Over and Out

Emma Hamilton is dealing with being a senior while having a crush on Jackson Reeder who she can't seem to shake. With her two best friends as side kicks at her side, can she take the heat or will she melt under school and the pressure of the guy?


8. Calm, Cool and So Not Collected

I woke up dripping sweat and confused. It's like when you take a nap, and wake up and you feel like you slept a whole week and feel delusional. I sat up slowly and looked around me. I was in Jacksons room. I smiled to myself and got out of his bed slowly. For some reason, I felt like he was in the room next to me and could hear me breathing. I looked at his alarm clock and saw that it was 6:00 on the dot. I was relieved that I didn't over sleep and still had time to shower.

I tip toed over to the bathroom and locked the door. I looked at myself and almost screamed in horror. I looked like a potato. My cheeks were flushed red from begin so hot, and my armpits had sweated through the shirt and had left stain marks.  

"God, I'm so hot" I whispered to myself and then chuckled. I took off the sweaty clothes and hopped into the shower. I turned it on and cold water hit my back immediately. I screamed and jumped to the side and hit the shower curtain. I put my hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming and then held my breath, waiting for Jackson, or his parents, (if they were home) to knock on the door and ask if everything was alright. Or who the random person in their shower was. I let out a breath when a minute passed and no one knocked on the door. I stuck my head under the water and was relieved to know that it was warmer. I let my hair soak for a minute or two and then looked at the shampoos that were hanging on the wall. There was two kind of shampoos, and one was definitely Jacksons. I grabbed the one in the purple and squirted out a bunch. As I was lathering it in my hair, I thought about what I could wear to school. I guess I would have to wear the same outfit twice. It was then that I realized that I didn't have any of my makeup with me either. Guess I was going 'naked' faced today. I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair and grabbed the only conditioner that was on the shelf. As I let the conditioner sink in my hair, I grabbed Jacksons shampoo bottle, opened it up, and smelt it. Holy hell it smelt so good. Now I know what Jackson smells like. 


I quickly shut the cap and put it back. That was creepy, way to creepy. I rinsed out the conditioner and shut the shower off. I pulled back the curtain and stepped out on the rug that was right outside the shower. I grabbed one towel and threw my hair up in it and then wrapped the other one around my body. I grabbed the tooth brush, and scrubbed my teeth until I heard them sqeek. I looked around for a pair of clothes to change into, and then it hit me. I didn't bring any in with me. All I had were the dirty, sweaty pajamas that I wore the night before. I was going to have to walk across Jacksons hall with just a towel on. No scratch that, I was going to have to sprint so he wouldn't see me. I took a huge deep breath in and held it. I creaked open the door a little bit to make sure the coat was clear, and then bolted. I slammed his bedroom door behind me and locked it. I let my breath go as well as my heart beat that was beating a million seconds per minute. I turned around and saw my pair of jeans folded neatly on his made bed, as well as a large t-shirt. 

I walked over and lifted up the t-shirt and found a scarf that was actually cute. Was it Jacksons? I hope not. I dropped my towel and then realized again that my underwear were in the bathroom. With the dirty pajamas. 

"Shit!" I said way to loudly. I wrapped the towel around me again and creaked open his bedroom door this time and did the same drill as before. When I saw, and hoped that he was still sleeping, I sprinted to the bathroom, scavenged up everything and bolted back. I ran in the door and saw Jackson with his back to me, looking his his dresser door.

"Shit." I said and ran outside his door and leaned up against the wall, gripping the clothes and my towel.

"Emma?" I heard his voice get closer.

"Don't come out here! I'm not, I'm n-not decent" I said but it sounded more like a question.

"Oh, shit sorry! I thought you went back to the bathroom. I just was grabbing some clean clothes."

I swallowed the vomit that was in my throat. 

"What should I do?" he asked. 

I couldn't breathe.

"Um, h-how about, you close your eyes and walk out. And then I'll sprint in there?" the last thing I wanted was for Jackson to see me in my towel.

"Okay." he said. "Eyes closed. And Im walking, walking. OW! THATS MY DESK", i heard him yell after I heard a thud.

"Are you okay?" I chuckled. I can't believe I was laughing, in my towel, outside of Jacksons bedroom

"Yeah, Im good. I just hope chicks dig men with only nine toes because I'm pretty sure my pinky toe is stuck to the bottom of my desk right now."

I laughed so hard I snorted, and then Jackson laughed too.

"Okay, I think this is my door frame. Yes, yes it is. Okay. and Im out"

He said the same time I saw his back. I quickly ran inside and shut the door.

"All good?" I heard him yell on the other side.

"Yes, your free to have your vision back!" I yelled as I walked over to his bed that had the clothes still neatly sitting there. 

"Oh thank god, I don't think I could be blind and only have nine toes for the rest of my life."

