Alice In Wonderland

Oh how glad I was Louis wasn't here, in this nightmare hellish place. The rot of numerous corpses filled my nostrils.
I looked down at the evil looking cat beside me "What are we to do Cheshire?" I asked "Wonderland's shattered"
"Its the effects of you loosing your mind after the bloody red queen killed your family.The only way you can save Wonderland is to kill the queen and regain your sanity."
Somewhere in the distance of my mind I felt a slight buzzing in my head. But no mind that. I looked at my reflection in the bloody silver knife still in my hand. "I will murder her" I whispered.

Its been a year since Alice permanently slipped into the dark twisted Wonderland, a place in her mind, six months after her family was murdered. Her boyfriend Louis hasn't been able to see her at all, and he has become worried about her health. Louis is finally aloud to see her, but can she even bring herself back to talk to him, much less explain how she must save the now evil Wonderland?


1. ChapterOne: Backstory~Louis


I hate asylums. They're not right. They're cold and evil.

All I could smell walking down the hallway of the mental institution was metal and medicne. Like a hospital but...worse. Way worse. Occaisionally I'd hear screams of other paitents and I would fear what they were doing to them. What they could've done to Alice.

St. Andrew's Mental Institution for the Criminally Insane is not where I want Alice to be at all. She isnt even a criminal!

Its not easy being in love with someone thats crazy. But I dont think she's crazy, she's just...not always there.

I met Alice at a concert two and a half years ago. She had goten her little sister backstage passes to one of our X-Factor concerts (our being my band One Direction). We met backstage and started. I easially fell in love with the girl with curly blonde hair, green eyes, anf a leather jaket.

After a year of dating we bought a house together, and everything was perfect.

Then a week later, I found her in our bedroom. She sat in the corrner indian style, starring into space. It was three days until she came back to me. When she did, she told me how since she was little she'd often get lost in the folds of her mind. She would loose all sences, all feelings. I asked her if she knew where she went when she got lost.

"Wonderland, Louis," she whispered, her eyes wide like a child's on Christmas "I go to Wonderland."

It was then she declaired she was going on a walk. "To see my family" she had explained. She kissed me, told me she loved me, then left.

An hour later Alice was found in her parents' house. The lifeless bodies of her mom, dad and sister lay beside her, stained in their blood. She was covered in their blood, holding tighly onto the knife that had killed her family. She was crying and screaming over and over again "She killed them! The Red Queen killed them!"

She was arrested for the murder of her family. At the trial she plead "Not Guilty". Whe she went up to the stand, she faded out. She was up there for three hours, never responding to any of the questions asked. The only time she spoke was at the very end, when she smiled, still in "Wonderland" and she said "Yes Cheshire, down with the bloody Red Queen".

Soon after her lawyers changed her plea from "Not Guilty" to "Insanity". She was found guilty and sentenced to the asylum until she was mentaly stable.

All that was a year ago. And I haven't been able to see her or talk to her. I wasn't even aloud to be given any information about her condition. It was like she was dead.

Then last week a nurst from St. Andrews called me. She told me that Alice had screamed my name, and her doctor thinks it might be good for her to see me. Of course I agreed to see my beloved.

But now, I wished she was in prison instead. At least they would treat her better there.


Hey Ducklings!

So this story is going to be a little different then my other stories. Why? Its darker. Way darker. And the inspiration for this story is the EA game Alice Madness Returns. I haven't played it yet (Cos I don't have a freaking Xbox GRR) but I've played the interactive story book app on my iPod and I've watched trailers and I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT TO PLAY IT.

Ok guys, I'm not gonna bore you anymore. I love you all.

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