Wrong (ON HOLD)

Miley loved Justin Bieber. She was huge belieber from the start.. but when she actually gets to know her idol's "Real" and true colors.. she starts having second thoughts..

But what if Justin grows feelings for her? Will he have to change his ways to please her? I don't know.. guess you have to read ;)

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4. "I'll see you later"

Ayee I'm back on this story. Sorry, it was on hold because I didn't feel like 

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-Miley's POV-

Noah was finally home and it was about 3:30. Damn it. The meet and greets were at 4:30and it takes awhile to drive to the arena so I got into my car and drove there as fast as I could.



I got back at the arena at around 4:15 with 15 minutes left until the m&g began. I went to the security and got my band and stood in line. I was stuck at the end and I could tell that this wasn't going to be fun.

Maybe being the last person in line will be an advantage.. I don't know. I was satisfied that I had made it and was about to meet Justin Bieber, my everything. 


It was about 5:45 when it was my turn next. None of my friends were there so I cried to myself and fangirled inside. It would've been weird for me to cry though. I was a year older than him.





 There was a lot of random girls in front of me so his "crew" let all of them take a picture with him. 

It was finally my turn to go in and meet him. They let the huge group take a picture with him and let me take a solo picture. 

I walked in and his eyes met mine. He didn't say anything, and neither did I. Everything around us was dead silent...... until his security guard pushed and yelled at me to walk to Justin and "take the god damn picture already!" 

I walked towards Justin and when I thought he was going to hug me, he kissed my cheek. I looked like an idiot because I was caught off guard and he knew that.  After, we both laughed and when his security was about to escort me out of the room, Justin held my hand,

"What's your name sweetie?" 

I'm about to cry omfg he called me sweetie

but I didn't make it look that crazy trust me. I wouldn't make a fool out of myself so I played it cool.

"Miley." I smiled.

Nice one Miles

yea I talk to myself a lot.. don't judge.

"I don't normally do this, but do you have a twitter?"

I looked at him strangely, "of course I do." I laughed a little.

"what's your user?"

He took out his phone and logged on twitter. Omg the Justin Bieber is about to follow me on twitter right in front of my eyes, oh dear lord.

"So what is it again?"

I didn't know what to say so I just sorta talked really fast, 

"Uhm.. here I'll type it. '@MileyCyrus'. There ya go."

"Thanks, Miley. And you're sticking for the show tonight right?"

"Justin of course I am."

"Oh cool, do you mind doing it backstage? I uh wanted to find a special belieber tonight to give a backstage pass to, and I always give it to the last-in-line belieber or the front-in-line belieber."


I was about to cry, but I had to keep my cool. I could tell that he kinda has crush on me, so I wanted to play a little hard to get. plus, I didn't think the "backstage pass to beliebers" was true. If it was, it would've been EVEYRWHERE on twitter and you'd see tweets about backstage experiences left to right. So i felt it would've been a little unfair. 


"Gee, Justin. I'd love to but uh I'm uh I'm here with my ..... boyfriend."

Right when I said "boyfriend" his mood changed immediately.

"Yo- you have a boyfriend?"

I was hesitating whether to say I was taken or say that I was single.

"Ye- yea. I do. Um.. he's not sitting with me though."

He gave me a questioned look, "why isn't he sitting with you? If I were him I wouldn't let such a beautiful girl be alone at a concert."

I blushed harder than I should've. oh no this boy has me falling hard.I smiled, "Thank you. And no he's just not a front row guy."

"Oh, so you're in the front?"


"Cool what seat?"

"Um.. Row A seat 3."

"Oh, cool."

It was weird when he said it though. Like he was planning a way to see me again but I could tell I was crazy because why would Justin Bieber make plans to see me, Miley Cyrus. A nobody from California. 


You probably think Californians have it all, we don't. Some of us do, but not when you have no one you love to share it with. There's a lot of girls on twitter who tweet me and say that I'm the luckiest girl alive because I live in California, where Justin Bieber lives. I just smile and say thanks, even though I don't really mean it. 


There was an awkward silence so I decided to tell Justin that I should go.

"Well I should go since I've taken a lot of your time."

"Awww no please stay."

"Justin you have a concert in," I had to check my watch it was 6:15, "you have 45 minutes till your concert!"

"Costume change isn't that bad. We could talk for a little while longer."

"Oh no I should go to take my seat. Um good luck tonight!" I ran out.

"Wait Miley!"
I stopped.

"Here, Kenny can take you to the arena through a secret passage I usually take at the Staples Center. I'll come too, It'll be fun." he winked at me and once again, I blushed. 



I looked at Kenny and Justin strangely, "Justin, this is backstage."

He looked at me and smiled, "I know, thanks for stating the obvious."

I gave him a look, that's what I would've said. 

"ha ha ha. Seriously Justin I need to get back to my seat in the arena."

He smiled again, "baby, you are in the arena. Just in a different seating arrangement."


Ok. Now he's just annoying me. 


"Justin. Oh my fucking god."


He was laughing so hard then grabbed my hands, "Fine. I guess I have you to blame later if I'm late for the show."


I gasp, "Oh shut up Bieber! You're the only one to blame for being late to your show."


Damn. I didn't know he was this annoying and manipulative. 


"Oh come on Miley, I'm just kidding. I'll ask Kenny to bring you to your row."


I smiled, "Thank you."


Kenny came over and escorted me to the door that leads you out of backstage.

Just about when I was about to leave Justin called out, "But hey! I'll see you later!" 'see me later'? What did he mean by that?


I just shook my head and left with Kenny. A bunch of girls saw me being escorted by Kenny and they ran over screaming, wanting to get a picture with Kenny. I looked up at him and patted his chest, "aye, good luck." He laughed and said, "Ha, thanks."



When I got to my seat, the countdown was starting. I thought it was a little early to start, so I checked my phone for the time. 6:45. Hm.. I guess it isn't that early. The countdown started with 10 minutes and worked fast its way up to 10 seconds.


9..... 8..... 7..... 6...... 


My heart was beating so fast. I already seen Justin, but I was looking forward to this concert more than anything. It's finally happening.


5....4....3....2..... 1.









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