Over and Out

Emma Hamilton is dealing with being a senior while having a crush on Jackson Reeder who she can't seem to shake. With her two best friends as side kicks at her side, can she take the heat or will she melt under school and the pressure of the guy?


18. Double-Teamed

"Seriously, where are we going?" I asked crossing my arms.

"I hate surprises," I groaned.

"Really? I love surprises," he smiled and put on his blinker to notion to the car behind him that he was a taking a left. 

"Figures. You're a guy," I rolled my eyes.

"Wait, wait, wait, isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Girls are the ones who go crazy for surprises. You all always tweet about how you would "love a guy forever" if they surprised you." he made air quotes around "love a guy forever."

"Both hands on the wheel Reeder, and I just don't like surprises. I don't, maybe something is wrong with me," I shrugged my shoulders.

He laughed and raised his shoulders up too, "Maybe, you're probably right."

I looked over at him and lightly slapped his arm,

"Hey" I frowned.

He looked over at me and gave a cute squinted face smiled.

He took another left and I knew where we were going,

"Wait, Jackson....this is the way to your house.." I pointed at the road to my thumb to my left.

"I know," he smiled, "You said you wanted a grilled cheese and I think we both know I make the best ones in town,"

I rolled my eyes,

"Do you always have to roll your eyes?"

I turned to him and rolled my eyes again.


"You're right, that was good," I rubbed my hands together over my plate to get the extra crumbs off.

"I'm sorry, could you say that again?" he finished is last bite of his own grilled cheese.

"Say what?" I looked at him across the kitchen island.

"That I'm right." he smiled and grabbed my plate that was sitting cross from him.

"What? You think that I never say that to people?" I started twisting my chair to the left and to the right.

He turned around from the kitchen sink where he was washing and looked at me with a condescending look.

"Ugh, fine. You were right." 

"Oh yeah!" he held his hands up and turned back to the sink.

I looked to my right out of his patio doors and then back in the kitchen.

"Its 2 o'clock. What do ya wanna do?" he asked and leaned against the sink counter.

"I don't know....what do you wanna do?" I twisted my chair more to the right. 

"Follow me," he smiled at me and started walking towards his patio doors.

"Didn't you hear? I hate surprises!" I yelled back at him and threw my hands up. 

When I got no responses I put them up and quickly tried to catch up to him.

"Jackson? Where are you?" I crossed my hands under my arms.

"Its freezing!" I yelled.


I turned around and screamed so loud I think Germany could hear me.

I slapped his arm hard this time,

"Did you have to scare me like that?" I shoved my hands under my arms again.

He was laughing so hard he couldn't even respond.

"Okay, for real, follow me" he put a hand on my arm and led me to his drive way.

"This is your driveway....if you're planning to play ghost in the graveyard, I think it's a little early for that.." I turned to him and laughed.

He walked past me and into his garage. He disappeared somewhere and then came back with something in his hand.

"Really?" I raised my eyebrow.

"Scared you might get your butt kicked?" he walked to me.

"The last time you told me you played was middle school" 

"Come one, it's just a little game of basketball," he put the ball on his pointer finger and spun it around, bounced it on the ground and then dribbled it between his legs.

"Seriously! This is an unfair game!" I protested.

"You could always, ya know, forfeit" he smiled at me.

"And then have to hear about it for the rest of the year? I think not." I said in a flat tone.

He bounced the ball some more and eyed me down,

"Alright then, game on." he threw the ball to me hard.

I caught it in my hands and started dribbling. He came up to me and stuck his hands out to guard me so I couldn't make it to his hoop. I bounced the ball a few more times and then turned my back to him. As I was dribbling I faked to my right and then to my left and caught him off guard. I turned my to right again and went in for a lay up.

"I believe they call that a swish" I grabbed the ball at the bottom of the hoop and went back up to the spot I started at.

"Lucky shot" he made a fake smile at me.

"Oh yeah?" I bounced the ball a few more times and shot it again.

"And I believe they call that a three pointer." I smiled

He jogged to the hoop and grabbed the ball. He bounced it back to me,

"You know we don't have to play this anymore. I think I have monopoly inside," he pointed back to his house.

"Aw, scared you might get beat by a girl?" I laughed.

"You know what, I was gonna go easy on you but I just changed my mind." 

I dribbled the ball and he got up close to me and started swatting at my hands to get it away from me. I bounced the ball behind my back and then in-between my legs. I stuck my elbow out and hit in in the stomach lightly and then went to the hoop for another basket. 

"Foul! You hit me!" he touched his stomach.

