Wrong (ON HOLD)

Miley loved Justin Bieber. She was huge belieber from the start.. but when she actually gets to know her idol's "Real" and true colors.. she starts having second thoughts..

But what if Justin grows feelings for her? Will he have to change his ways to please her? I don't know.. guess you have to read ;)

currently on hold, because I need to work on 'One Love' (my other movella) a bit more. thank you, and check out 'One Love' ! :)x


2. Meet & Greets!

-Miley's POV-

My little sister got tickets to see 'Justin Bieber' and I wasn't going to lie.. I was pretty excited.


Secretly, I loved him! I was a belieber from the start, and always wanted to meet him.. and touch his hair ;)When my sister, Noah, told me she wanted to see him, I did my work, and got meet and greets too! I wasn't going to take advantage of this, so I went all out. 


When I told my sister about the meet and greets, she freaked and wouldn't shut up about it for days! Ugh.. she's so annoying, but if I was her age, I probably would've over fangirled too.


The concert was in 6 months from now, so I began my countdown.


After I bought the meet and greets, I went to my personal twitter account, "MileyCyrus" and tweeted that I was going to see him in a matter of days.


I have a fan account too, but I wanted to put it on my personal one first.. because I was really proud of myself. 


My friends started tweeting me:

"ew.. the guys a fag"

"good idea miles, meet him and tell him to quit music"

"mileyyy ew he's a douche"

"gay fag. ew why waste your money miley?"

... What the actual fuck. Ugh.. i should've known my friends would've tweeted me these things.

Justin isn't a 'gay fag', nor is his music terrible. I took it to twitter on my personal:


"Justin's a fag" "you're wasting your money" fuck you. get out my mentions and unfriend me.


No. I didn't think I was going too far. In fact, I'm happy i tweeted that. I't's about time I stood up for my idol.




A couple of hours later, I started getting followers from random belieber accounts, and a huge amount of RTs

I checked my mentions, and it was blowing up!

"Preach girl!" "the truth omfg" "yes, i wish I could say that to my friends ugh"

All I could do was smile. :)




:) So?? what do you think?? lol. this was a little short because I wanted to see if anyone is going to read it, so I'll know to update or not. In the next chapter, it'll skip to 6 months later, so you might see Justin in it ;)



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