Eyes Touch

He's pathetic .

They all say .

He's worthless .

They all say .

But she isn't the one to listen ..


1. First Arriving

" Class we have a new student , Justin Bieber ." Mrs.Kim stated . I looked in the front of the room and saw him , he wasn't dressed like us . He was looking down at the ground , not making any eye contact . He had hair that went past his ears , and a shirt that covered his hips . I looked at him up and down , my gaze stopped when he sat down . He sat on the other side of the classroom . Everybody started laughing , I frowned . I kept my focus on him as they silently laughed . He was hurt. I stood up from my desk , with 30 eyes on me .

" What are you doing beautiful ?" Bruce asked smirking . I was well known at this school , so I knew I had to do something .

" Shutting you up , Bruce . What's so funny ?" I snapped . He widened his eyes .

" The kid . He is pathetic , look at him . His hair is way too long , and his clothes are way too big . " Bruce stated pointing at Justin. 

" I think what's pathetic is that your laughing . Want something to laugh at ? Look in the mirror ." I said and sat back down , I looked at Justin who had a tiny smirk on his face . I smiled , I felt good about myself . Finally standing up to Bruce talking bad about people . 

Justin Bieber 

I thought . I liked that name , it had a nice ring to it . 

The bell rang , dismissing us to lunch . I walked up to Justin and tapped on his shoulder . He turned around and smiled . I smiled as well , leading him out the door .

" Hey ,um , thanks for that back there . In class." Justin said getting an apple from the lunch line . I smiled . 

" No problem . Bruce is a real jerk , sorry about him . " I said . Justin laughed walking towards a table . He set his tray down as I did the same , taking a seat across from him .

" I think I know by day one , Bruce is a jerk ." He said . I laughed and nodded .

" I'm Baylee , by the way ." I said . He nodded and smiled . 

" Nice to meet you ." He said . 

" You too . So what made you come here ?" I asked taking a bite from my sandwich .

" Just a move . Nothing big ." Justin said drinking his milk . 

" Nice . You know anyone here ?" I asked . He nodded and pointed to two boys walking our way.

" That's Ryan and Chaz . My best friends ." He said . The two boys sat down at the table and said hi to me and Justin .

" I'm Baylee . Nice to meet you ." I said to the both of them . 

" You too . " They said digging into their food . I looked at Justin , eating his food .

" hey Justin ?" I said , he looked up .

" Yeah ?" I looked at his hair , man he needed it cut .

" Can i take you somewhere after school ? You guys can come too ." I said pointing at Chaz and Ryan . 

" Sure . I'll be looking forward to it ." Justin said and smiled . I smiled back and finished my food , along with the boys . We went back to our classes , for me ? I was really excited to hang with Justin , Ryan , and Chaz . 


After School

" Where are we going ?" Justin asked beside me . I shook my head , that was the fourth time . 

" For the fourth time , you will see ." I said . Ryan and Chaz laughed behind us . I laughed along with them , finally arriving at the hair place . 

" Welcome to Sports Clips ! How may I help you ?" The lady at the desk asked , I smiled at looked back at Justin . He smiled back .

" He would like the MVP with the message . Cut it right above his eyebrows ." I said . The lady nodded and motioned Justin to come over to the back with the chairs . Justin walked over to her , and got seated . He got his hair washed first , then of course they dried it . He got in a chair and they began cutting , he looked at the hair falling to the ground and smiled . 



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