Over and Out

Emma Hamilton is dealing with being a senior while having a crush on Jackson Reeder who she can't seem to shake. With her two best friends as side kicks at her side, can she take the heat or will she melt under school and the pressure of the guy?


7. Breaking the Rules

I woke up and looked around me. My book was still on my lap but I was curled up into a ball on the side of Jacksons couch...except, Jackson was missing. I sat up, looked around, but saw nothing. His book that I last saw him reading was on the coffee table in front of me along with his notebook that had notes it it. I stood up slowly and started walking quietly around the room. I saw a room across from the one I was in and decided to walk in there.  I walked in and saw Jackson standing looking in a stainless steal fridge. His back was to me, so he couldn't see me. I didn't know whether I should turn around and pretend to go back to sleep or walk up behind him, turn him around and start making out with him. The first choice, definitely the first choice. I slowly tried to turn around and tip toe back but I heard the fridge door close. 

"Hamilton" I heard Jacksons voice behind me.

I turned around on my heel and smiled at him while letting out the breath I was holding in. 

"Hey, sorry. I didn't mean to fall asleep back there" i pointed at the room behind me with my thumb.

"Nah, don't worry about it. You looked like you were pretty out of it, so I figured I'd just let you sleep. I'm starving'. I was going to make a grilled cheese. Do you want one? Unless you don't like them, you probably don't. What do you want?" Jackson started to mumble quickly. 

I laughed and shook my head, "Grilled cheese is my favorite. I'd love one...thanks" I smiled to him.  

I walked a little closer into the kitchen and read the clock that was above the oven.

"OH MY GOSH! ITS 7:30!"You could've woken me up and kicked me out! I am so sorry for wasting your night. I can just grab my things and then we can leave and you can take me home. I am so sorry, really!" I said frantically.

"Hamilton, its ok. Jeez, you really don't like it when people help you, do ya?" He winked at me and smirked.

"Really, I am sorry. How about you take me home after that grilled cheese. I am pretty hungry" I said trying to sound a little flirty. But it probably came out like I was a starving boar. 

"Anything you want" he said turning back around. He grabbed the bread on the counter and then walked back to the fridge and grabbed the butter. 

"Hey, can you grab a knife? It's the second drawer right behind you" he pointed to the drawer with the butter in his hand. 

I turned around and counted two drawers down, opened it and pulled out a knife. I waited for Jackson to put the other things down first so that way he would have a free hand to grab it. He turned back a round and grabbed it from my hand. When he grabbed it, his hand touched mine a little but and I swear it was like cherubs were kissing my hand. But I didn't tell him that. We both just smiled at each other and then he turned back around to grab a pan that was in the drawer next to the oven.

He put it on the largest burner and turned the heat up to medium. As we waited for the pan to heat up I stared around his kitchen. Jackson's house looked more of like winter log cabin than it did an everyday home. His mom and dad must still have been working because the house was as quiet as it was when we first got here. I still couldn't believe that I was in Jacksons house. This is too unreal. I reached in my back pocket to text Sadie to give her a quick low down of what was going on when I realized that I left my phone in my backpack in the other room. Oh well, Sadie can wait. I snapped out of my day dream when I heard a piece of bread sizzle on the pan. My stomach grew hungrier when I stared to think of that grilled cheese, then grew nauseous because I knew that Jackson was the one who was making it and I was already nervous being around him.

"So, have you talked to Dallas?" Jackson said with his back facing me, but he glanced over his shoulder and raised an eyebrow.

"Um, no. I turned my phone off and haven't looked at it yet. So if he did text me, I haven't read it yet." I said playing with a loose string that was on my sweater. 

Jackson turned around after I said no, and flipped the first grilled cheese so the other half could turn just as golden brown as the first half. 

"Are you into him?"

Was Jackson seriously asking me if I had a crush on one of his friends? How do I say "No, I don't because I really like you and want to mack your face off." in a non creepy way. I could't, I can't. So all i said was 

"I don't know"

I don't know. That was it?! I couldn't have said, "No, I like someone else." No, because I am me and me is nervous around Jackson. 

It was quiet until Jackson took off the first sandwich off the pan and then dropped a piece of bread to the last one on the pan. 

"Mitch talks about you quite a lot. All the time actually." He turned around and leaned against the counter that was right next to the oven folded his arms across his chest.

"Oh. He does? What does he say?" I swallowed a lump in my throat. This was weird. Talking to Jackson about guys. It was weird talking to Jackson in general.

"Just that he thinks you're 'so hot' and how he's always had a crush on you since middle school." He smirked at me.

"He says that?!" I said flabbergasted with my jaw wide open.

"Okay, he doesn't say that last part but I know he has had a crush on you for a while. He has talked about you ever since that time in study hall when you let him borrow a pencil." He turned back around.

Wow, I had forgotten about that. Middle school was such a blur to me because I spend most of my time doing homework and extra credit. 

"Oh, I had no idea. I honestly forgot about middle school..." I smiled and bit my lip a little bit to keep from laughing. The fact that Mitchell has a crush on me makes me laugh because we've always been such good friends.

