Over and Out

Emma Hamilton is dealing with being a senior while having a crush on Jackson Reeder who she can't seem to shake. With her two best friends as side kicks at her side, can she take the heat or will she melt under school and the pressure of the guy?


3. Will

 "Why won't you just pick off the cheese and sauce?" I asked Sadie as we waited in line for the salad bar.

"I have to keep my figure in check with homecoming three weeks away, and eating cheese pizza won't help me at all!" she said standing on her tip toes to look over the head of the guy ahead of us.

"Ugh! Could this line move any slower?! I swear, my grandma who's on crutches right now could grab a salad and eat it faster than these people!" She said throwing her hands in the air.

"Why is your grandma on crutches?" I asked

"She slipped getting out of the pool of her synchronized swimming classes"

"Ouch" I knitted my eyebrows closer together

"If you think that was painful, try having to see her in her bathing suit and swim cap when I had to go pick her up. She has more wrinkles than a pug" she shimmied her shoulders and said "ewww" Lunch time was always my favorite part of the day. Melanie was standing behind me reading a book as usual.

"You better not bring that thing to the dance" Sadie said taking a step forward in line while looking behind me at Melanie.

"This thing is called a book, and I happen to find them very interesting." Melanie said defending herself. Somehow I knew this would turn into a bickering fest between the both of them. Don't get me wrong, I love my two best friends, but they bickered more than those couples on the Real World shows on MTV...talk about excruciating.

"What I don't understand is why people waste trees on stupid things, like homework..or books!" Sadie rolled her eyes. As the line moved closer, we each grabbed a milk from the cooler to our right.

"Uh, you do realize that those gossip magazines you read are made from trees? And since when do you care about saving the environment? Last time I checked you drove your car down to your mailbox just to get the mail." Melanie snapped at her. Sadie turned around and lowered her eyes at Melanie

"That was one time! Sheesh! And don't lecture me about going green, I haven't seen you ride your bike to school Ms. I drive a fancy mustang."

"Hey, chatty Cathies, you're holding up the line." a random freshmen started to yell at us who was standing behind Melanie.

"Watch yourself, freshmeat, or you won't have a line to stand in because I'll break both your legs." Sadie glared at him. It was at this time that I realized we were going to be in trouble.

"Put the claws away Sadieamese cat and save it for when you're on Dr. Phil" he rolled her eyes at her then took his left hand and made a 'shooing' motion to her to keep the line moving. Sadie took four more steps towards the cart with the salad on it and looked back over her shoulder at the freshmen who was now showing his buddies something that he though was hilarious on his phone.

"I hate freshmen, every year they get sassier and think they run this school. When I was a freshmen, I would give up my spot in line in the bathroom to a senior girl I didn't even know. Do you know how many times I almost peed my pants?" She stopped her foot on the ground.

"Yes, yes. I feel your pain. Now keep moving." I took my hands and pushed her shoulders forward. While we waited in line I thought back to my freshmen year. In four short years, I have to admit that I evolved. I had gone from the girl who would shove myself into lockers to make sure I wouldn't get trampled my seniors, to the girl who was looking at freshmen who were making room in the hallway for me. Maybe I finally got what I wanted, but was having random people in the hallway move over for me what I needed? No. Truth be told, I don't know what I needed. Hell, I don't even know what I wanted. So far my senior year was like a Friday night. The beginning of the end, and I was growing up. I ditched my One Direction t-shirt for one that said "Seniors. We like it on top." As inappropriate as that sounds, it was classic. I've been known to just go with the flow. But so far, the flow was starting to turn into a rapid tidal pool. And something kept telling me that Jackson wasn't going to be the sexy lifeguard that pulled me out of it anytime soon.

"It's basic science. Me plus any lucky random guy who deserves to go with me equals homecoming." Sadie said as she grabbed a lunch tray and started putting lettuce on it. As she slid down to the next station, I grabbed my own tray and followed what she did. I picked up a piece of lettuce and examined it.

"Are you sure this stuff is sanitary to eat? It's more brown than the whiteboard marker Mr. Smith used in spanish class today." I made a weird face at the lettuce as I put it down on my tray. "Suck it up and let's focus on the main issue here. ME! I am single and have no one to slow dance with. And I refuse to be that girl who sit's on the bleachers while she read's her book waiting for someone to ask her to dance."

"Hey" Melanie frowned at Sadie

"Sorry Mel, didn't mean to bring you into this" She shrugged it off.

"Sade's. You need to relax on this whole thing. If you really need someone to go with, why not ask that freshmen who told you off five minutes ago." I said while putting two huge spoon fulls of cheese on my lettuce.

Sadie stopped mid way of putting ranch on her salad and looked up at me.

"That was a joke right?"

"Noo, who cares if he is a freshmen? At least you'd have a date." I took the ranch from her hand and squirted some on my own contraption that looked like more of a mound of cheese than a salad. Sadie rolled her eyes.

