Over and Out

Emma Hamilton is dealing with being a senior while having a crush on Jackson Reeder who she can't seem to shake. With her two best friends as side kicks at her side, can she take the heat or will she melt under school and the pressure of the guy?


24. Benny with a Side of Confusion

"Please?" Jackson frowned at me while holding the movie up half under neath his chin.

We were in Jackson's basement trying to agree on a movie to watch.

"No!" I protested. 

"But it's a good movie," he kept frowning.

"It's so sad.." I frowned back.

"I know, that's what makes it so good!" he raised his eyebrows.

"Can we please watch something else..." I said trying to work my puppy dog eyes.

"What girl doesn't want to watch The Vow?" he through his hands up in the air and then turned back around to his movie shelf behind him. He slid the movie back in it's place and turned his head sideways to read more titles out loud to me,

"Finding Nemo?"

"No, the shark bothers me."

"The Sandlot?"

"Good movie, but I'm not in the mood for it." I started picking at a lose thread on my sweatshirt.



"Harry Potter?"

I lifted my head up and smiled,

"Now you're talking,"

He pulled the movie out off the shelf and walked over to the T.V. that was a few feet away from the shelf. I walked behind him and sat on the couch that was across front the coffee table that was in front of the T.V.

"I didn't know you were into Harry Potter," He said squatting down to the DVD players level. I heard him open the case and press the open button on the player.

"There's a lot you don't know about me Reeder," I smiled and sat down on the couch. 

He looked over his shoulder at me and smiled, then returned back to the T.V. I saw the previews starting to play and sound came through the T.V.. Jackson snapped the DVD case shut and set it on top of the player. He placed his hands on his knees, stood up and then walked over to the light switch that was on the wall next to the stairs and switched all the lights off and then made his way over to the couch. He sat down next to me and rested his feet up on the coffee table. I sat there with my hands rested on my legs feeling awkward.

"Are you gonna sit like that the whole movie?" He laughed lightly.

I felt my heart beating faster as I stood up and then sat back down. I situated my legs so they were resting on the coffee table too. I placed my hands on my stomach and relaxed my head a little bit. 

Jackson stretched both of his arms out on top of the couch so his right arm was just above my head. 


I kept telling myself. When the main menu appeared on the screen, Jacked pressed the play button on the remote with his pointer finger and the infamous Harry Potter whistle noise played as the menu switched to the beginning credits.

I let out a sigh and situated myself a little bit so I was more comfortable. 

"Whose you're favorite character?" Jackson whispered to me without removing his eyes from the T.V.

"Hermione," I whispered back.

"Typical," I heard him chuckle.

"Excuse me?" I looked over at him.

He smirked and then looked over at me, 

"Because you're a girl so of course you'd pick the only girl out of the group of three as you're favorite character," he smirked bigger.

I nudged his side with the elbow,

"Hey, she happens to be my favorite because she's smart and doesn't take crap from Harry and Ron." I unfolded my hands and crossed my arms over my stomach.

"Whose you're favorite character?" I said looking back at the screen.

"Hermione," he laughed.

"Why?" I looked at him.

"Because she's the hottest out of those three," he laughed.


We finished Harry Potter and were starting up on The Vow. 

"I can't believe you convinced me to watch this," I rolled my eyes.

Jackson sat back down on the couch and got back into his original position.

"It's a good movie!"

"But it's so sad! I can't believe you like The Vow," I chuckled.

"And what's so weird about me liking The Vow?" he raised his eyebrows at me.

"Because your so "macho"", I made air quotes around the word, "and because it's so emotional. I didn't know you had any other emotion besides mean," I joked.

His draw dropped and he tried not to smile,

"Well I can't believe you don't like the movie," He said looking away from and spreading his arms out again. This time his arm was a little closer to my head.

"It's not that I don't like it, it's just that its so sad. I mean his wife doesn't remember who he is. All those memories of them being in love, and all the times they shared together are gone. He remembers them and she doesn't..wouldn't that break your heart?" I looked over at him.

"I mean, yeah, sure I guess so," he shrugged his shoulders.

"And he's just there for her, fighting for her and then this guy comes in and she goes back to him because that's all she knows. She doesn't know that she had a different, better kind of love with the man she's supposed to be with," I said feeling my heart ache. 

"Plus Channing Tatum is so hot, and she just blows him off," I shook my head back and forth.

Jackson laughed and then suddenly I felt something brush the back of my head. It was Jackson's arm that he moved from the top of the couch slowly down behind my head and then landing on my shoulders. Jackson's arm was around my shoulder. Holy crap. Holy crap. Holy crap. I tried not to look at him at the same time I tried to stop the shivers that were going all up and down my whole body. Maybe his arm slipped and just landed there on accident.

"Act casual," I said to myself in my head.

I didn't move my body a muscle not wanting him to think that I was uncomfortable and then thinking I wanted him to move his arm, because there was no way in hell that I did. 

I was watching the movie, but I couldn't focus for the first twenty minutes because all I could think and feel was the presence of Jackson. After the twenty minutes I got used to the feeling and relaxed myself a little bit. I yawned and blinked a few times,

"Are you tired Hamilton," Jackson laughed and looked down at me.

