Over and Out

Emma Hamilton is dealing with being a senior while having a crush on Jackson Reeder who she can't seem to shake. With her two best friends as side kicks at her side, can she take the heat or will she melt under school and the pressure of the guy?


15. Cheers

I woke up, sat up and almost threw up the next morning. I rubbed my groggy eyes and touched my head.

"Ow." I said feeling the back of my head. 

All at once the previous night flooded my head. Having my first beer, and then second, third and fourth. Drinking other peoples drinks, talking to Dallas, playing beer pong, winning beer pong, going home, telling Jackson he had pretty eyes. Shit. I hope he didn't remember that last part. I looked around my room and reached for my phone which was on my nightstand. It was 8:47 which means I only got six hours of sleep. Man was I going to hurt today. I saw the bottle of asprin and practically pounced on it. I opened the bottle and shook out two pills. As I stood up to get some water from my bathroom I almost fell over. My head was killing me, and my mouth was so dry. I slowly trudged to my bathroom and grabbed the glass that was by my sink. Keeping the lights off so I didn't hurt my head more, I filled it up and swallowed the two pills and then chugged the rest of the water. Why was my mouth so dry? I heard my phone ring so I put the glass down on the counter and walked to over to my phone. Jackson was calling me,

"Oh good, you're alive." I heard him chuckle on the other end.

"Ha funny" I moaned into the phone. My voice sounded scratchy and I felt bad for Jackson who had to listen to it.

"Did you take any aspirin?" he said. I heard some shuffling in the background.

"Yeah, just did. The back of my head is killing me though" I rubbed the sore spot.

"That's because yesterday you banged it on my truck." 

"Huh, do not remember that." I sat back on my bed.

"Yeah. I warned you about hurtin' the next morning." he said as I heard a door slam over the phone, or at least that's what it sounded like.

"Shut up. It's too early for your sarcasm and I'm too nauseous" I mumbled into the phone.

"And why is my mouth so dry?" I made a face and touched my tongue.

"I believe they call it cotton mouth. Just drink a lot of water. It'll go away, trust me" 

"No problem on that one" I got up and started walking to my bathroom.

"Aside from feeling like death this morning, did you have fun?" 

"Yeah, I really did. Thanks for taking me Jackson. Also, I'm sorry that I started drinking. You probably wanted to drink but I guess I just jumped the gun," I drank the rest of the water in the glass and then refilled it.

"No problem and it's all cool. I'm just glad you had some fun. Speaking of which... I saw you talking to Dallas..." he said. It was silent for a little because I thought he was going to say something but he never did.

"Um, yeah. I guess we did talk a little" I took another drink of water.

It was silent for a little while longer,

"Ah, cool."




"So I take it you're too sick to go do something today?" 

Wait, did Jackson just ask me to hang out. I looked at myself in my mirror for the first time this morning and stepped back in horror. I looked like a raccoon that slept in a trash can.

"Um, what did you have in mind?" I asked leaving my bathroom. I looked like a train wreck and I was already nauseous. Looking at myself just made that worse. 

"Car shopping" he said. I could've sworn I heard his car start but it might have just been my headache playing tricks on me.

"Oh" I said. Car shopping didn't sound appealing to me today.

"And then afterwards I know a huge party that's happening we could go to."

I stayed dead silent and then cracked a smile when I heard him laugh.

"That was a joke Emma.." he said. Even though I couldn't see his face I knew he was smiling.

"Good. I am never drinking again" I laid on my back on my bed and started playing with a loose thread on my sweater that I was still wearing from the night before.

"Yeah. Everyone says that after their first hangover."

"No. I'm serious. I feel like complete death," I reached over and grabbed the asprin bottle and looked to see how long the medicine would last and how many I was able to take at once because the two I just took were not helping at all. 

"So, do you wanna go look at cars?"

I dropped the asprin bottle on myself startled. He was serious about that part.