I laughed to myself and then waited for him to say something else. When it was quiet for about two minutes, I decided that it was safe to get dressed. I dropped the towel for the second time and grabbed my underwear. They were dirty, but it was better than going commando. I grabbed my pants from the day before and through them on. They smelt like laundry detergent. Did Jackson wash my clothes? I then put on my bra and cami, and then the large t-shirt that still had crease marks in it from being folded when I put on. It was large, but I could deal with it. I rolled up the sleeves twice so they weren't almost touching my elbow and tucked it in my jeans and then pulled it out a little bit. There, I didn't look like Steve Ercale or Danny from grease. I put the scarf on and looked at myself in his mirror that was hanging on the back of his door. 

"It'll have to do" I said and sighed. I took my hair out of it's towel and again came to the realization that I didn't have a brush. I looked around his room and saw a come sitting on his dresser. I walked over there and picked it and looked at the door. Suddenly, it was like I was scare he was going to burst through the locked door and yelled at me for using his brush and kick me out. Knowing that probably wasn't going to happen, I walked back to his mirror and started combining my hair.

When it was all combed, I took out the bobby pin that I stuck in my pants from the day before and pinning the left side of my hair back. I walked up closer to the mirror and stared at my face. 

"You are so bland Emma Hamilton. Bland and stale, like the bran flakes your dad eats for breakfast." I whispered to myself. I let out a sigh, unlocked the door and stepped out. The same time I opened up his door, Jackson opened up the bathroom door and walked out. He was drying his hair with a towel, so I could't see his face but I could see his outfit and cheese and rice did he look cute. He was wearing a darker grey t-shirt, that kind of resembled mine and light blue jeans that made him look like he had a never ending torso. His socks didn't match, but that only made him cuter. When he stopped rubbing the towel away from his hair, I thought I was going to shit my pants. His hair was messy, but so cute I wanted to run my fingers through it. He smiled at me 

"That shirt looks nice on you. It's from eighth grade. It was my favorite shirt, I never could get myself to get rid of it." He walked past me, gestured for me to follow his lead. As we walked down stairs, Jackson through his towel in a laundry basket that was peeking outside of a door in a dark room. He walked down stairs and so did I. As we went downstairs I saw my flannel and sweater and socks sitting on his arm of his couch. 

"I washed those last night while you were sleeping, your pants too. Sorry, I grabbed them in my room while you were sleeping. I just thought you'd like clean pants to wear to school" he gave me a look like I was appealed he did that and was going to slap him into next week. 

"Thank you" I smiled at him. 

"You didn't have to do that" I smiled again. God was I a noob.

"I hope that scarf is okay too. It's my moms. She never wears it, so I though that maybe you'd like it? No, of course if she didn't wear it then you probably wouldn't like it either. Im sorry, I can go grab you another one" he turned around and started walking back towards the stairs.

"Jackson, its alright. I actually really like it. I promise I'll give it back to you tomorrow."

"Nah, keep it. My mom has like hundreds. She's obsessed with them" he rolled his eyes

I smiled to myself and thought, 'I am too' but didn't say anything because I was too taken back of how cute he was when he rolled those gorgeous green eyes of his. 

"Hungry? I can make cereal, cereal and oh yeah, cereal. Pick your poison." He winked at me. When he winked at me, my legs turned to Jello.

"Cereal sounds great. What do ya got?" We walked into the kitchen, and I took a seat at his breakfast bar. He walked over to his cabinet and grabbed two bowls and then pulled out three cereal boxes.

"Looks like you have a choice of lucky charms, cheerios or apple jacks"

"Apple Jacks, they're my favorite" I said smiling at him, suddenly starving.

"Mine too" he smiled at me and then opened up the box. He bored both bowls half way and then poured milk into both. He opened up the drawer that was right in front of him and pulled out two spoons and stuck then in the center of each bowl.

"Gourmet breakfast at your service madam" he said in fake british accent.

"That horrible accent makes me so nauseous, I don't think I would be able to get these down." I looked up at him from my bowl, and laughed.

"You don't think I'm funny?" he asked. 

"Oh, you hilarious." I smile and nodded, but made sure I sounded sarcastic. 

He looked at me and took a bite of his cereal. We ate the rest of our gourmet breakfasts in silence while sneaking looks at each other. 


We pulled into the school parking lot and Jackson opened up my door for me again. 

"Such a gentlemen" I said as I got out and he shut the door.

"Only for you Hamilton" he smiled at me. 

We started walking towards the side entrance doors together and I caught people looking at us. I wanted to scream in peoples faces,


but I didn't. I kept it casual and avoided all eye contact that was being thrown my way. He opened up both of the doors that let into school for me and then walked to my left down the hallway.  His locker was along the same wall and mine, so we walked together that whole way. When I reached my locker he walked behind me and leaned up a against his ride shoulder on the locker that was to my left. 

I took my backpack of my back and did my combo. I opened it up and took out the books that were in my backpack from the night before.

"Whoah, your locker is so....neat Hamilton." He said raising at eyebrow at me.

"Yeah, I know. I have an OCD problem." I said avoiding eye contact while shaking because I was so nervous. 

"Reeder!" I heard a voice yell down the hall.