"Says the girl who already has a prom date lined up. And Emma?" She looked at me


"It's a supposed to be a salad, Not something that looks like raw macaroni and cheese." she said while putting her free hand that wasn't carrying her tray on my shoulder. As we waited to pay for our lunch I looked to my left and saw someone coming up to us to wait in line.

"Got enough cheese there Em?" Jackson said smiling at me.

"Got enough sarcasm there Jack?" I joked back.

"I told her that her salad looks like raw macaroni and cheese" Sadie butted in.

"Yeah, it does. But without the noodles. Hey what do you call a fake noodle?" He looked at me and smiled.

"What?" I asked hiding my smile that was pleading to come out.

"An impasta!" he started cracking up.

"Yeah, you picked a winner" Sadie whispered in my ear sarcastically. I elbowed her and looked at Jackson.

"And yet, my tray full of cheese is still not as cheesy as that joke" I chuckled

"HEY! I DON'T HAVE ALL DAY HERE. PUNCH IN YOUR LUNCH NUMBER OR DON'T EAT!" The lunch lady yelled in a voice that sounded like she smoke three packs a day. Jackson punched his lunch number and gave us a solute goodbye.

"Until next time ladies" and walked off. As I punched in my number and went to walk off to claim our spot at the table, the lunch lady grabbed my milk off the tray.

"Hey! I was gonna drink that" I said trying to sound sweet.

"It was old. Here." She swapped my current milk for on that was sitting on the shelf underneath her computer stand. When she set in on my tray I felt it and realized it was room temperature. "Yum, warm milk my favorite." I said while walking to sit down. As I sat down and Melanie and Sadie joined me I heard a huge laugh from behind me.

"Hamilton!" I turned around and saw Mitch behind me with Gavin at his side.

"Hey Mitch" I said smiling at him

"Did you finish that poem?" he raised his eyebrows at me

"No, not yet."

"You know you could always write it on how hot you are" he winked at me. I got caught off guard by Sadie choking on her milk because she was laughing so hard. I gave her my look that meant 'what the heck are you doing'

"Sorry!" She said dabbing a napkin around her mouth. "But if that's hat he calls flirting, he's going to be single for a loooong time" she smiled to herself

"I'll save you a spot in study hall tomorrow" he winked at me then walked off with Gavin at his side. I was mid bite of my salad when I saw a look from Melanie and Sadie being shot my way. "What?" I moaned.

"Does he know that you like his best friend?" Melanie asked me while picking up her milk.

"I don't know and frankly, why would he care? He was just being polite." I said while finishing my bite I was going to take.

"Uhh, because he was obviously all over you! You better tell him that his best friend already has a piece of Hamilton pie being saved for him before he tries to butter your bisquite!" Sadie said pointing her fork at me.

"You are so weird" I said shaking my head back and forth. I grabbed my milk and put it up to my mouth. I was mid swallow when Sadie ripped it from my hands. Milk went all over my tray and my shirt.

"What the heck Sadie!" I reached for her napkin and tried to dab myself dry.

"Why is the name 'Will' written on the back of your milk?" she looked at me like I was a freak. "Let me see that" I grabbed the milk from her. The name was written in all caps in black sharpie. I looked up at Melanie to see if she had any clue what it was.

"Don't look at me" she put her hands up defensively. I looked at Sadie next,

"Whoa, don't look at me either. I thought you just went insane and named your milk Will." What was this supposed to mean? I don't know a Will, and the lunch lady gave me this milk. Was it a threat? Who writes a threat on milk? Something was going on here, but I was already drained from the conversation I had with Jackson earlier in the line that I didn't have the energy to Nancy Drew this milk situation.

"You better watch yourself. You never know who that milk came from." Sadie said.

"Maybe it's a threat?" I thought out loud.

"Oooo! Yeah, like how those people cut out letters from a magazine and make a cute note andl leave it for somebody to find." She said smiling

"You mean a ransom note?" Melanie said looking at Sadie like she was stupid.

"Yeah, one of those!" she said still smiling

"You realize those notes usually are a threat to kill someone..." Melanie said

"Well, excuse me Sherlock. I was just trying to help. Oh my god. I hope they aren't going to kidnap anybody! Wait, just kidding, They can kidnap my neighbor's dog. Every night that thing howls till the cows come home, and we live in Wisconsin...so it takes a while for every cow to come home" she said rolling her eyes.

 As glad as I am to say it's not a ransom note, I kind of wished it was. No I don't want anyone to die or get kidnapped but that way if it was a ransom note, I would know what it was. I was so confused by it. Who writes a name on a carton of dairy and gives it to someone. Let alone me, who already is so confused by everything that is going on in my world right now. Was Sadie right? Was Mitch flirting with me? Either way, Sade's was right about Jackson already having a piece of Hamilton pie before him. Jackson will always have a special place for me, and going out with Mitch would be like adding a fraction into an equation that already has been solved. Life is so complicated. I grabbed my milk and chugged it. I was thirsty, but not for dairy that had sharpie on it, but for answers. And I intended on getting them one way or another.

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