"Um, I..I'd love to but I really feel like the grim reaper every time I stand up" I shut my eyes as a felt a pain in my heart. I could've hung out with Jackson on a Saturday for the first time in a long time but instead I was home feeling nauseous and like Buddy the Elf who ate cotton balls at the doctor's office.

"Yeah, thats cool. Tomorrow maybe. I should let you go so you can sleep some more." he said. 

"Yeah, that's probably a good idea.." I turned to my side and pulled the covers up to my nose.

"Alright, talk to you later."

"Yeah, talk to you later." I held the phone up to my ear and waited for him to hang up, but he didn't,

"Oh, and Emma?"

My heart started racing.


"How pretty are my eyes exactly?" he laughed.

I sat straight up.

"See ya later" he laughed on the other end and hung up.

My phone didn't leave my ear because I was too embarrassed and frozen to move. He rememberd that from last night. If that isn't a sign of, "Hey I like you!" than I don't what is. 

"You're in an idiot Emma Hamilton," I flopped back down on my back.

I threw my phone by my feet and grabbed a throw pillow that was on my bed and buried my face in it. Next, I screamed. 

"I am never drinking again!" I screamed and then screamed some more.


I woke up with drool coming out of my mouth and my sheets completely wrapped around me like a cocoon. I turned around and wiped the drool off my chin and looked at my alarm clock. It was 4:24. I groaned and pushed the sheets off myself and sat up. I took two more headache pills and then walked to my bathroom to take a shower hoping that would help my sore muscles. I swear, it felt like I lifted a hundred pounds even though all I did was drink. As I was sitting in the shower, I felt instant relief. The nassau had gone away, thank goodness but as I was shampooing my hair I felt a lump on the back of my head. I laughed a little remembering that I actually did hit the back of my head on Jacksons truck. I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair and reached for the conditioner. I quickly finished up because the hot water was bringing my stomach ache back and I did not want that again. I reached for my towels and robe and stepped out of the shower. I walked over to my sink and reached for my tooth brush. My mouth had a nasty taste of tar and oddly enough, fruity pebbles in it and I was not digging it. I brushed my teeth and started thinking about Jackson. What was he doing since I didn't go car shopping? He was probably hanging out with his friends. This was an odd feeling. I had seen Jackson every day since my car died and this was the first day I wasn't going to see him. And I hated to admit it but I missed his company. Not because I liked him, but because I felt like we were finally getting our friendship back. When my phone started dinging I spit out the toothpaste and ran over to my bed. I reached for my phone and saw that it was just Sadie calling,

"Hey," I let out a sigh.

"Wow, don't sound so happy to talk to me Em," she said in a snarly tone.

"Sorry. Long night, what's up?" I rubbed the top of my head and then put her on speaker so I could make my bed.

"Gee, I don't know. You tell me, did you by chance, oh I don't know, go to a party last night and get totally wasted?!" she kind of screamed through the phone. 

I froze and looked at my phone in terror.

"Uh, how did you hear about that?" I asked.

"Rider is friends with Mitchell who said that he saw you there and you won beer pong. Emma, what the hell? You went to your first party and you didn't even tell me? Or invite me?" she sounded hurt and mad.

"Sadie, I'm sorry. I didn't see you all day and it was a last minute thing. Jacks-"

"Wait, Jackson took you?" she gasped.

"Yeahhh.....why?" I said walking over to my other side of the bed and grabbed the sheets and pulled them up to my head board. 

"So, it was like a date?" she asked with a hanging question mark at the end.

"More like I don't think he wanted me to tag along, but I did and got drunk to prove a point and ended up telling him I thought he has pretty eyes kinda thing." I grabbed my pillow off the floor and laid it on top of the made bed.

"You told him you though he has pretty eyes?" she said and then busted out laughing so hard she started snorting.

"Yeah, ha ha very funny. I'm humiliated enough as it is." I said walking over to my closet to grab some clothes. 

As I stood contemplating on what I should wear Sadie finally got her laughter under control, 

"I'm sorry. That's just too good. Well, I hope you had fun at your first party. Next time, please invite me and how would you like an update on my date with Rider.."

