High School Romance.

Ariel, an image of a red-headed mermaid poped into your head, didn't it? Well, that's kind of me. A fiery red head and look alike to Molly Quinn. I just started high school (oh joy.) and I'm so not used to it. What happened to small schools? Oh well, but, I can't really complain. And all of my classes are fairly easy, and every single one of them I share with the most random guy, football jersey number 13. That's what I call him, thirteen. And I think I like him... like, LIKE LIKE him... and I'm pretty sure he feels the same way about me...


14. Chapter Three, Part Three.

( A/N: again, there will be foul language. just giving you guys a heads up! )

I smiled and blushed. It was cute, what he said.

I told Stephanie and Nathan about what happened between me and the queen bee.

"Wait," Nathan said interrupting me, "let me guess. Long blonde hair, too much makeup, ten inch heels, barley wearing any clothing, and always has a group of wannabees' with her?"

"Yeah! That's her!" I exclaimed.

He nodded. "She's my neighbor. Her name is Brianna."

"She sounds nice." Stephanie said sarcastically.

"Yeah, total sweetheart." I muttered.

The teacher walked into the class room and we launched into our current subject: the Roman Empire.

[ after school ]

Stephanie and I went to the locker rooms to change for tennis while Ryan went to change for football and Nathan went to band.

Well, he called it 'band', but in reality it was the usual insturaments you hear in everyday life; guitars, piano, cello, viollin, and so on. He had a beautiful voice (altho a few teacher found it annoying when he would sing ranom songs during class and he was sent to the princepal's office a few times for that) and a few guys were forming a little band together. Nathan wanted the band to be called 'Status Single' but a few were throwing in the name 'Dream On Dreamers'.

"I still can't believe that bitch pushed you." Stephanie said as she pulled a shirt on.

I looked over at her shocked as I closed my locker door.

"What?" She asked.

"Language!" I said in a harsh whisper.

She glared at me and closed her locker. She rolled her eyes as I started laughing and we walked out to the tennis courts.

"You need to stop being such a good girl." She said.

"I can't help it!" I protested, "it's just who I am!"

"Is Nathan going to walk you home?" I asked as I served a ball over the net and into the next court.

"I think so," Stephanie said. She muttered a curse as the ball she served flew into the net. "I need to keep working on my serve."

"That's kinda what we're doing here." I said laughing as I served another ball.

"Why are you so good?" She moaned. She served another ball and it flew effortlessly into the next court. She happily jumped up and down smiling to herself.

I smiled shaking my head and served the ball, which decided to jump into the net and fall to the ground pathetically.

"See?" I said. "I'm not that good."

"Shut up." She told me jokingly.

[ time: 4:30 ]

I picked up the last stray ball and tossed it into the basket.

Stephanie walked up behind me with her raquet slung over her shoulders. She let out a sigh and we walked over to the locker rooms... which were locked.

I sighed. "Let's just walk home in this." I said. I watched Stephanie pull continually on the still locked door.

She frowned and nodded. "Fine. " She huffed. She turned to the locked door and said,

"Fine, go be difficult you stupid piece of metal!"

I laughed and we went over to the court where we stashed our backpacks. We went over to the gate and saw Ryan and Nathan both talking, smiling, and laughing.

Seeing Ryan smile like that made me smile too, a happy sensation spread over me and I walked over to him. I stood up on tip-toes and kissed his cheek.

He looked down at me surprised and smiled as he wrapped an arm around my waist.

We all started to walk back. Until we reached Nathan's house, and he left. Then Stephanie had to baby sit, so she left us early too.

Then it was just me and Ryan.

We walked in silence, our hands linked together and swinging along with the little breeze that flew past us. I looked up at a random tree and smiled, its leaves were slowly deciding to shead their summer green and turn a warm autumn red, orange, and yellow.

We reached my house and said our goodbyes. I went up to my room, tossed my backpack onto the floor, then fell onto my bed exhausted.



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