High School Romance.

Ariel, an image of a red-headed mermaid poped into your head, didn't it? Well, that's kind of me. A fiery red head and look alike to Molly Quinn. I just started high school (oh joy.) and I'm so not used to it. What happened to small schools? Oh well, but, I can't really complain. And all of my classes are fairly easy, and every single one of them I share with the most random guy, football jersey number 13. That's what I call him, thirteen. And I think I like him... like, LIKE LIKE him... and I'm pretty sure he feels the same way about me...


23. Chapter Four, Part Five.

"So, what do we do now?" Nathan asked.

I weaved in between the countless people that continued to walk in front of me. We had been at the pier for at least a half hour already, and I could tell Nathan's patience was being tested and he was ready to leave.

"Why don't you play a game and relax?" Ryan asked.

Nathan shot him a death glare and I tried to hide my smile. Nathan looked around and saw a milk bottle game, (the ones where you throw baseballs at empty milk bottles stacked into prymids) and smiled walking over. Stephanie went with him and was in total cheerleader mode.

"Go boobear!" She cheered as he got ready to throw the ball. He smiled at her, then let the ball fly and crsh into the pryamid, knocking it down.

The game worker, a teen with long shaggy brown hair that looked like Matthew Gray Gubler's, asked him which prize he wanted.

Nathan slung his arm around Stephanie's waist, "which one do you want?"

She smiled at him and kissed his cheek, then pointed at a black teddybear with a heart on its stomach and said,

"That one!"

The game worker shook his head laughing and got the bear down and handed it to Stephanie. She hugged it and declared that it's name would be 'Double S' because it stood for 'Status Single', Nathan's band finally decided on the name and had been playing gigs for a few weeks.

Ryan led me over to a basketball game and I shook my head smiling. He threw a few shots and easily won.

I picked out the white teddy bear covered in red and pink hearts.

"Are you girls ready to go?" Nathan asked.

"Yeah," Stephanie said sighning, "I guess."

Ryan intertwined his hand in mine and we started to head home.

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