Wrong (ON HOLD)

Miley loved Justin Bieber. She was huge belieber from the start.. but when she actually gets to know her idol's "Real" and true colors.. she starts having second thoughts..

But what if Justin grows feelings for her? Will he have to change his ways to please her? I don't know.. guess you have to read ;)

currently on hold, because I need to work on 'One Love' (my other movella) a bit more. thank you, and check out 'One Love' ! :)x


1. Introduction!

Hey guys! So I had another amazing fanfiction idea, so I'm writing another story :) (It's a Jiley fanfic, so if you don't like my otp, then you don't need to read it) lol. I'm a HUGE Jiley shipper.. so I decided to make a fanfic of that. I'll be posting chapters soon.. but this was just a brief intro for everyone :) 

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