up so many times with things that should be easy for a parent. There are times where I’m left alone with Oliver and he just won’t stop crying. I try literally everything possible to make him stop but I can’t seem to get it right. Should be easy for a mum to figure it out right? The help that Louis and Eleanor have given us since we bought Olly home was unbelievable. I see the way Olly puts a smile on Eleanor’s face whenever she looks after him. I feel like maybe she would be better mum to him than me.

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