"Um, I would LOVE one!" I reached for a pair of leggings in a bin on my shelf.

"It was absolutely horrible."

"I'm sorry Sade's, I know you really like him." I said pressing the phone in-between my shoulder and ear while I stood on my tip-toes so I could reach the leggings. As I grabbed them I let out a sigh of relief and threw them on my bed.

"I know. Which is why I'm going out again with him tonight." she said in a giddy tone.

"Wait, I'm confused. You said the date was horrible.." I walked over to my sweatshirts that were hanging up, "Why are you going out with him again?"

"It was horrible because it was perfect." she said.

"Okay, are you on crack? Because you're making absolutely no sense." I grabbed my Carthage sweatshirt that I got on my visit over the summer and then reached for a pair of socks and my under garments that were on my shelf too.

"It's horrible because if the first date was perfect, then that means that the second date is going to be even better. And so is the date after that, and the date after that, and the date after that, and so on. Which means if I can barely breathe when I'm around him right now, what's going to happen when he kisses me? Or takes me out for food? I'm gonna be so nauseous I won't be able to eat." she said and I knew she was pacing back and forth.



"First, stop pacing. Second, I believe what you're referring to is a relationship. You'll be fine. I'm glad you found someone though, you deserve to be happy." I smiled and pulled my hair out my towel and threw it in my dirty laundry basket that was in my closet. 

"Thanks Em. I hope you and Jackson can work things out"

"You know I hate it when you call me Em, and as much as I want that to happen, I just don't think it's going to happen for us. I don't think he sees me that way." I brushed through my hair with my fingers.

"Always keep hope. Alright, I gotta go get ready. Talk to you later?"

"Sounds good. Have fun and remember to breathe." 

She laughed and hung up. I got dressed and went downstairs to get some dinner. I went to my fridge and saw that there was no food left, so I checked the freezer. There was a pizza that's due date said it went bad three months ago. 

"Thanks for getting groceries Mom and Dad..." I rolled my eyes and reached for my phone. 

I went to my recent calls and scrolled down two calls and pressed the name.

As it was ringing I walked to my living room and took a seat.

"Hey" I smiled.

"Hey, is everything okay?" they asked.

"Great. Do you by chance want to be the nicest person ever and bring me some dinner? My house is empty and I don't really feel like eating cereal for dinner for like the fourth night in a row..."

"Yeah, sure. I'll go get something and be over in a little bit." they said.

"Thank you" I smiled into the phone even though they couldn't see me and hung up. I put the phone next to me and closed my eyes trying to relax a little bit.


I woke up a ring at my door bell and stood up. 

I fixed my hair a little it and opened up the door.

"I brought food." they said holding up a brown paper bag smiling. 

I stepped out of the way so they could come in,

"Come on in" I fixed my sweater shirt as they stepped in through the front door. "I was starving and didn't know who else to call. Thanks for getting it." I smiled and shut the door behind them.

"Anytime. But I hope you like chicken dumpling soup because it's the only thing they and left at the Shack" they set the bag on the kitchen island and started taking out two containers of soup.

"It's my favorite" I smiled and walked behind the island and watched them take out the soup.

"What?" they smiled at me in a weird way.

"Nothing, it's just I'm surprised that you actually brought me food." my face turning red.

"Well Im glad I could help and I wasn't doing anything anyways. So, I figured that I could at least get out of the house and get Emma some food. Ya know, since I had nothing better to do I guess I could settle for hanging out with you" they rolled their eyes and looked at me.

"Hey" I dropped my jaw but smiled

"Kidding, kidding." they looked at me and gave a smile while they took off the lid to the cup of soup and grabbed the two spoons  out of the bag and stuck one of them in the cup and then slid it over to me. They did the same thing to their own cup and then held up their spoon in the air, 


I tapped their spoon with mine while rolling my eyes and then smiled,

"Cheer's Jackson"

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