Over and Out

Emma Hamilton is dealing with being a senior while having a crush on Jackson Reeder who she can't seem to shake. With her two best friends as side kicks at her side, can she take the heat or will she melt under school and the pressure of the guy?


5. Go

Chapter 5


    I started to become accustomed to the fact that Jackson and I might never date at the end of my summer before my junior year. I nailed that idea into my head for so long that it never occurred to me that I might never be able to pull that nail out…no matter how hard I tried.  

    It was Sunday and I was doing my usual homework catch up day while casually staring out of the window procrastinating.  This wasn't like me, I am usually very focused.  But Jackson Reeder had given me the mind cooties that I couldn’t seem to give to another person just by touching them in kindergarten. My phone beeped indicating that I had a new text message. I picked it up and unlocked the passcode. 

    “Wanna hang? I got bored with homework and need a distraction?” Sadie texted me. Of course it was from her.  I looked at the clock that said it was one in the afternoon. 

    “Wow, right on time…as usual. Sure, let me just finish this paragraph and then you can pick me up and we can go get coffee and a snack?” I texted back tapping my screen as fast as I could. For once I was grateful for her distraction. I needed something to get my mind off of things.  I typed my paragraph fast, occasionally using bullshitting some of it and then shut my computer and grabbed my jacket. I waited in my room while staring at my closet waiting to get a text from Sadie telling me she was here. I looked at my plain t-shirts and sweaters and glanced at the few patterned pieces of clothing I owned.  I really needed to update my wardrobe…and my life. My phone beeped, and I stood up and walked downstairs without even glancing to see that it was Sadie.  She was usually the only person who texted me so I got used to assuming it was her and being right. I ran down stairs and looked at the fridge quickly to see if there was a note there.  A note meant that my parents were away on business and no note meant that they were home.  A bigger piece of of post it laid on top of the fridge with a Disney World magnet on it from when we visited there when I was in Fifth Grade.  I glanced over the note, and then ran out the door. 

    I opened Sadie’s car door to her while Chevy Equinox and then slid in and shut the door. She turned down the stereo that was playing Dustin Lynch and smiled at me. 

    “Uh-oh, you looked pissed. Was there a note?” she lifted her sunglasses on top of her head to make eye contact with me. 

    I kept my eyes glued to my window on my right while carefully studying my mailbox. 

    “Hey did you know that if you look really carefully, you’ll see a tiny scratch on the red flag on the side of my mailbox?” I stared at that scratch like it was the most fascinating thing I had ever seen. 

    “Ookay, I’ll take that as a yes.” she put the car into drive and sped off without asking any questions. She knew better than to talk about it. 

    My parents had always been away on business since I was in the sixth grade. Ever since their self producing husband and wife team of a landscaper and interior decorator took off, they got calls from people in hollywood asking to re-do their homes.  I never saw them that much unless it was a holiday or my birthday or business was slow…which was rare. 

    Sadie pulled into the parking lot of our coffee shop Gloria Jeans and put the car in park. We unbuckled at the same time and walked swiftly into the shop to avoid the crisp mid- September air. We both ordered and then took a seat. I played with the number card that was handed to me so our waiter could bring us our caffeine so we could get some pep in our step again.

    “I don’t even understand why teachers have to give out homework. We learn in class, isn't that enough? Why torture us out of school. My home is supposed to be a safe zone-homework equals danger zone. They do not mix well together.” she said spinning her phone in her middle and index finger on the table.

    I rolled my eyes and looked around everyone. There were couples everywhere doing homework, and mother’s with her child trying to convince them they didn’t need a slice of double chocolate german fudge cake.I glanced around and saw a male that had on a grey t-shirt and dark blue jeans with his back facing me along with two buddies sitting across from them. One of them made eye contact with me.  I quickly glanced away embarrassed that I got caught staring. I looked back again and so did the boy.

    “Oh my god,” I said trying to move my hand to the side of my face as sly as possible, “this boy is staring at me.” I said. 

    Sadie looked over shoulder and made dead eye contact at the male. 

    “Well make it obvious why don’t you!” I said covering my eyes while my cheeks turned red. I glanced around the room being sure to avoid eye contact with the boy and then made eye contact with the waiter who was holding a tray with our drinks on it. 

    “Alright, I have a chai latte,” he said holding it while glancing at Sadie, then I, “That’s me,” Sadie raised her hand and then grabbed the cup from him. 

    “Then you must be the pumpkin spice cappuccino?” He said placing it at my place before I could even respond.  I smiled and handed him both Sadie’s and I’s numbers and then picked up my cappuccino and took a sip. 

    “Holy cheese and rice that stuff is hot!” I placed my cup down quickly while spilling some down the sides. I grabbed a napkin and started cleaning up my mess.

