Over and Out

Emma Hamilton is dealing with being a senior while having a crush on Jackson Reeder who she can't seem to shake. With her two best friends as side kicks at her side, can she take the heat or will she melt under school and the pressure of the guy?


1. Same Old Games

"And the two wild creatures try not to make eye contact as they breathe heavily. It is very rare to find the two species in the same room without ripping each others eyeballs out.  Can these two enemies stand the heat, or will the claws come out and a fight break out?" Sadie said in a TV special voice as she held her pencil to her mouth. I threw piece of paper to her face and said "Shut up"  in a whispered voice. Then turned my head around and placed my chin on my shoulder looking longingly over at him.  I caught him laughing revealing his two dimples.  "He might hear you if you keep talking that loud" I turned back around and eyed Sadie warning her. "Its fine" she said dragging out the end of that word. "I promise you he, he is way at the other end of the cafeteria".

It was Friday morning and it was the third day back at school and all the Seniors were sitting in the cafeteria for study hall because there were about 100 of us.  Jackson was sitting at a long table with his other buddied. And I was sitting at a long table too...at the other end of the cafeteria.  Jackson and his friends were the kind that liked trucks, and mud and anything that had camouflage on it.  That sounds stereotypical but its true.  Needless to say they don't walk around the halls yelling "ya'll" and they don't talk to anyone who's not country (I mean they talked to me last year) but they do wear steel toed boots, drive trucks and have matching camouflage seat covers.  And I'm the type of girl where if you're nice to me, I'll be nice back. I'm also the girl who is OCD about having my books stacked from largest to smallest and my hair brushed before I leave for the morning. I go for jog pretty much every night and I like my boys cute and tall. Just like Jackson. I know I pretty much sound like the nerd who sits in the back of the class and raises her hand all the time. The type of girl who stays home every weekend and reads a book within two hours-I don't. I hang out with my two best friends and I'll read a good book once in a while.

Even though I don't ride horses and wear cowgirl boots, I still have an eye for anything country. Once again, Jackson.  "Just go talk to him!" Melanie said nudging my shoulder. "Its a lot harder than it seems. If he didn't want to talk to me this summer, he is definitely not going to want to talk to me now" I said looking back down at my blank sheet of paper. I was working on a poem for my creative writing class. It had to be all about me-so far I had 'Emma' written down. It was staring me down like that girl who hates you because you have better hair than her, or a better pair of shoes than the ones she's wearing.  "Maybe he didn't get the message. You never know. Just buck up and go say something to him.  You can't avoid him forever, I mean for goodness sake you go to the same school! Just go!" she shooed her hand off in the air like she was waving away a fly.  I shook my head no. "Nope. If he wanted to talk to me he would have tried...so he obviously wants nothing to do it me."  "Oh my god. Do you hear her? Do you hear yourself?" Sadie looked at Melanie and then me. "Yup. I do. And you know what I think?" Melanie said while putting her loose leaf paper into folder signaling that she had just finished her poem for her creative writing class. "No I don't but I'm sure you're going to tell me" I said rolling my eyes while talking another look at my blank paper. "I think you're certifiably insane. But you're my best friend so if you choose to mess up your beginning of your senior year by never talking to the boy you like so much then I agree with whatever you choose" She said crossing her hands over each other while setting her elbows on the table. "Oh gee thanks.  That made me feel so much better. Glad to know you support me making a horrible mistake" I said laughing. "Hey, what are friends for?" We all started to laugh together.


"SENIORS LISTEN UP!" Our principle came to the front of the cafeteria. He stood in front of our vending machines that had multi-grain corn popped chips that no one ate and Scooby-doo fruit snacks that were constantly having to get re-filled because lets be real, we're seniors in the school but freshman at heart.  "Since you guys have failed to keep the volume down and paper airplanes made out of your homework sheets in homework form, you guys will each be moved into a classroom evenly so their are an even spread of you guys in classrooms to help you guys stay focused. The classrooms are posted now, in a minute you guys can make an orderly filed line and you will find your classroom and go their immediately and you will continue to go there for the rest of the school year. When I leave, like I said make an orderly filed line and.." But all the kids got up and made a huge crowd around the bulletin board that had anything important on it.  Sadie, Melanie and I pushed through people without ever saying excuse me or sorry. We've learned that by senior year that saying that stuff doesn't help you at all.  We made our way up and I saw my name "Barwin. Are you kidding me? The woodshop teacher? Great so now I'm going to smell like I ran through a forest for the rest of the day"  I rolled my eyes "I got Vallweg" Sadie said. "I got Greitzmen" Melanie said. "So we don't even have study hall together." I said. "Who does Jackson have?" Sadie asked me.  "Don't know, don't care. I'm over that. See you guys later" I said walking off to the classrooms by the pool. I walked in to an empty classroom and took a seat in the far right in the middle of the classroom.  It was quiet until Mr. Barwin walked and took a seat at his computer. "Nah man, you probably got leak or you need an oil change" Oh no. I knew that voice. "No no no, you're wrong. I checked my oil its fine. I think I need a new spark plug."  I turned around to see four bodies walking in. His best friends. The tallest one is Gavin, then Hunter, Mitch and Austin.  I turned back around with a huge puff of breath.  "Barwin, what's going on" They said laughing while. "Not much. Where's Jackson?" he asked. "He got Murphy" "Wow all of you got me and he's by himself"

