Starter for J.K. Panesar

In my dream i had in the hospital i think this would be a great starter for J.K.'s Only You trilogy!



Ally's POV:

No! He has taken me again to the abandon buildings and I was nine months pregnant

''Why?!?" I said.

''That baby's going to be mine even if I have to kill you for it'' He said with his evil smirk.

When he threw me and Liam in the back of the dog catcher truck Li noticed I was bleeding like I was on my period and instantly we knew something was wrong.

''Ally... you're... bleeding!'' Liam said.

Li unbuckled my pants to see and he told me to push, suddenly the doors opened.

''Not yet Alex!'' Damen said.

"Li, text the guys telling them where we are!" I whispered.

Damen picked me up and threw me to the ground, as he did with Liam.

Damen took his knife and cut open my stomach to reveal the baby and pulled it out yanking the umbilical cord which really hurt. As he handed me the baby, the guys came and I realized it wasn't crying. Louis handed me a turkey baster and I did what I saw once on a hospital show. The baby started crying and I sighed with relief. Just then he scratched Liam with his knife.  

"Here!" Louis said handing Liam a knife. "We had these for Niall because he wanted some turkey." He said.

Liam was now having a sword fight with Damen, Harry and Zayn were helping me up, Niall eating turkey, and Louis calling emergency services, which came at that second!


To Be Continued...

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