I nodded my head back and forth,

"Nope. Wide awake," I said keeping my eyes on the screen.

After another ten minutes I yawned again and told myself that I was just going to close my eyes for twenty seconds. That was it. Just twenty seconds to get the wanting away of taking a nap. I closed my eyes and started counting to twenty.















"Wait, that's not right, where was I?" I said to myself in my head.

"Better start over," I told my brain.



I woke up and slowly moved my head around. I must have passed out while taking my short twenty second break. I looked at the T.V. and saw that Jackson had put a new movie in. I recognized it as Sandlot 2 and looked at him. He was laughing at Benny and then looked at me. He must have felt my head move,

"Oh, good after noon," he smiled at me and then back at the T.V.

"Sorry I passed out," I yawned.

"I thought I was the one with the hangover here, shouldn't I be the one sleeping?" He lightly laughed and then winked.

"I think I had the hangover of getting no sleep because I was up late last night taking care of a drunk.." I smiled at him.

He rolled his eyes and laughed,

"It's okay. You were out, I got up to change the movie and you didn't even flinch when I sat back down." He said.

I still felt the presence of his arm around me which means that he sat back down and put his arm back there. Which means that he meant to do it on purpose.

"I see you slipped Sandlot in as I was napping," I raised my eyebrow.

"Hey, it was now or never," he shrugged his shoulders.

"I actually love this movie, I always had a crush on Benny. I never wanted to watch it again though after my mom told me that I was never going to date him because he wasn't a real person," I laughed.

He laughed,

"You had a crush on Benny? He's not even real!" He laughed again.

"I know, but he's so cute!" I said pointing to the screen.

"I'm cuter though," he smiled at me.

I laughed,

"Yeah, sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night." I lightly tapped his chest with my hand. 

We went back to watching the Sandlot in silence for the rest of the time. I kept sneaking looks over at Jackson to see his reaction to the funny parts. Whenever I'd laugh to myself I'd look over and see him smiling which made me smile even bigger. I was content right now, with Jackson's arm around me just hanging out with him, with just being friends. I told myself that I was okay just being friends with him because I'd rather spend time with his as just friends then spending no time with him at all.

Just as were were at the part where Sammy was approaching the kissing booth my phone started to buzz in my pocket.

"Sorry," I whispered over to Jackson as I pulled it out.

Dallas was calling me.

I saw Jackson look at my phone as I slid the button over to answer.

"Hello?" I said kind of quietly as I stood up and walked away from the couch.

"Hey, it's Dallas. Which of course you already knew that though because cell phones have caller I.D. and I'm an idiot," he said and I could imagine his face being all flushed and embarrassed on the other end.

I giggled,

"It's okay. Hey," I smiled.

"Are you free today? I know it's kind of last minute but would you want to hang out?" the question mark hung on the end of his sentence.

I looked behind me and over at Jackson who took his eyes away from the T.V. and then raised his palms in the air,

"Are you gonna leave me hanging Hamilton?" he smiled.

I smiled back and turned back around,

"Like today? As in now?" I bit my lip.

"Yeah, I mean only if you're not busy..."

I stayed silent for a little bit not sure of what to do.

"Wow, I'm an idiot. It's Saturday, and you probably have plans. I'm sorry for bothering you, I just though that maybe, no never mind sorry for bothering you," he started talking really fast.

I laughed,

"Dallas?" I smiling into the phone.

"Yeah?" I could hear him holding his breath.

"Breathe," I laughed.

I heard him laugh as he let out a deep breath,

"So do you want to hang out? Just the two of us this time?" he asked again laughing lightly.

I was at Jackson's house watching movies and then Dallas call's and asks me to hang out. Just ten minutes ago I was content and happy and now I'm so confused I don't even know how to spell my own name. If I go out with Dallas and blow Jackson off, that might ruin a chance with a dent in our friendship. But if I blow Dallas off that might ruin a dent in me almost getting a boyfriend.

"Hamilton?" I heard Jackson behind me.

I turned around and saw that he paused the movie and was waiting for me.

"Everything okay?" He looked at me worried.

I smiled reassuring him everything was okay and turned back around.

"Dallas? You still there?" I asked into the phone.

"Of course," he said.

"Is this the part where you laugh and tell me you'd love to go out with me because I'm kind of hoping it is," I could hear him smiling into the phone.

I chuckled and cleared my throat,


"Hamilton, are you coming?" Jackson said again. 

I turned back around and held up my pointer finger indicating him to give me one more minute and then turned my back to him once again.

"Let me try this again," I smiled.

"This is the part? Isn't it? I was right, wasn't I?" Dallas started laughing.

I smiled back into the phone as I heard Jackson calling my name again,

"It's just one date Emma, come on..." Dallas said. 

I let out a sigh,

"Please Emma?" I heard him say into the other end.

"Emma, please....are you coming?" Jackson said right after Dallas.

I turned around at Jackson, and then around to the phone and then around to Jackson and around to my phone.

I let out another sigh and placed the phone up to my ear,


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