    “Hey Emma,” I heard a male voice say.

    I turned around and saw Jackson standing there. He was wearing a grey t-shirt and dark jeans.  I put two and two together realizing that he was who I saw sitting at the table. Next to him was a male with a hat on and another one who was texting.

    “Hey Jackson, what are you doing here?” I said quivering my voice. I glanced over at Sadie who was checking out the boy in the hat. 

    “Just came to get a drink with the guys.” He pointed towards them. 

    “This is Rider,” he pointed to the guy in the hat, “And this is Dallas,” he pointed to the guy who was texting. He finally looked up from his phone and looked up. It was the same guy who I was making eye contact with before. 

    “Hey, nice to me you Rider and…Dallas.” I swallowed the nervous spit wad in my mouth. 

    “Hey man, I’m gonna go to the bathroom, be back.” Dallas said then walked off. 

    “Okay, here’s whats up.” Jackson said putting on hand on the back of my chair and the other on the table while leaning in indicating he was going to tell us something private. 

    “Dallas saw you over here and thought you were hot Emma,” he said looking at me. His eyes were so close to mine, I could see the specks of gold in the green. Before I could get lost in them, I replayed what he just said to me. 

    “Dallas does?” I responded. 

    “Yeah, so if he asks for your number give it to him.” he said demanding it in a low almost mean voice. 

    “And what makes you so sure that I am going to do that. You are not the boss of me Reeder.” I turned back around and crossed my arms.

    “Yeah Jackson, hop a chilaxitive and leave Emma alone. You don’t control her, so you might as well unhook the leash now my fellow peer, because Emma can be rabid.” she said taking another sip of her chai latte. 

    “Do you jus blurt out every offensive thing you think?” Jackson said standing back up.

     “No actually, it’s carefully curated.” she gave a smart ass smile towards him. 

    “So are you in or not? Because I’ll tell him to not waste his time if you aren’t into him. You aren’t into him are you? Or are you? What is it?” He pushed the 1000 questions on me. 

    “Uh, I don’t know, I havent even said more then four words to him. I mean, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to give him my number? Or would it? What do you think I should do?” I looked at Jackson.  How did I go from being scared to even look at him to having a causal conversation about the male species all over a quick two weeks?

    “You don’t care what I think. So I’ll just give him your number. Look here he comes now,” he pointed to the bathroom. I hid my face shyly. 

    “Okay, well it was nice meeting you two, but we better get going. Maybe we’ll see you guys later?” Rider asked looking at Sadie. 

    “Yeah, sure.” she said twirling her while giving a flirty smile back. 

    Dallas looked at me, then smiled. He opened his mouth like he was going to say something but then shut it. We started at each other a little while longer before we got interrupted. 

    “For christs sake!” Jackson shouted then took Dallas’s phone out of his pocket. He punched the keyboard hard then handed it back to him.

    “I put her number in there, ok? Now you don’t have to grow a pair of balls to ask her. Are we ready or not?” He said in a pissed off voice then looked at them. 

    They looked at each other confused and shocked then shrugged their shoulders. 

    “Then let’s go!” he walked off.

    “I’ll text you later. It was nice meeting you, sorry about him. I don’t know what his deal is.” Dallas smiled at me then strolled off. Rider followed.

    “And then there were two.” Sadie said taking another sip of her chai.

    “What the hell just happened?” I asked.

    “Jackson got a piece of that double chocolate german fudge cake stuck up his ass, became really cranky and gave your number to some random hot dude….OH MY GOD EMMA! JACKSON GAVE YOUR NUMBER AWAY…WHICH MEANS….HE KNOWS IT…AS IT MEMORIZED IT…HOLY….SHIT…!” she said screaming.

    I stared straight again contemplation the thought. 

    “How could he know my number? It’s not posted anywhere and I never gave it to him.  This is too weird for me to think about..I need caffeine.” i picked up my mug and chugged my drink. 

    Emma started at me with bug eyes, “What?” I shrugged. 

    I put my mug down then look in it to see the last bit I always missed, but saw something else. It said ‘go.’ I showed Sadie.

    “I don’t know what to think anymore, after Jackson’s whole Toddler’s in Tiara’s hissy fit, and now this.  I need a Xanax.” she said closing her eyes and rubbing her temples. 

    All I needed a clue as ago what the hell was happening to me.  I felt like I was in some weird tim warp where I exchanged bodies with someone else. I put the mug down and walked off to Sadie’s car hoping she would get the hint.  She caught on and unlocked the door with her button, I got it, slammed the door and buckled up all before she even opened her car door.  I thought about something that kept confusing me….how did that scratch get in the flag of my mailbox?

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