"Please, I barely touched you! But, I mean if its hurts so bad, you could always....forfeit." I spun the ball on my finger and grinned at him.

"Just start playing again Hamilton," he pointed to the starting spot.

"Whatever you say Reeder."


The game went on for an hour and a half.

Jackson was breathing hard and sweating.

"Who won? Oh wait, I believe I did." I pointed myself and smiled big.

"Beginners luck," he waved me off.

"Or maybe, six years of experience, state championship luck. But ya know, who really knows?" I grinned mischeviously.

"Wait, that's unfair! I never knew you had that kind of experience!" he had his hands on his knees and was breathing rapidly.

"Well, you were gonna play me even though you had experience so I thought it was fair game." I bounced the ball back to him.

He caught it slowly and held it in is hands just above his waistline. 

"You're tricky Emma Hamilton," he surveyed me up and down.

"And you're sweaty and gross Jackson Reeder." I made a face.

"Oh what? Does this smell bother you?" he threw the ball on the grass and opened up his arms.

"Please put those things down. You're gonna kill any bird that flies through here" I plugged my nose.

He started walking closer to me,

"Jackson, stay away. I am serious." I held up my hand and backed away.

"Oh come one Emma, you beat me at basketball but you can't take a little man stink." he said getting closer.

"First of all, you are not even close to being a man. Second of all, that is not man stink that is the smell of a dying walruses asshole." I made a face.

He picked up his speed a little bit and then ran towards me

"I hate you Reeder!" I turned around and started running down his driveway.

I looked back and saw that he was getting closer.

"Stop moving, you're just spreading it around!" I laughed.

"You may beat me at basketball, but you can't outrun me." he yelled behind me.

I looked over my shoulder and saw him gaining speed. I ran and kept looking back until I saw that he was arms length away from me.

"Gotchya!" he touched my back. 

I smiled at him but screamed when I heard a huge,

"HOOOOOONKKKKKK!" I heard a car slam on its breaks. 

I averted my eyes forward and saw a man and a women sitting in a car two feet away from me with their headlights on in front of Jacksons driveway. Their eyes were just as big as mine and their jaws were just as dropped as mine too.

I was breathing heavily and so was Jackson.

"Well are you gonna get out of the way son?"the man yelled out the window at Jackson.

​"You might wanna get your  girlfriend out of the way too" his mom yelled and smiled and winked at me.

"Son?" I swallowed the lob of spit in my mouth.

Jackson pulled me backwards and the car pulled into the driveway.

"Are those y-"

"My parents? Yeah.." he said.

"And I almost made them run over me.." I looked straight ahead still in shock.

I heard the car turn off and two car doors slam.

I looked to my right and saw the man and women walking towards us,

"Hi. I'm Elizabeth and this is my husband Jonathan," she stuck out her hand to me. 

I shook it and nervously smiled.

"Please, call me John," Jonathan smiled and stuck his own hand to me too.

I shook it,

"Hi. I'm Emma," I smiled at the both of them.

"It's so nice to finally meet you. Jackson always talks about you when Jon and I are around," Elizabeth smiled at me.

I nervously laughed and looked up at Jackson.

"You didn't tell me she was that pretty," his mom looked at him and Jackson's face started getting red. 

I lightly laughed and stuck my hands in my back pockets.

"I'm so glad Jackson finally got a girlfriend. He's always home alone and some of his friends seem like, well, trouble" she looked at me and gave me a "mom" look.

"Oh, Jackson and I, no see, we're not" I pointed my finger back and forth between us,

"I told you we're just friends mom," Jackson smiled through his teeth and gave his mom bug eyes.

"Oh, I see, well I guess I was just confused bec-"

"Okay! Lets go inside," Jackson clapped his hands together, turned his parents around and lightly shoved them forward a little bit.

They started walking inside and Jackson and I stayed behind walking a little slower.

"Sorry about my mom. She can come on a little strong sometime." he looked at me and gave me a sympathetic grin.

"It's okay," I smiled lightly, "She's really sweet. You're lucky you have parents who are around so much." 

"Yeah, they definitely are the "cool" parents. Or so I'm always told."

"Jackson sweetie, you better shower before dinner or that girl will never want to date you," Elizabeth said before she walked into the door in the garage.

I laughed to myself.

"Did I mention she can also be really embarrassing?"


While Jackson was showering I was in the kitchen sitting at the Island again talking to his mom. Fifteen minutes had passed and we were talking about gardening. Trying to change the subject I said, 

"Jackson has been really sweet lately taking me to and from school," I said nervously. 