Thank god I thought to myself. I looked up at the clock. Half an Hour more. I was the only girl in this study hall. Great, another not so fantastic way to start off my study hall. I took out my poem and looked at the blank sheet. I tapped my pencil against the desk." "Hamilton, what ya workin on?" Mitch asked me while walking over. The thing about the hicks is that they walk slowly while trugging their steel toed boots on the ground. "Uh, a poem. For Creative Writing" "What's it on?" Austin asked me. "Me. Its about me. But I have no idea what to write about" I said. Talking to these boys is normal for me. I always talked to them, since I was in sixth grade. "You could write how your always so boring" Mitch joked around. I looked up at him and laughed. "Thanks so much for that, I will write that down." I joked.

The hour flew by after I started to talk to the guys and then I packed up my stuff and left.  I walked in the hall in-between Mitch and Gavin. "Hey guys what's going on?"  I saw Jackson walking over to the guys so he could walk with them.  "Bye guys, see ya later" I said waving and walking off. The minute the J-word comes near me that's when its my que to leave.  "Where'd she go?" I overheard Jackson asking the guys. "Probably her next class, why?" Mitch said. "No reason" Jackson said fast. I walked faster into my Mythology class ready to learn about the Gods and Goddess. Ready to learn about a whole different world about how people could use lightening bolt and seas to start a war.  A world where there was always an issue. On second thought, maybe I didn't want to learn about more issues between more people. Hmm, it seems that even back then people didn't get along.  What is our issue?

The day seemed to fly by too fast. It was seventh hour and I went to my fifth hour class. Elementary Algebra the math class that I love because its so easy.  I sat down in my seat next to Sadie and took out the homework that was due for today. I ignored the other people as they walked in because I was too busy making sure my work was correct.  The teacher came around and collected it then said it was a work day. Fridays in our school was usually a work day so teachers could keep up with grading all the papers. I once again whipped out my infamous poem and looked at it. "Sadie, I have no idea what I want to write about. I mean what describes me?" I said. "How about "boring"" I heard another word say.  "Hey that's what Mitchel said-" I looked up to my write and saw Jackson standing at the end of the table.  "W-when did you get in this class?" I asked startled while my hands started to race. "I ended up switching teachers. I didn't like my old one. He didn't teach. He sat there yelling at us to teach ourselves. So I moved to this one." he said smiling. "Oh" I said. I turned back to my paper giving him the cold shoulder. It was an unfamiliar for me to do that, I usually was all flirty and happy. Not today. I could see him staring me down. I could feel his green eyes watching me in confusion. "Yeah, or maybe I was just stalking you" he said with a joking sound in his voice. "Nice" I said acting as if I didn't hear him. "Yeah" he just walked away. "Wow, way to be rude" Sadie said. "he was trying to be nice to you and you totally blew him off. You blew him off like he was a dust bunny on your old shelf of books that you don't read anymore" she said. "Wow, thanks Judy Bloom. I didn't know you were that deep" "And I didn't know you were that rude" she said. "Touche" I said. We laughed and I looked up at the clock but I caught Jackson instead of the clocks ticking hand.  He gave a small smile, not even small. It was a teen tiny smile. I didn't give any expression back, I just put my head back down and started writing. The next word I wrote down on my paper was 'strong'. Strong as in strong enough not to need Jacksons coy little smile and his jokes that used to make my fingertips tingle and heart race a little faster. Not that they still don't, its just before they used to race like a go cart and now its slowed down to a fast race horse.  But I'm pretty sure someone has told me to get off my high horse before. That is the saying, right? Get off your high horse, after all. Race horses are fast and furious...and like to win at the games. The same old games.




***AUTHORS NOTE*** Hey guys, so this is my new story. Its not a fan-fiction so I totally understand if you guys don't like it. I just thought I would put a new material out there are see what the feed back is. My One Direction story would not let me update for some stupid reason. I was so mad. I worked on this chapter since about nine at night and its twelve thirty where I live so im exhausted. I typed it on a laptop so hopefully there aren't too many mistakes.   Comment down below if you want more or if you want me to keep on updating!! Thanks!


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