I turned around and saw Mitchell, gavin and another younger freshmen walking our way.

"Whats up man?" Mitchell asked, "Emma," he smiled at me and gave me head nod.

"Hey Mitch" I said putting books into my backpack. 

I heard Jackson clear his throat and then say, "Whats up guys?" sounding kind of irritated.

"I got that new part for my truck. It's going to be so sick." Mitchell said. 

"Hey Emma, that shirt looks familiar. Where have I seen it before?"

I felt my face get hot and I was about to change the subject when Jackson said,

"It's mine. I wore it like everyday in eighth grade. I let Emma borrow it, she spent the night last night." he said really fast in a deeper voice than usual.

Well, there goes avoiding that. 

"Let's go guys. I need to get my books." Jackson said and stood up straight.

"See ya later Hamilton." he smiled at me, and I smiled back and waved. 
As they walked away I heard Mitchell go,

"You and Hamilton. What the hell dude?" I didn't know if i he was mad, or embarrassed for Jackson. 

I looked up at my locker and saw Sadie speed walking towards me with bug eyes.

"Did I just see Jackson at your locker?!" she asked like it was such a shock.

"Yes, you will not believe the night I had last night.....I spent the night at his house..." I said biting my lip waiting for her to scream. 

"Holy. Shit. You did NOT!" she slapped my arm. 

"Ow! and yes I did. Long story short, my car broke down, so he gave me a ride and then the roads got bad so I slept there." I looked at her, and a smile spread across my face.

"Did you two do the dirty?!" she lifted her eye brows up and down at me multiple times while practically screaming the question. 

I "sssh"ed her and looked behind her to see if Jackson heard her. He looked pretty into his conversation with his friends so I knew I was in the clear.

"Scream it why don't you? And no, we did not do the dirty. He was a complete gentlemen. But I did shower at his house and I felt really weird. I mean, I was naked in Jackson Reeder's house." I whispered the last part and looked around me to make sure no one heard me.

"Is that why you're wearing the same jeans as yesterday?" she asked looking at my jeans and gave me a look.

"Yes. Sorry I could't accommodate your sense of Style Sadie." I said, joking with her.

"Is that...IS THAT HIS SHIRT TOO?!" she whisper yelled at me. 

"Yes" I smelled so big I'm pretty sure my cheeks touched the inside of my locker.

"Oh my god. You got so lucky" she said. 

I smiled to myself knowing that I did get really lucky.

"I may have also gotten lucky too...." she looked at me

Struggling to shove my math book in my backpack, I gave up and shut my locker. I zipped up my backpack and put it on my shoulders. I looked up and asked Sadie and I held my math book to my chest,


"Rider texted me last night. Apparently he asked Jackson for my number because he thought I was cute" she said giggling like a little school girl.

"Wait, how did Jackson get your number?" I frowned at her as we made our way to our first period class. 

"I don't know. Let's focus on what really matters here. Me! If Rider and I work out then I may have a date to the homecoming dance. And if things really work out, then maybe a boyfriend too!" She hugged her own book closer to her chest and smiled in a day dreamy kind of smile which let me know that she was off in la la land. 

We walked into our first period class, Business Marketing, and took a seat at the table we shared in the back of the classroom.

"Looks like things might be looking up for us kid." She said as she smiled at me and set her book on the table.

"I'm not going to get my hopes up about anything yet. But I am really happy for you. Rider seems really sweet, and super cute. You two would be really cute together." I smiled at her and set my backpack on the ground and took a seat in my chair. 

"I guess we'll see. We have a date on Saturday." she said pulling out her notebook and a pencil.

"You two are already going on a date? You two just started talking last night!" i looked at her.

"Uh, earth to Emma. If I need a date to the dance like a.s.a.p. then I need that boy to take me out a.s.a.p. And besides, he asked me out right before we I fell asleep. I mean, I wasn't too happy it was via text but there was no other option. We're going bowling. Perfect time for me to wear my favorite jeans that make my butt look good. Right?" She looked at me while biting the end of her pencil. It was a habit she had ever since she was in elementary school.

"You are so boy crazy." I laughed at rolled my eyes at her.

"Okay, I didn’t know we were in the Army because Major Shenanigans just reported for duty. You're calling me boy crazy? Says the girl who has been pining over the same guy for over a year and won't grow a pair and tell him how she feels. Yeah, definitely calling shenanigans." she said looking at me kind of angry.

"Look, I'm sorry I didn't mean it in that way. I just don't want you do jump right into a relationship with Rider just so you have a homecoming date. That's all." I said holding up my hands defensively. 

"Oh my god. Do you hear that?!" she said looking around her

"No...hear what?" I looked around too.

"The sound of me not giving a flying fuck" she said. 

"Okay, okay I'm sorry. Maybe it was destiny that you and Rider met and that you chose him to be your date." I said trying to patch up the small yet short fight that just happened.

"If destiny was by choice I would have developed an ass instead of a mustache that I have to wax every two weeks." she said taking her finger and touching her upper lip.




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