Eyes Touch

He's pathetic .

They all say .

He's worthless .

They all say .

But she isn't the one to listen ..


3. Don't let me get in the way

3 weeks later 

" School has like 2 months left ." I said . Justin looked at me and smiled .

" I can't wait to graduate high school ." He said . I nodded and grabbed Pattie's computer . Justin scooted closer to me looking at the comments .

@scooterbraun : can't wait to work with you , kid . 

What ? Justin agreed to work with this guy ?

" Justin your taking the deal ?" I asked .

" Um yeah . The guy is giving me a free trip to Atlanta to see if I like it . If i don't I come back here and live life ." He said . I frowned , that meant he was leaving me here .

" Congrats ." I said shutting the computer . He sighed and flipped his hair .

" Baylee .." He said . I walked to the kitchen and got a drink of water .

" Please don't be mad . I need this , I want to do this ." He said grabbing my hand . I pulled away

" I know , it's fine . Follow your dreams , don't let me get in the way ." I snapped . 

" It's not that you'll get in the way , it's I just don't have your parents permission . " He said .

" When are you leaving ?" I asked looking into his eyes.

" Um .. Ha funny story actually .." He trailed off stratching the back of his neck .

" Justin.."

" Today . I'm leaving today." He said looking down , I suddenly let all the anger go and a rush of sadness came instead .

" Y-You can't .. I-I , Y-Your my best friend." 

" Come with me , please." He said taking a hold on both hands .

" Justin , I won't have time to pack . " I said .

" GREAT NEWS GUYS! I CALLED HER PARENTS AND THEY PACKED FOR HER ! BAYLEE IS COMING ON TOUR!" Pattie anounced , I looked at Justin and smiled . He smiled also , but bringing me into a hug instead .

" Thank God your coming ." Justin whispered in my ear . I silently giggled and looked into his caramel eyes , and I swear ..

It'd be wrong if they didn't make you melt



Auther's Note 

I'm sorry this is so short ! I'm up late doing this for anyone that reads it . I doubt any one does , but thanks if you do !

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