Eyes Touch

He's pathetic .

They all say .

He's worthless .

They all say .

But she isn't the one to listen ..


2. New Bieber Hairstyle

He got up from the chair and shook all the hair off of him . He looked in the mirror , and smiled widely. Justin turned to me and smiled again , I smiled back walking to the front desk to pay. 

" That will be  $ 34.56 total ." The lady said looking up from the computer. I nodded and pulled out two twenties , I gave it to the kind lady and she smiled .

" Keep the change , thank you." I replied . She nodded , watching me and the boys . I looked at Justin and finally saw his eyes .

They weren't brown 

They were caramel 

With a little gold mixed in .

Who wouldn't get lost in those ? 

Its almost like 

Our eyes touched

I snapped out of it and smiled , Justin of course smiled back . 

" I love the new style bro." Ryan said patting his back .

" I'm with Ryan , I love it ." Chaz said putting a hand on Justin's shoulder . 

" I love it so much ! I can see your pretty eyes !" I said . Justin smirked .

" You think my eyes are pretty ?" He asked .

" Yeah ." I said looking down and blushing . 

" Thank you . I love your eyes too ." He said looking into them . I smiled and thanked him .

" Your coming with me to show my mom right ?" Justin asked . I nodded smiling . I hadn't stopped smiling since he was with me .

Justin's house 

" Mom?!" Justin yelled through his apartment . I watched him as he looked in the back .

" Sorry sweetie ! I was working ! Wow who's this beautiful young lady ?" Justin's mom said pointing at me . I blushed and smiled .

" I'm Baylee , Justin's friend ." I said putting out my hand , she grabbed it and pulled me in a hug . I hugged her back , smiling . Finally feeling worth something to someone . 

" Mom , do you like my haircut ?" Justin asked . Justin's mom took a step closer to him and gasped .

" Look how handsome .How did you get this ? " She asked .

" Baylee insisted on getting me on ." Justin said rolling his eyes . I giggled .

" Thank you sweetheart , he needed one badly . I'm Pattie by the way ." She said.

" Nice to meet you Pattie , and I assure you it was not a big problem ." I said smiling . We sat there in silence till Pattie said something .

" Justin did you see how many hits your videos have been getting ?" She exclaimed . He shook his head no , then Pattie grabbed her laptop . She opened YouTube , then her account . She opened one of her videos and began playing it . His voice was beautiful . It was a true talent . After watching many videos I scrolled through the comments :

@mommabear : this kid has talent , become famous so I can listen to you more ! 

@bertygush : look at this kid ! totally sharing this !

@christaingurlsweg : omg your so cute . your gonna be so big one day , I called it . love you Justin :)


I smiled at all these nice comments , I looked at more and more . I showed Justin all of them , until one caught our eye :

@scooterbraun : you've got talent , some really great stuff we have here . wanna hear some details on record deals ? call me asap * number * 

I showed Pattie and she called the number immediately . She eventually got up and took it outside . I looked at Justin , he was looking through some comments  . One asked if he could make one right now.

" I'm gonna make one now . That okay with you ?" Justin asked . I nodded smiling . He started the video .

" Hey guys , I want to thank you . with your amazing reviews , I got a call from a buisness manager . Maybe my dream is really coming true . But anyways meet my very beautiful best friend Baylee . She is so cool . You'll see her everywhere with me ." Justin said winking into the camera . I blushed and smiled .


I was in love with Justin 

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