High School Romance.

Ariel, an image of a red-headed mermaid poped into your head, didn't it? Well, that's kind of me. A fiery red head and look alike to Molly Quinn. I just started high school (oh joy.) and I'm so not used to it. What happened to small schools? Oh well, but, I can't really complain. And all of my classes are fairly easy, and every single one of them I share with the most random guy, football jersey number 13. That's what I call him, thirteen. And I think I like him... like, LIKE LIKE him... and I'm pretty sure he feels the same way about me...


35. Chapter Six, Part Five.

I stood dumbstruck, what was I supposed to say? If I said I loved him back, my dad would be right and we would be taking it too far.

I stood gazing into Ryan's pleading eyes.

"Ariel," he whispered, "please say something."

Over a million things raced through my mind. I wanted to tell Ryan that I felt the same, but my dad... if he ever found out...

I gently pressed my lips to Ryan's. I drew back and looked at him with a sideways smirk. "I love you too, babe."

He smiled, then wrapped me in a hug. We let go of each other and he went into his house. I sighed, watching the front door close and pulled out my phone from my back pocket. I played Coldplay's 'Viva la Vida' and started to walk home.

A few things bugged me; one- why was my brother so hostile towards Ryan? And two- well, mainly Jackon's actions were the only thing making me think.

I huffed to myself. "Thinking should be outlawed." I whispered into the night sky.

I walked into my house, my parents sat across from my brother with their arms crossed over their chests. My brother was looking down to his folded hands in his lap.

"What's up?" I asked.

My dad sighed. "Jackson, why don't you tell her?"

My brother mumbled something under his breath. This was big. If my brother wouldn't look me in the eye, something was definatley up.

"What?" I said.

My brother looked up to me with solem eyes. "I'm sorry."

Tears welled in my eyes. I didn't know why, but just at that moment I wanted to run into my room crying. Why was I so emotional all of a sudden?

"Why Ryan?" My mom asked. "He's such a sweet boy."

"I don't know," my brother's eyes went back to his lap, "I just don't like him."

"But why?" I asked. My voice shook and there was sadness and anger laced in every word. "Why when he came to meet you guys?"

My brother's eyes remained were they were.

I shook my head and ran up to my room. I curled up into a ball and looked up to the ceeling.

Why him? I thought. Why Ryan?

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