Over and Out

Emma Hamilton is dealing with being a senior while having a crush on Jackson Reeder who she can't seem to shake. With her two best friends as side kicks at her side, can she take the heat or will she melt under school and the pressure of the guy?


11. Sorry

"Im really sorry. You have no idea." I said to Jackson as he pulled into my driveway and put his car in park.

"No big deal, I needed new shoes anyways." He turned to look at me and laughed.

I laughed but felt pain in my stomach, "Ow. Don't make me laugh. It still hurts," I said gripping my stomach.

"Are you sure your okay to stay home alone? You threw up quite a bit. I didn't even know that was humanly possible. I mean it was like a little bit at first, and then it just kept coming. I couldn't even see my shoes, it was every-" 

"Jackson?" I looked at him and he stopped in the middle of his sentence

"Word to the wise, unless you want me throwing up in your car this time, I would stop talking about what happened before." I patted his shoulder.

"Sorry," he chuckled, "But seriously, are you sure your gonna be alright?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'll be okay. Im a big girl, I can take care of myself." I faked a smile so he would believe that I'd be okay.

"I know. You never let anyone help you." He rolled his eyes and smiled at me.

His right arm was leaning on the console between us and his left arm was still resting on top of his steering wheel. The fact that I got sick in front of Jackson and on his shoes was mortifying. I will never live this down. I started unbuckling my seatbelt but got distracted said, 

"Okay. I'm sentencing you to bed rest. Go in there, and lay down. No homework, no dinner, no nothing." he said sternly trying to pretend to be a doctor.

"See, you are too bossy!" I pointed my finger in an 'ah-ha!' motion.

"Yeah yeah, just trying to look out for ya Hamilton. After all, your the only Hamilton I know." he nudged my elbow that was leaning next to his on the console.

I smiled at him and finished unbuckling my seat belt. He started unbuckling his but I stopped him by putting my hand on his arm,

"You don't have to open my door up for me. I'm kind of scared that if you I might end up getting sick all over your shoes again." I smiled at him.

He locked his seatbelt again and smiled at me,

"Alright, fine. Whatever you say. Do you need a ride to school tomorrow?" 

"Umm, I don't know. Depending on how I feel maybe not..." I bit my lip. If I feel as crummy as I do today there was no way I was going to school tomorrow. Whether my parents called me in or not.

"Just let me know" he smiled at me.

"Aye aye captain" I made a salute motion with my right hand. 

I got out of his car and shut the door. As I walked to my front door I had the feeling that he was watching me. While I reached for my key in my back pocket of my backpack I snuck a glimpse at him. He was watching me. Suddenly I felt sick again, I quickly grabbed my key and slammed it in the keyhole and shook the door open. I threw my backpack on the ground and ran for the toilet. 

Once I was finished getting sick, I leaned my back against my counter to my sink.

"You threw up on his shoes Emma!" I smacked the back of my head against the counter door while repeating, "Stupid, stupid, stupid"

Once I felt like I got my land legs back I went to my room and laid on my bed. As I was about to close my eyes and try to get some sleep my phone dinged. I walked to my living room floor and grabbed it out of my backpack. The message preview came up on my phone as a random number. 

"Remember, bed rest." The message said.

It had to have been Jackson. Jackson texted me!! Which means that he had my number!

I smiled to myself and did a little happy dance like all girls do when their crush texts them and then cooly responded,

"I was on bed rest until some creep texted me and I had to get up and get my phone." I pressed send and went back to my room and laid on my bed. I held my phone up to my face waiting for a response. 

I looked at the left side of my screen waiting for those three dots to pop up to show that he was typing, but they never came. I locked my phone and put it to my side. I sat there contemplating what I just texted him. Was it too weird? Too straight forward? It's like when a girl texts a guy 'hey' and she spends the rest of the time waiting for him to respond thinking about how she's bothering him. Thats how I felt, but Jackson texted me first, so I couldn't have been bothering him, could I? When my phone dinged, I pounced on it like a puma and read it before I even unlocked my phone.

"Wow, sounds like you should take care of that creep. Need me to come over and be a guard dog? Haha"

I cracked a smile and rolled my eyes. Did I want Jackson to come over? Hell yeah. Was I going to tell him to come over? Hell no. I was already embarrassed enough from puking all over his boots. 

"I think I can suffice. But, I will take a dog. I've always wanted a puppy. Besides, I don't want you getting sick too." I responded but waited exactly seven minutes to respond so it didn't look like I was waiting my phone, even though I was. 

