Moments: The Sequel to 'I Should Have Kissed You'..

When Jas got off that plane in London 4 years ago she had no idea what she was getting herself into. After meeting Harry, it was love at first sight... well almost. Despite the many challenges put to them Harry and Jas got through it all. Nothing could tear them apart. However will the ultimate scandal change things between the couple years later? With an unexpected twist, Harry and Jas' relationship will be tested further than ever before.

See how the couple cope in the sequel, 'Moments'

-- If we could only have this life for one more day...if only we could turn back time --


1. Appointment


I was so nervous, just watching every minute go by. 3:45...3:46…3:47. I stared at the background on my phone; a photo of Harry and I on our 3 year anniversary on the Eiffel Tower in Paris. That photo was only taken last year. It’s almost been 4 years since Harry and I started dating, and wow did time go fast! I was completely consumed by my thoughts that I didn’t even realise the lady behind the white counter call my name.

“Jasmine?...Miss Jasmine Harper? Final call for a Miss Jasmine Harper”

“Here!” I said as I walked up to the desk.

“Dr Maloney is ready to see you now”                     


“You’re looking really good Jasmine, everything seems to be going as it’s meant to.”

“That’s a relief, thank you Carrie”

“Don’t worry about it love. It’s just a matter of days before little Oliver is born”

Carrie, or Dr Maloney, was a good friend of Harry’s. We’d often spend our Friday nights out with her and her now husband, Jackson when I was in my second year of college and when we weren’t with the boys.

“So, how’s Harry coping?” Carrie asked.

“Ummm… he’s probably more nervous than I am. Lately we haven’t been seeing eye to eye on everything.”

“Trust me sweetie, that’s completely normal”

“I guess” I sighed.

“Are you sure that’s all that’s going on?”

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