High School Romance.

Ariel, an image of a red-headed mermaid poped into your head, didn't it? Well, that's kind of me. A fiery red head and look alike to Molly Quinn. I just started high school (oh joy.) and I'm so not used to it. What happened to small schools? Oh well, but, I can't really complain. And all of my classes are fairly easy, and every single one of them I share with the most random guy, football jersey number 13. That's what I call him, thirteen. And I think I like him... like, LIKE LIKE him... and I'm pretty sure he feels the same way about me...


22. Chapter Four, Part Four.

( Ariel & Steph: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=98189752 ) (Ryan & Nathan: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=98191117 )

"What do you mean you don't know where we're taking them?" Stephanie hissed.

"You've been here longer! You don't know of any good places to go?" I asked softly.

I slipped my tee shirt over my head and tied my hair up into a pony tail. The guys went back to their houses to change, then they'd meet with us back at my house.

"Like I'd know any place romantic! The only place I can think of is a food court!"

"What?! That's not romantic!"

"It can be! If we try really hard to make it be romantic it'll be stupid and look cute!"

"No. Just... no."

"Fine, then where?"

I sighed and glanced around my room. My computer was still on from last night.

I opened a new page and went on yellowpages.com, there was a pier at Long Island, that was more than perfection.

"The Long Island Pier." I declared. I printed out directions from my house to there and we waited for the guys.

[ ten minutes later ]

"I know they're in there, I can hear them laughing, GIRLS! OPEN UP!" There was a knocking on the door.

Stephaniegiggled and put a finger to her lips. "Shh..." she looked over her shoulder and smiled. "No, no one here. Go home!"

I put my hands to my mouth and tried to stop giggling.


I started laughing uncontrolably and I fell onto the floor.

"And there's Ariel having a laughing attack." Ryan said.

I laughed even harder and Stephanie opened the door for the guys. I got up and straightened my shirt.

Ryan took his hand in mine and we (Stephanie and I) led the guys outside. I occasionally pulled out the papers with directions to the Long Island Pier.

"So you won't tell us where we're going?" Ryan asked me.

"Nope. That's what you get." Stephanie said.

"It's right up here, right?" I asked.

"How should I know? You have the directions." She retorted.

I giggled. "Yeah, take the next right up ahead."

Stephanie and Nahtan ran ahead I pulled Ryan along too.

Ryan squeezed my hand when he saw our destination, then pulled me with him to the amusment park.

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