The next response came right away.

"Alright, you win. How are ya feelin?" 

"Bad, but a little better. I really am sorry about your shoes." I pressed send and started chewing on my thumb nail.

"Its all good. I wouldn't want anyone else getting sick on my shoes than you Hamilton" he said with a winky face after it.


I was shaking. I didn't know how to respond to that. I think I typed my message nine times before choosing,

"Good. And besides, I didn't like those shoes either. So actually I was doing you a favor." with no emoji. I wasn't that brave. And besides, I didn't want him thinking that I was desperate.

"Is this the part where Im supposed to say thank you? Because I have a weird feeling that it's not gonna happen"

I laughed and put my phone on my nightstand. I decided not to respond at all so he would wonder why. Granted he might not wonder at all considering I was home sick puking my guts out, or he might wonder why I didn't carry on the conversation. Probably neither of those. He probably wouldn't even care at all. I turned my lamp off and crawled under my sheets in my clothes from earlier. I was too exhausted and sick to change. As I closed my eyes and started to drift off to sleep I thought about what had happened my life. My car breaks down and Jackson is back in my life. Life is funny that way. I fell asleep thinking about the one and only boy who could make me nauseous even while I was throwing up.


I woke up the next morning and checked my clock to see what time it was. It read that it was six thirty.  Wow, I slept in. I moved a little bit and immediately stopped. My body was in full on ache mode. There was no way I was going to school today. I grabbed my phone and saw two messages from Jackson. I smiled to myself, and let my heart speed up like a race horse.

"I hope your sleeping and not dead Hamilton. But if your alive remember to stay in bed and hydrate. And I know that's legit advice because my mom just told me that. But if your dead, then I am so  gonna sell your car to a monster truck rally"

I laughed at what he texted me the night before. He texted me even though I didn't response and seemed somewhat worried about me. I smiled to myself and and scrolled down to see the next one,

"Come in Hamilton, this is Reeder. Do you need a ride to school? Over and out." 

I saw that it was sent ten minutes ago. I quickly started typing in case he was waiting to leave to go to school.

"Come in Reeder, this is Hamilton. This soldier is still home sick. No school today. I was sentenced to bed rest by some obnoxious doctor who gets advice from his mom." I pressed send impressed at my wit. At least I hoped it was witty. 

My heart skipped a beat when I saw those three dots appear indicating that he was typing.

"Your supposed to say over and out"

I rolled my eyes and smirked.

"No" I typed.




"Your killin me smalls" I said.

"Correction, your killin me smalls OVER AND OUT. You can't forget that last part, it's a rule when talking over walkie talkies." he said. 

"But we're texting..." I said. I was glad the conversation was light and funny. It made talking, er, texting him easier.

"But we're still talking in code soldier. Over and out." he responded quickly.

"Fine." I sent him and then responded quickly with,

"Over and out."

I smiled and waited for is response.

"VICTORY!" his grey bubble read.

I laughed and rolled onto my side. This morning already turned a whole lot better.

"Feel better soldier" my phone dinged again with that message on my screen

I smiled at that last one, and responded with, 

"Over and out, remember?" 

He sent back a smiley face and I knew that I was done. This was how I was going to die. Jackson texted me a smiley face and I knew that my heart was going to stop beating. At least it felt that way. 

I put my phone on my nightstand and tried to fall back asleep. It was hard when all I could think about was Jackson.


I woke up around four from another ding coming from my phone. It was probably from Sadie freaking out that I missed school and didn't tell her. Surprisingly it was from Jackson.

"How ya doing?" 

"Better. I actually can walk now without feeling like I was on a boat for three years"

"Can your stomach keep anything down? Like soup maybe?"

"I don't know. Haven't tried it yet. Why?" I knitted my eyebrows together while typing.

As I waited for his response I heard the door bell ring. I wrapped a blanket on my bed around me and made my way to my door. As I slowly shuffled to it I looked at my phone. No response. Okay, granted it only had been a minute but he usually responded right away. I grabbed the doorknob and opened the door.

Jackson was standing there with one hand in his pocket and the other hand holding a brown paper bag that was folded up top.

"I brought soup" he held it up and smiled.

And the award for cutest boy ever to walk on this planet earth besides Dylan O'Brien goes to Jackson Reeder. I was shaking and embarrassed. I looked like an expired watermelon and Jackson was the unlucky person who was graced with my ratchet presence today. 

"That was really sweet of you. Do you want to come in?" I asked opening up the door more and stepping to the side.