"Does that mean you don't remember our old inside joke?!" He turned around from the oven and raised his eyebrows.

I crossed my arms and raised my shoulders up and scrunched my nose up,"We had an inside joke?" How did I not remember having an inside joke with the boy who I like in middle school!?

"Forest gump...remember? We sat in desks right next to each other and I would say "Forest Gump" in that old man hillbilly voice and you would laugh so hard you'd snort?" He started to chuckle.

A spark ignited my brain,"Oh my gosh! I do remember that! But I did NOT snort!" I emphasized the 'not.'

"Yes you did!" he pointed at me and laughed so hard I started laughing. He turned back around to flip my sandwich. I smiled to myself remembering that and silently telling myself to never forget that memory because it would be something I would cherish for a while, along with the memories that were being made in this kitchen right now. It was dead silent for a while and then I heard,

"Forest Gump" in the same voice Jackson used to do in Middle School and I burst out laughing....and then snorted.

He turned around and laughed at me. 

"See! I told you." He laughed some more.

"You're evil."  I smiled but lowered my eyes at him.

"I love that I can still make you laugh like that at that joke" he gave me the sweetest smile in the whole world. 

Jackson just said he loved that he could make me laugh. That has to mean something, right?

He handed me my plate that had my sandwich on it and I dove right in. We both finished our sandwiches in five bites and put our plates in the sinks. I checked the clock that read 8:02 and cleared my throat.

"I guess I better get my backpack so you can take me home" I started walking to the room behind me.

"Yeah, I'll uh, I guess I'll go start the car..."He trailed off and walked to the door that lead to his garage. 

It was if all of a sudden the mood had changed from happy to depressing. I didn't want to leave his house and this moment. Jackson and I were talking like how we used to last year when I was a junior. We were laughing and having a good time. As much as I hated to admit it, I knew that I was not over Jackson and that I would always have a little spot for him in my heart. I grabbed my backpack and through it on. I made my way to the mud room and started to put my boots on. Jackson walked in with a red nose and rosy red cheeks. God he was cute.

"Bad news..." he looked at me with his hands under his armpits trying to warm them up.

"Go walk outside and step on my driveway" he said stepping out of the way so he wasn't blocking the door.

I stepped out of the door and into the garage and made my way outside. It was freezing, and I was only wearing my sweater. I put my hands under my armpits as well and stepped outside in the dark September night. But right when I took my first step on his drive way I slipped and fell right on my ass. 

"Ow...." I said sitting on my butt embarrassed.

Jackson chuckled and then walked over and held out a hand to help me up.

"yeah, she's an ice rink. So are all the roads. It started to rain while you fell asleep and I guess it's so cold that the rain froze...I don't think I should drive you home...it would't be safe." he said as I grabbed his hand. His hand was warm and thawed my cold one out the minute I grabbed it. As I slowly stood back up Jackson grabbed the back of my hip and helped the rest of the way up so I wouldn't fall. Holy hell I couldn't breathe. He dropped his hand from my waste but didn't let go of my hand. I sure as hell wasn't gonna be the first one to let go either. 

"Yeah, I don't feel like doing donuts and having your truck be wrapped around a tree on the way back to my house..."  I trailed off. Jackson looked at me and smiled then looked at our hands and let go quickly. Well there goes that moment. 

"You can stay here tonight, and don't apologize and try to object. You are staying here and that is it." He walked back inside and I followed.

"Wow, you sure can be bossy" I joked and smiled even though he couldn't see me.

"How am I bossy?" he asked with a little sadness in his tone.

I was considering bringing up the coffee shop but I didn't feel like talking about Dallas again so I just decided to drop it.

"I'll go grab you some pajamas. Do you need anything? A blanket, toothbrush, a shower, food? Anything?" He asked in the friendliest tone I've ever heard him use to me.

"Umm..maybe a toothbrush? Please?" I asked. He nodded and went up stairs. I watched him run upstairs, and may have caught a quick glimpse of his butt, and then walked back to the den. I saw a few blankets so I grabbed those and cleared off the couch we were doing our homework on. I layed them down and then sat on the couch. I thought for a moment of where I was. 


I grabbed my phone and pulled up Sadies contact to text her and let her know that I was in heaven when Jackson said, 

"Emma?" I saw him peek his head into the room.

"What are you doing in here?" he looked confused.

"I grabbed some blankets. I hope thats okay..." i said suddenly regretting making myself at home.

"No I mean, what are you doing in here. You're going to sleep in my room..." he trailed off and pointed behind him which meant that he was point up stairs...where his room was....where his bed was...which was where he slept.

"Oh, I, I don't have to s-sleep in your room. Y-you can have it. I'm o-okay.r early." I said the words practically tumbling out of my mouth. 

"Emma. You're a guest. We don't have a guest bedroom, so you are going to take mine. I can just sleep in my parents room or on the couch. Seriously, take it." He said turning around indicating for me to follow. I followed him upstairs until he stopped right on the top of the stairs. 

