Eyes Touch

He's pathetic .

They all say .

He's worthless .

They all say .

But she isn't the one to listen ..


4. Just Getting Started


LA babyyyyyy.



" So welcome to Los Angeles." Scooter Braun smiled, taking my bags and setting them in the car. I looked into the sky, took a deep breath.

I loved it already.

" It's really beautiful." Pattie said, smiling up at Justin.

" I'm so blessed." Justin mumbled, making me smile at his warm and caring heart.

" So first step is going to be taking visits to radio stations." Scooter said, opening the car door for us. We all hopped in, and drove to our hotel.

Arriving at the hotel, was magnificent. I never thought I would have such good treatment.

" Wow.." Justin breathed, looking up at the ceiling.

" Your room number is 212, enjoy. I'll meet you down here at 9 am, got it?" Scooter said, making Justin nod.

" Yes sir, thank you so much." Justin said.

" No, thank you." Scooter said, before walking off.

Me, Justin, and Pattie arrived at our room, only to see two beds.

" I'll sleep on the floor." I said, throwing a pillow down, getting ready to go to bed.

" No way, you get the bed." Justin said, making Pattie laugh.

" Just sleep together, I don't mind, love birds." Pattie said, going into the restroom to change.

" So I have to share a bed with you? Ew." I said, giggling as I turned my back, rummaging through my bag.

" You know you wanna cuddle with Bieber." Justin said, wiggling his eyebrows.

" Guess I'll have to live with it." I said, jumping on the bed, next to him.

I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist, and lips on my forehead.

" Night beautiful, thank you for everything." he whispered, making me turn my head and kiss him on the cheek.



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