Wrong (ON HOLD)

Miley loved Justin Bieber. She was huge belieber from the start.. but when she actually gets to know her idol's "Real" and true colors.. she starts having second thoughts..

But what if Justin grows feelings for her? Will he have to change his ways to please her? I don't know.. guess you have to read ;)

currently on hold, because I need to work on 'One Love' (my other movella) a bit more. thank you, and check out 'One Love' ! :)x


3. Poor Noah

I replied to them, and followed a bunch :)


*****Flash froward*****

*****The day before the concert*****


Tomorrow was the day that I'll meet Justin! 

I was panicking because I didn't know what to do, I was already and calm!! ... guess not now.


Clothes were everywhere on my floor, and I still didn't find anything good to wear. 

Then Noah came in,


"Miley it's so messy here.. what are you doing?"

"Shut up.. I'm trying to find something cute to wear to the M&G so fu- i mean leave."


I'm not suppose to use profanities around her, so I couldn't say what I wanted to say.


She walked over to my clothes, and picked up a random t-shirt, and some ripped jeans.

"Here. I love this outfit on you."

"...Oh. Thanks, Noah. This is pretty cute.. well now I have something to wear. thank you!"

"No problem.. just hurry up and get your head screwed right because we're meeting Justin tomorrow and I need you to set me up with him."


.. Is she serious


"Noah.. he's 17. You're 11, no way."

"whatever.. we're meant to be."

"Good luck with that."


I didn't bother to pick a fight with her.. it was pointless. I'd end up winning then she goes and cries, then tells our mom. 


**10:00 pm**


It's getting late.. I better go to sleep, and wake up early tomorrow to take Noah to the venue.






**The next morning**

**7:30 am**

I set my alarm pretty early, so I can go and take a shower, do my hair and my makeup. After I was fresh and ready, I walked over to Noah's room so I could wake her up.


She already woke up at 7 and was already dressed. 

When I walked in, she was on twitter.. probably tweeting about the M&G later.


"Come on No, we gotta go if you wanna catch a glimpse of Justin."





We got to the venue at around 10:30 am, and there were already girls outside!

They were camping out the day before.


I stuck around the buses because Noah wanted to see some of the crew.

We both watched 'Never Say Never', so she was convinced that either Ry Good or Scooter would come out and say hi to us, and take pictures.. and maybe even give us better seats.




It was now 1:15 pm

We've been outside since 10 in the morning, and I saw how tired Noah was. 

I looked at her, and she looked really pale,


"Noah.. you okay?"

"yea..... I'm ....... fine." she coughed in between.

"Noah, you look really sick. Mom said if you looked or felt bad, I should bring you home."

"No! I'm fine!"

"You don't look like you are.."

"Well I am.. Plus, We're seeing Justin in an hour. I NEED to see him."


It was 1:30, and Noah just kept on looking worse and worse.


I knew she wasn't feeling well.. and I knew that as long as the M&G wasn't canceled she still would've stayed.

I pretended to check my phone, and read my email.


"Oh No!"

Noah turned and looked.


"The meet and greet's canceled. Justin isn't feeling well, and he might even cancel the concert."


"Yea.. it's true. I'm sorry, No. Here I'll take you home."


"Wait.. can I see it?"

"Um.. sorry I deleted it. I got it a half hour ago, and I was... uh crying inside, and I just wanted to delete the memory."

"....Oh ok. Yea.. take me home. I feel like I'm about to pass out."






ayee thank you for the reads so far :), don't forget to check out 'One Love' my other movella ;)



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