"Here," he handed my a pair of pants and a shirt,"I would have given you a pair of my mom's clothes but she's a little, a lot bigger than you. I grabbed a pair of my pajama pants and one of my old t-shirts. Is that okay? Will you be comfortable enough?"


"Yeah, thanks. I really appreciate this." and smiled.

"Anything for you Emma. Alright, the bathroom is down the hall. There's a toothbrush for you and towels laid out for tomorrow morning if you want to shower. I can give you a ride to school. I usually leave around 7:15. Is that okay?"

I nodded 'yes' because I was still speechless.

"Cool. I'm going to change myself. Make yourself at home. Mi casa, es su casa" he smiled a cheesy smiled at me then turned around and walked into his bedroom. I started walking to the bathroom so I could change. 

I shut the bathroom door and took off my clothes and quickly put on Jacksons. The fact that I was naked in Jacksons house gave me the goosebumps especially since Jackson was right down the hall. I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was down, but all knotty so I threw it up in a bun. My mascara had transferred to my lower lash line little bit so I took some water and rubbed it off. I looked at myself again and then at the shirt. It said "UW Concordia" on it. Thats weird, I didn't even peg Jackson for a college guy. Maybe his mom or dad went to school here. I folded my clothes up and and walked out of the bathroom. Jacksons door was open so I walked slowly and knocked on the open door. He turned around and I almost threw up because of how cute he looked. He was wearing grey plaid pajama pants and a navy blue t-shirt that had pocket on the left side of his chest. 

"Those pant are a little big, but you look good." he smiled at me.

Yup. Just threw up in my mouth.

"Thanks" I set my clothes on his desk,"So did one of your parents go to Concordia?"

"No, actually I think I am going to go to school there after we graduate."

"Oh...wow." I said shocked,

A small smirk spread across his face and he lifted his eyebrow,"What? Didn't peg me for a college guy?" he crossed his arms across his chest,

"Well, don't take this the wrong way...but no. I mean, don't get me wrong, I think you'll really like college, but even if you were to go I wouldn't have thought you would have chosen Concordia. I mean they're so...proper and...well, very hard to get accepted into." I tried to smile as nicely as possible so he knew that I wasn't to tear him down.

​"Yeah. I have been wanting to go there since I was in middle school. I want to work in a law firm or in accounting. Boring, I know. I applied there and still haven't gotten a response. It's really early in the school year, so I'm not to worried. Don't tell any of my friends that I actually kind of have a brain though. They might not grasp the concept since they don't really have on themselves." he laughed. I laughed too.

"Your secret is safe with me. And I think its awesome you know what you wanna do. Especially since you chose such a great school like Concordia. I applied to Madison and Carthage. Carthage is my number one school. I've been dreaming of going there since I was in middle school. No acceptance letter yet though." I frowned.

"Carthage? Isn't that like, on the opposite end of Concorida?" he looked at me and dropped his smile. 

"Yeah, I think you're right"I smiled trying to have him smile again. He was so damn cute when he did.

"How about we make a deal. When we both get our acceptance letters, we save them and open them up at the same time. Deal?" He held out his hand to me indicating for me to shake it.

"Deal." I smiled happily and shook his hand. 

We both let go at the same time. 

"Well, Im gonna go down stairs and let you sleep. I know you like your a stickler about your nine hours." he winked at me and exited his room.

"How do you know that?" I asked confused.

"You told me last year in English. Remember?" 

The sad part was is that I did, but I had been so flustered and nervous around him this whole time that my mind was blocking out anything other than the fact that I was in Jackson Reeders bedroom. 

"Goodnight Hamilton. See ya tomorrow." he smiled but didn't move from his door way.

"See ya tomorrow Reeder" I smiled at him.

He stood there for a minute or two, smiled, then shook his head and walked away.

I watched him walk down stairs and then shut his door quietly. Part of me really wanted to scavenge through all of his stuff but then I knew that I would probably find something I didn't want to. I walked over to his bed an pulled back his sheets. I sat down slowly, and then pulled the sheets up to my hips just like I do at home. 

Sadly, I didn't have my book, or my phone so I couldn't even text Sadie or Melanie to let them know what was going on. I looked around realized that in that moment, I was grateful for my car breaking down.

I smiled to my self contently and then shut off the lamp that was next to me on his nightstand. I laid on my side and pulled the covers up to my ear. I took a big deep breath in and smelt the smell of laundry detergent and a smell that could only be described as 'boy smell.' Very descriptive, i know. I closed my eyes and dreamed of Jackson Reeder and how I was the luckiest girl in the world right now. 

I wondered what Jackson was thinking about right now. I knew that I would never know unless I crawled inside his brain myself. If Jackson knew how many of my rules I was breaking he would laugh.

I was breaking my, no sleeping over at a friends house on a school night rule, no eating dinner past six, rule, reading every night before going to bed rule was also being broken and so was my never be alone with Jackson rule. But the entire time I kept telling myself that it was okay I was breaking all these rules. It was Jackson after all, I for that boy, I could always make an acception.

I shut my eyes and went to sleep for real this time, excited about what the morning was going to bring.

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