"He's always been a little sweet heart," her voice had the tiniest bit of a southern accent, "I'm so glad you two are friends," she smiled at me.

"Me too. Although, I did happen to beat him at basketball earlier and he didn't take it lightly," I smiled and joked.

"Don't believe her mom," Jackson was leaning against the archway with his arms crossed. He was smiling and had wet hair. 

My heart started beating and I sure as heck hoped he or his mom couldn't tell I was shaking.

"Whatever you say honey," she looked at Jackson and then turned around and gave a smiling wink to me, "but if she did beat you then I would say right on Emma," 

"Oh, mom really? No one says right on anymore" Jackson rolled his eyes.

"All I'm saying is that if she beat you then I think that's good. You always were really competitive in basketball. Having a girl beat you might knock a little sense into you. Men could always have a little of that, right Emma?" she looked at me and smiled, 

I smiled back and laughed a little, "Right on."

Jackson looked at his mom and then me, 

"Great, I'm double teamed by two girls."

Elizabeth rolled her eyes at him and then gave him a side hug, 

"Don't worry honey, I still love you," she gave him a kiss on the cheek and he wiped it off.

"Even if you did get beat by a girl," she laughed.

"What do your parents do honey?" she turned and asked me.

Jackson came and sat down next to me and put his arms up on the table. Our elbows were almost touching,

"They run a company together. My dad builds the houses and my mom decorates them. Cheesy, I know," I laughed.

"I think it's sweet that they run a company together. It proves that they can handle anything," she smiled at me and then at Jackson.

"Yeah, even though they work together and drive each other insane sometimes, every time when they come home I never not hear them say that they love each other." I looked at the island counter and smiled to myself.

"Okay, enough of this lovey dovie crap." Jackson butt in.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes at him and smirked,

"Emma, are you staying for dinner?" she looked at me.

"Oh, that's okay really. I should probably head home anyways. There's school tomorrow, and-"

"You should stay," Jackson looked at me.

"Oh, really, I'm fine." I shook my hand. 

"Emma, you're staying." 

"Okay," I faintly grinned.

"Would you set eight place settings please Jackson," his mom said turning around opening the fridge.

"Why eight?" he asked.

"Because its four for your father, me, you and Emma, and then your grandma's coming." 

"Grandmas coming? Come on mom," Jackson groaned.

"So are your aunt and uncle, along with their son." 

"Mom!" Jackson protested,

 I leaned over and whispered to Jackson, 

"When you said you had family dinners every week I didn't know you meant your whole family,"

"Trust me, I didn't know either," he leaned over and whispered back.

"Mom, you totally just cornered Emma into a family reunion." he raised his hands off the table.

"I'm sure she'll still want to stick around. Is that okay Emma?" she asked.

She was looking at me with that mom smile where I knew she wanted me to say yes even though all I wanted to do was duck out and leave. I looked over at Jackson who was looking at me with a blank expression and then back at Elizabeth and then back at Jackson,


I started breathing faster.

"Umm, I guess..I..sure, I can stay Ms. Reeder." I smiled and tried to slow down my breathing.

"See Jackson?" she stuck out her tongue like a teenager would do,

"And please, call me Elizabeth sweetie,"

"You're a brave soul Hamilton," Jackson looked at me and shook his head back and forth. 

He went to the cupboard and grabbed some plates. 

"Here, let me help you," I got up and opened up the cupboard door right next to his and grabbed eight glasses and set them on the counter. I picked up two and followed him to the dining room.

"I'm really sorry about my moms ambush back there," he said putting the plates on the place mats.

I was standing next to him and placed the two glasses down on the table in behind two plates,

"It's okay, really. She looked kind of excited, I didn't want to disappoint her,"

I left the dining room and went back to the kitchen. I grabbed four more glasses and placed them in-between my fingers. I quickly walked to the dining room and set them down on the table. As I was distributing them behind plates Jackson cleared his throat,

"I'm just gonna warn you now though, my cousin is a little insane. He's a huge basketball lover and has no filter."

I held up my finger, 

"Hold that thought. I need to get the last to glasses,"

I quickly got the glasses and sped walked back to Jackson,

"Are you sure your not just over reacting? Your mom and dad are the nicest people I've ever met, I think your other family is going to be the exact same way." I smiled.

He was standing across the table from me and placed his two hans on the tops of separate chairs,

"Oh yeah? The last time my nephew was here he gave me a black eye and bloody nose,"

"Oh, I....well," I swallowed.

"Yeah," he walked over to me and patted my shoulder, "We're charmers, us Reeder's."





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