"Depends, you aren't going into quarantine anytime soon, are you?" he reached his head in the door a little bit but already made his way inside before he finished his question. 

I closed the door and caught my breath, 

"Tomorrow actually. There sending a helicopter along with one of those guys in those suits where it looks like he's wearing a fish bowl on his head and everything." I walked behind him. He turned around and set the soup down on the table that was behind my couch.

"Well then I guess I better get the hell out of here then" he said laughing while putting his hands in his front pockets.

I laughed and looked at the ground.

"Im digging this whole look you got going on," he nodded his head at me and my ensemble.

"What do you call it?" he asked laughing then taking his thumb and brushing his nose. 

"I call it, "GBQ" Girl Before Quarantine. It's designer, do you like it?" I turned the side and flashed a cheesy smile. 

"Only because your sick and look like death, Im going to say yes." He smiled at me.

I grabbed the bag of soup and made my way to my kitchen hoping he would follow. When I looked behind me I saw that he was. I went to my cabinet and pulled out two bowls and set them on the kitchen island. I set the bag of soup down with it and reached behind me into my silverware drawer and pulled out two spoons. 

"How was school today?" I said trying to make conversation and act causal.

Because Jackson Reeder bringing me soup and being in my house was totally causal you know. Not. 

He shrugged his shoulders while his hands were still in his pockets and gave a half smirk. 

"School is school. Oh, I grabbed you the math homework. It's in my truck though" I nodded behind him.

"Wow, soup and homework? What did I do to deserve all of this?" I said laughing while pulling the container of soup out of the bag. 

He laughed and shrugged his shoulders again and I caught another look at him. His cheeks were turning red. He took a seat at the bar stool in front of him and watched me as I poured soup into both bowls. As I put the two spoons in them I tried to control my shaking hands. I slid a bowl over to him

"Thanks soldier" he said smiling and taking it. He took a spoonful and then another.

Nervous I would throw up if I ate it, I took a tiny spoonful and waited for my stomachs reaction. Surprisingly, the soup settled my stomach so I shoved it in as fast as I could. Screw being lady like, I was hungry.

"Wow..." Jackson said with a mouthful of soup looking at me like he never saw a girl eat before.

"It's not lady like to talk with your mouthful Reeder" I said with a mouthful of soup myself.

He swallowed and started a laughing. I laughed and took another spoonful.

"I am so hungry. I haven't eaten anything since Tuesday night." another spoonful settled my stomach

"Speaking of which, how much did you eat because you threw up enough food to feed my whole family all over my shoes" he chuckled and ate another bite.

I rolled my eyes and smirked at him.

As we both finished our bowls of soup I studied him. He was wearing one of those baseball shirts where there were two buttons by the collar, along with grey quarter length sleeves. I loved it when boys wore those kind of shirts, they were my favorite. 

"Take a picture, it'll last longer." he said smirking and I jumped half startled and half embarrassed that I was just caught.

"I would, but I wouldn't want my camera to break." I said grabbing our bowls and placing them in the sink. 

He shook his head, smiled and stood up. 

"I guess I better go get your homework. Wouldn't want to screw up your straight A streak" he turned around and looked over shoulder and gave a cute smile with a little laugh.

I walked behind him and smiled to myself the biggest, cheesiest smile of all time. He opened up the door and I waited by the door frame as he walked to his truck and grabbed it. It was cold and I was freezing already from being sick. He jogged back in and stood at the door frame in front of me. As he handed me the packet I said,

"Thanks for this, and the soup. It was really sweet of you" I smiled at him

It was one of those moments, like in a movie where the two characters were standing in front of the door and they knew that they were going to kiss. When the boy leans in and the girl closes her eyes and a magic moment happens. Where both lose their breath and their hearts are beating so loud they think the other person can hear it. Except this moment was when I was in sweatpants with my greasy hair in a bun and a pale face getting homework from a boy who saw me as just a friend.

"Anytime. I hope you feel better." he said while kicking invisible dirt on the ground and looking down at me.

I smiled and walked to the door.

He smiled back and started walking to his truck. He turned around and stopped halfway on my pathway that lead to my door. He opened is mouth like he was going to say something but then just said,

"Feel better"

"You already said that" I smirked at him

He rolled his eyes, smiled and started walking back to his truck. As he made his way to his door, he put a hand on the handle, smiled and looked me and said,

"Over and out" and then opened the door, got it and closed it and then started his car. As he backed out of my driveway and drove away and I whispered to myself,

"Over and out."

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